Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Aromaleigh Cosmetics Mini Haul - Blue Blush?! - Swatch & Review!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day (or night, as it is here). We have a mini-tragedy on our hands right now; my husband and I (and one of his co-workers) were planning on getting some customizable froyo tonight and I thought the store was open until 10pm. Turns out their summer hours haven't started yet, so they're open to 10pm only on Fridays and Saturdays. Very sad.

In lieu of getting froyo, I'm going to share with you guys my most recent order from Aromaleigh Cosmetics! Aromaleigh has been around since 1998 and, according the About Us page on their website, I've been mispronouncing their name. Yay. (It's pronounced “Aroma-lee”).
For the month of April, Aromaleigh had a limited edition collection based on the Leshy, a "male woodland spirit in Slavic mythology who protects wild animals and forests." Included in this collection are three eye shadows and a special blue blush.
Blue blush sounded like something I needed in my life, so I purchased a deluxe sample size, along with two other eye shadows.
Right off the bat, I want to say that Aromaleigh has some of the best loose eye shadows I have ever used; they are heavily pigmented, apply and blend beautifully, and are very dimensional and complex. I was incredibly happy with my shadows in my first order, I am incredibly happy with my shadows in this order, and I'm positive I'll be incredibly happy with my shadows in my next order (which might be happening very soon; the store is closed right now, but will reopen on May 1st with a new collection and a semi-annual sale!).
My order shipped to me in a bubble mailer (at least I think it was a bubble mailer; they all kind of blur together eventually) and was wrapped up tight in hot pink tissue paper that was sealed with a sticker of the Aromaleigh logo and a thank you.
You get free samples with every order (I don't know if the number varies, but I've gotten four sample baggies each time) and they came in their own little bag along with my order, which was in another bag.
My first free sample is Telesilla. Telesilla is described by Aromeleigh as a "silvery pewter with tonal color effects of blue/teal/chartreuse depending on the light". According to Aromaleigh (and Wikipedia), "Telesilla was a Greek poet from Argos who was renowned for both her lyricism and her bravery. The traditional story tells that when the king of Sparta invaded Argos in 510 BC and killed the men in battle, Telesilla (dressed in men’s clothing) put herself at the head of the women and slaves and repelled further attack upon the city." Neat! It's a very pretty, very bright silver.
My next free sample is Elisabetta, a "midtone buff with hints of rose and a smokey undertone.". It is a discontinued shade, but you can still purchase it from the Aromaleigh clearance site.
 My third free sample is Nico, a "baroque yellow gold with a soft pink pearl iridescent highlight". It is also discontinued but again is available on the clearance website.
 My final free sample is the KRAKEN. It is described as a "murky warm gray with blue to green color travel and copper sparkles". It is currently available on the main site and it is the perfect Krakeny color!
 For my actual order, I'll start with the main event: my blue blush! This is Blueblood, a " a unique blue blush with green iridescence- part of the Leshy Menagerie collection.". I purchased the deluxe 4g sample size; I'm pretty sure I will never go through a full sized blush, much less a blue one. One (incredibly minor) downside to Aromaleigh Cosmetics is that you can't always purchase deluxe sample sizes; you have to choose between bag samples or the full size. I much prefer smaller sizes of products because I don't feel like I go through them fast enough to warrant purchasing a full size, but I also like the convenience of it being packaged in a jar to start with.
Looks kind of scary, doesn't it? It actually swatches really nicely; you can apply it heavily, but it's not hard to sheer out to a normal blush opacity. I did double check the website and you can use this as an eye shadow; they also suggest using a very light dusting all over for an ethereal highlight. I have worn this out of the house once; I wore it to work as an experiment and there were mixed feelings. Some people really liked the idea, while others weren't so keen on it. It was kind of shocking at first; when I would catch my reflection I was kind of put off by the weird color on my cheeks, but the longer I looked at it, the more normal it seemed. One of my co-workers suggested using it as a contour color in the hollows of my cheeks and temples, which I'm going to try next. Aromaleigh also provides a link to a webpage that gives helpful suggestions on how to wear weird blush colors, one of which is layering! I actually ended up layering some "normal" blush on top near the end of the day and it turned into more of a mauvey-purple color.
The swatch on the right is a heavy application (like you would do if you were to wear it as an eye shadow) and the swatch on the left is more blended out (like you would wear as a blush). This is a very versatile product and I hope Aromaleigh comes out with more oddly colored blushes!
 Along with Blueblood, I also picked up a deluxe sample size of the Changeling eye shadow from the Leshy collection.
Changeling is described as a "shifty shade with a deep reddish base (because the Leshy was reported to have worn one red sock). It’s got color traveling shimmer and sparkle in it, so the highlight shifts from blue to teal to aqua as you move under a light source, and the sparks change from green to gold to red" and it is a very complex color.
I've been into these types of reddish shadows since I find they bring out the blue of my eyes. My swatch isn't as vibrant as the one on the website, but mine is done totally dry over bare skin. It's a very pretty, very workable color and I'm happy Aromaleigh offered it in a deluxe sample jar size.
Finally, I picked up Incept Date, from the More Human Than Human collection, which is based on the movie Blade Runner.
Incept Date is described as a "rich metallic copper sheen with vivid teal and blue iridescent sparks" and it looks so gorgeous on blue eyes.
Ever since getting Thundernuts from My Pretty Zombie, I've been intrigued by brown/neutral shadows with blue shimmer in them. Not only does this shadow have the blue shimmer (you can kind of make them out in my swatch), but it's a metallic copper, which is a color that will emphasize blue eyes all by itself. Overall, this is a standout color for me, and it's not even that over the top.

Overall I am very happy with my second Aromaleigh Cosmetics order! It's hard to pick a favorite indie company, especially since Glamour Doll Eyes is so close to my heart, but Aromaleigh is definitely my second favorite, if not co-favorite! If you're looking to try some indie cosmetics, I highly recommend checking out Aromaleigh Cosmetics!

Thanks for reading! <3

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