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A Mostly Beauty-Related Haul! - Ulta, Zoya, Urban Outfitters, and More!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! It's sunny outside, but it's cold again. It feels like Fall v2.0, even though it's supposed to be spring. It even snowed again yesterday, though it melted right away. Still. Unacceptable.

So I'm going to stay inside and pretend that the sunshine means it's warm out and catch up on my posting! I have another haul for you guys; there were a lot of good deals available (when aren't there, though?) and I had a Sally's membership to renew!
There are a few things I'm going to make individual, more in-depth posts on (such as the Becca kit and the Zoya polishes), but if you want a quick overview of some neat, new things I picked up at the start of April, then please click below! Spoiler: I bought a lot of face masks.
I'm debating if I want to start as I did in the video with the thing that I purchased the earliest and go from there. And while I typed that, I decided that yes, I do!
During the last few days of Ulta's 21 Days Of Beauty (their semi-annual ultra-sale), the Too Faced Sweetheart blushes were 50% off. I've always kind of wanted on of the Sweetheart blushes because seriously, how cute are they?, but $30 is a little steep for me for a blush. Also, I've recently become a bit of a blush addict, to the point where I purchased a blue one (but that's another post!). At $15, plus an additional discount from redeeming my reward points, I knew I had to get one! I had a hard time choosing between the three, but I ended up with Candy Glow and I'm very happy with it! This is a product that I'm going to make an individual post for, so if you want to see swatches and what I thought, keep an eye out for that.
 I'm going to stick with what I got at Ulta, but it's not going to be in any particular order because I honestly can't remember what order I got them in! Normally I avoid purchasing cotton products from Ulta because I always thought they were overpriced, but at buy two get two free (plus you can use coupons), it actually works out to be about equal value-wise. The first time I bought a variety of items; I got a bag of normal cotton rounds, some exfoliating cotton round because I heard they were good to use toners with, some cotton swabs which I bought mostly for the plastic container they were in, and some cotton pads. The cotton pads say they are lint-free, so I want to try them as a possible replacement for my Ultra Nail Pads from Sally Beauty Supply to remove my nail polish with. I will say, there is a surprisingly big difference between Ulta's cotton rounds and Target's in-house brand Up&Up cotton rounds; not sure which I prefer, but the Ulta ones are stiffer and less linty and they seem to hold and apply my toner/eye makeup remover better.
The second time I bought cotton on the buy two get two free deal, I just got all regular cotton rounds. Now I'm set for a while, at least when it comes to cotton rounds! Not sure where I'm going to store all of these, though...
Also available during the 21 Days Of Beauty, I got the special Best Of Becca set! I'm not sure if this is still available anywhere, or if it was an Ulta exclusive, but this set includes four Becca products, two of which that are full sized, that are available full size in the permanent line.
I'm a big fan of Becca products and, while it is a little on the pricey side, I do think most of the products are totally worth it. At $34.50, this kit was an awesome deal and I'm really happy I was able to get it! This is another product I'm going to do a separate post for, so I'll save swatches and first impressions for then.
As you may or may not know, I've been on a semi-quest to find a conditioner that's equal or better to my holy grail Ouidad Balancing Rinse Essential Daily Conditioner but less expensive. My conditioner has gone up in price to $20 for 8.5fl oz, which is getting a little too pricey for me. I'm incredibly picky about my conditioner, too, so it's been a bit of a struggle. I got some things from Sally Beauty Supply that I had hoped would work, but they didn't (I'll talk about that later in this post), so I ended up picking up some Shea Moisture products from Ulta (they were buy one get one 50% off). This is the Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Conditioner and I ended up buying two of them because the other products in the Shea Moisture hair care line either had a product I am allergic to or a lot of protein in it.
I like the Shea Moisture line because the products have a lot of ingredients that I like and very few, if any, ingredients that I don't! One of the biggest things I look for in a conditioner is that it's silicone-free, which is surprisingly hard to find.
Because I have to try everything, I also picked up some AG minis. These were on clearance and they rang up at buy one get one 50% off, so how could I say no? I actually have the Colour Savour (or however you spell that with "u"s) shampoo from AG that I've been using (I got it free from the salon when I got my hair done) and I've been liking it. AG is a little on the more expensive side when it comes to salon haircare so I'm not sure if I'll ever end up buying a regular priced full size, but you never know.
 This isn't my first scented nail polish, but it is the first one from Revlon I've tried! It looks like Revlon is going to discontinue their scented polish line since they were all on clearance. When these first came out I was really curious about them, but they were around $5-$6 and since I would rather spend that on a Zoya or OPI, I never bought one. Not only were these on clearance, but Revlon products were also 40% off, so I paid less than $2 for this polish. There were a few others I wanted to get (I did some research on swatches and scents because I can be picky with smells), but this was the only one I could find that wasn't all swatched up and gross. I really like the color; it's unique to my collection. It's supposed to have a sunscreen/ocean smell, but I can't really smell anything after it's dried, which is sad.
 While I was waiting at the cash registers to check out, these two products caught my eye and I picked them up on impulse (I think the towers are called "Grab and Gos" at Ulta, but at Victoria's Secret they're called "Impulse Towers" which is a very apt name) because they're new and I do like the face masks from Montagne Jeunesse, which is a brand I still have no idea how to pronounce.
 These are packets of body butters! I don't like the packaging for every day use since it feels like there's enough for multiple uses but there's no way to close these pouches (unless you put them in ziplock baggies, which is what I do for multi-use foil packets), but I do like the idea of these for traveling. They would pack really easily, you can take them on a plane, and then you just throw away the packet so you don't have to take anything home. These were...$2 each. I think. Again, I bought these on impulse and out of curiosity.

And that's it for Ulta! Moving along in the order of my title, next we have Zoya:
Ohhhh, look at all those goodies! Zoya had a BOGO special with free shipping on purchases $35+ and I resisted buying anything until the very last day. When I bought the maximum number of polishes I could and still get the deal. Again, this is going to be a separate post, so I won't get into what I got here (for the polishes I got along with swatches and first impressions, check out my in-depth post) but I wanted to briefly mention it since it is part of my corresponding haul video.
My husband and I ended up making a trip to the Mall of America, where I got a bunch of face masks! The TonyMoly and KocoStar masks are from Urban Outfitters and the Baroness and PureDerm masks are from Forever21. I've also been into reading ingredients a lot more closely, so I have a picture of the ingredients for each of the masks I bought.
 I got two of these masks in a Memebox and really liked them, so I'm super happy to find that Urban Outfitters carries them in-store since then I don't have to pay/wait for shipping! These are masks for each individual fingertip/nail and while I've tried other brands of this type of mask (specifically Julep), I find I like the fit of these better (it's a bit more snug so they don't fall off).
 Hmm, I hope you can read the ingredients alright; you might have to click the picture and make it bigger. My camera can be grumpy with color-balance, so I try to edit things in Photoshop, but it doesn't always work out. There are a few varieties of these TonyMoly I'm Real masks, but I think the Pomegranate is my favorite both for smell and effect (this is also my second time purchasing this mask). Again, these are $3, which is a little more than the Forever21 masks, but not a bad price.
 I also picked up the Rice mask because my skin has been looking/feeling sallow due to lack of sleep and dehydration (the dehydration is my fault, the lack of sleep is from work and poor sleeping conditions).
I also took a picture of the info blurb and direction picto-gram. Because these amuse me.
 I also also picked up the Seaweed mask for the same reason as the Rice mask. There's also a Lemon mask that kind of does the same thing, but I find citrus masks can be a little irritating, so I didn't get it (I did get a citrusy mask from Forever21, but it was about half the price so if it does bother my skin, I won't feel bad about throwing it away before I finish using it).
 Wow those ingredients are teeny tiny! Three of the masks I got from Forever21 were from the Baroness brand, which I hadn't heard of until I purchased them. I've used a few now, and I do like them, which is awesome because they're only $1.80 each! I've also spotted them on some Korean skincare websites, which makes me feel better about using them, as weird as that sounds. I wanted to try as many as I could, so I bought them all, regardless of whether or not I think I will like them. I'm generally not a big fan of cucumber scented things, so I'm worried this will be too heavily scented for me, but we'll see.
 This is the citrusy mask I was talking about before. It says it's Vitamin C, not brightening, but it does have lemon fruit extract, which can be irritating and photosensitive. This is another mask I'm not 100% sure about, but again, it was $1.80 and worth a try.
 My favorite mask out of the bunch, this is the snail mucin mask! I've been really into snail mucin/secretion products because a. it weirds people out and b. there's research out there that suggests that snail mucin/secretions are really good for your skin. As I've said, as long as it can't hurt me, I'll try just about any skincare ingredient.
I love these cute little usage diagrams! This mask was also the least expensive at only $1, but I could only find one of them! The packet looked kind of beat up, too, so I don't know if it was old or what. Next time we got to MOA, I'm going to see if I can find any more of these and I will buy them all.
 The last mask I got from Forever21 was this two-part snail mask from PureDerm. I also didn't realize until I got home that the packet is in the shape of a face, which is creepy.
I've used a two-part mask before, and I think it's an interesting method. It also saves me from having to use my own toner/serum before hand. Not that I'm hurting for toner or serum...but I like the idea of a serum that is formulated specifically to be used with the mask.
Mmm, more snail secretion! I also like how they mention an expiration date; a lot of Korean products don't list the expiration dates but instead have the manufacture dates so it can be kind of confusing if you're not used to that type of system (though I'm glad they include any information at all! A lot of Western products have that little "how long after it's been opened should you replace it" diagram on the back, but no mention of when it was made. Most cosmetics are shelf-stable for a few years if left unopened, but they can, and will, go bad even if they are sealed.).
I also made a trip to Sally Beauty Supply to buy more of my Clairol Shimmer Lights purple shampoo and ended up getting some extra goodies because I had to renew my membership. The red wine face masks are actually from Marshalls, but since both stores are in the same mall, I just lumped them together.
 I figure let's just get the face masks out of the way first! I normally don't buy skincare products from Marshalls because I don't know how old they are, a lot of times the items' been tampered with (opened/swatched by customers), and since Marshalls is a third-party retailer, there's no guarantee of an authentic product. BUT! I was surprised to find a bunch of face masks, many of which are made in Korea! These masks are all individually sealed and have expiration dates printed on them, so I feel okay using them.
It's weird to word it "removes harmful oxygen from your skin" because oxygen always sounds like an important thing, but that's exactly what anti-oxidants do. Oxygen and oxidation contributes to aging and inflammation, even though we need to breath it to live.
I like how the instructions show you not only how to use the face mask, but when to use it as well. There was even Korean writing on the side of the box, so I'm wondering if this was actually an import or what.
Back to Sally's! This post is getting long, so I'm going to try and fly through these last items (I still have stuff from Sephora...). This is my favorite purple toning shampoo ever and if you have white/platinum blonde/silver hair and want to keep yellow/warm colors away I highly suggest using this guy once or twice a week.
 I had a surprisingly hard time finding a conditioner at Sally's that had ingredients I liked and none that I didn't/was allergic to. I was really excited about this conditioner (even though it does have dimethicone in it) and I loved how it made my hair feel, but I am apparently allergic to Marula oil, too.

 It made my head so itchy I could barely stand it! I was able to return it, but since Sally's didn't have a conditioner I liked, I just got my money back instead of doing an exchange.
The only thing I can find in the ingredients that would be different from anything I've used is the Marula oil so. Neat.
Because I renewed my membership, I got up to $7.99 worth of Ion products for free (along with the $5 coupon that basically nullifies the $5 membership fee)! When I asked an associate which conditioner she'd recommend she said this one, so I grabbed it quick while I was checking out (I forgot I got the extra items for free and there was a line behind me).
Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of the ingredients and it doesn't have very good reviews. It also has a very strong green apple scent which I didn't like so I ended up exchanging it for a hair brush instead. I felt really awkward returning a free item, but I wasn't going to use it and I hadn't used it or anything so I assume they'll put it back on the shelf. I also don't have a picture of the brush, but it's a ceramic thermal vent brush.
Because my conditioner/brush was under the $7.99 set aside for my free product, they threw in this hair mask for free. I haven't looked at the ingredients yet, but if I like them, I'll definitely use it!

We're on the home stretch now! I placed a super mini order from Sephora since there were a few Point Reward items I wanted to get! I also got my three free samples, but they were super lame (two fragrances and a powder sampler from Tarte) so I don't have a picture.
 I purchased one of the new Sephora Eye Masks! This is the Lotus eye mask; my local Sephora carries these masks in-store, but not this version.
 I have used this mask and I was actually surprised by how much I liked it! It doesn't have the best ingredients and it's $5 for a one-time use which is kind of expensive, but it made my eye area look and feel hydrated and soft.
I also found it super amusing that the paper masks have the Sephora "S" logo printed on them. Attention to detail!
For 100 points, I got a deluxe sample of the Diorshow Lash Maximizer lash primer; I really like my Subversion primer, so I thought it would be neat to try a designer brand lash primer and see if there's any difference.
And for 250 points, I got a set of Sephora-inspired earbuds. I didn't expect much of these; this was more of an experimental purchase. I needed earbuds but have been neglecting buying them and I figured if these worked out, yay!
Unfortunately, they did not work out and they have pretty poor sound quality. I do like the puffy part since it keeps the earbud in my ear, but my cheap old buds sounds waaaaay better. I like that these have the Sephora stripes and a special baggie, but they're definitely not worth 250 points.
And last, but not least, I got a super late Christmas gift! This is the Miles of MAC photobook/coffee table book and it is gorgeous. My mom ordered it for me for Christmas back in November, but it was out of stock until it shipped early April. It's full of hi-res pictures of MAC promo images and it's a very inspirational book! If you can get your hands on it, I highly recommend picking it up!

AND THAT'S EVERYTHING. Ugh, I need to not let things get so out of hand! I always forget I have so much I want to say about things and I didn't even go into detail on a bunch of stuff! I will for sure have more in-depth posts about the Sweetheart blush, Best Of Becca set, and my Zoya order coming soon, so keep an eye out for those!

Thanks for reading! <3

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