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Zoya Natural Satin Nail Polish Collection - Swatches and Review!

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For this post I wanted to take a more in-depth look at the Zoya Natural Satins nail polish collection! This is their winter/spring 2015 transition collection and it is gorgeous. The collection made up of size different polishes, all with a special Satin finish. There have been a lot of polishes lately that tout satin/cashmere/demi-matte finishes, but I think this collection is one of the best! I am a little biased, though, since Zoya is my favorite nail polish brand, but they really did a great job both formula and color-wise with this collection.

Out of the six colors, I purchased four; I wasn't sure I would like Rowan or Leah color-wise, but I'll probably purchase them as well at some point (especially if they go on sale at my Ulta!).
Bottom to top I got Brittany, Ana, Sage, and Tove! Also, this picture if from my Instagram because I apparently didn't take a group shot with my camera...
I'll start with the lightest of the bunch, Ana!
Zoya describes Ana as a "light toasted almond cream in the exclusive Satin finish", which they then describe the Satin formula as "a hybrid between matte and glossy polishes and is not intended to be worn with a top coat". It's not quite a matte finish, but it's not glossy; "satin" is really the best way to describe it!
 This is such a gorgeous neutral color; it's not quite "mannequin nails" looking on me since it's a lot lighter than my skin tone, but it's a great option if you want to wear something close to a white polish (which looks so clean and fresh to me) but don't want something that stark. Zoya says, on a scale of 1-sheer to 5-opaque, that is is a level 5 polish, but I did find that I needed three thin coats to get a full opacity (so no visible nail line). The formula on these polishes is so smooth and creamy, and easy to work with, though that three coats was no problem.
I also have a nail swatch picture of Ana! This, too, is from my Instagram. Such a pretty, light color; perfect for the transition from winter to spring.
This is Brittany! Zoya describes Brittany as a "rose mauve cream", which is very accurate! I love the packaging on these polishes; the frosted bottles look so soft and elegant, but they do make it kind of hard to see the color of the polish inside. Based on my swatches, the colors end up a little deeper when applied.
 Again, Zoya says this is a level 5 polish, but I would recommend three coats to get rid of any visible nail line. Same excellent formula as Ana; in fact, all the colors in this collection have great formulas, there's not one dud in the bunch (at least out of the four I have, but I assume the other two are just as good)!
Next up is Sage. This is one where the color it looks in the bottle is significantly different than it looks on the nail due to the frosted glass. Zoya describes this one as a "mossy sage green cream", which again is very accurate.
As you can see, this polish is a lot deeper of a green than it looks in the bottle. I do like the idea of a lighter, more pastel kind of green, but I think this color works well in this collection; I don't think these are supposed to be traditional spring polish colors; they're supposed to be the transition between the deeper shades of winter and the freshness of spring.
The final polish I got from this collection is Tove. I wasn't going to get Tove at first, but it was just so pretty that I had to have it. In the bottle it looks more grey, but it's definitely a blue. Zoya describes is as a "misty slate grey cream".
 I don't know what it is, but I seem drawn to blue nail polishes. Another stunner (seriously, they all are), I'm very happy I grabbed this color, too!
Here's another Instagram nail swatch; I have Tove on my index and pinky fingers and Sage on my middle and ring fingers. Again, these took three coats for full, no visible nail line opacity, but the formula is so easy to work with that it's not a big deal.

Overall, I love this collection! I really can't say enough good things about it! The Satin finish is lovely and perfect for spring and all the colors are soft and feminine without being over-the-top or super girlie. I know I keep saying it, but the formula of these polishes is perfect; the other satin/matte polishes I have tried have had gloopy, had to work with formulas because they would dry down so quickly. These polishes stay wet long enough to give you time to work with them, but they still dry faster than regular polish. For $9 a bottle, these are more than worth it. If you're at all into nail polish, I'd say you have to get at least one bottle!

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