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Stila Blooming Bright Convertible Color Trio - Swatch and Review!

Hello! Hope you're having a good day! I'm cranking out these blog posts today since I need to clear off my desk! I'm also waiting for my upstairs neighbors to stop being so noisy so I can try and film some more videos for Youtube, but I'm not sure if they're going to be leaving any time soon.

For this post, I wanted to share with you guys the Stila Blooming Bright Convertible Color Trio I recently picked up!

I really like cream cheek products, and Stila's Convertible Color lip and cheek products have been a cult favorite for a long time now. I've tried them in the past, but that was before I realized how much I liked cream blushes, so I don't think I fully appreciated them (plus I always had the color Peony, which I don't think I was too fond of). For spring 2015, Stila released two sets of mini trios of their Convertible Colors, so I thought now was a good time to try them again!
Add to that a special promotion where I got 25% and free shipping and I couldn't say no.
There are two different Convertible Color trios available right now; the Blooming Bright set which includes Lillium, Petunia, and Hibiscus (and the trio I got!) and the Beauty In Bloom set which has Camellia, Peony, and Tulip. I went with the Blooming Bright trio because I really love bright colors (especially corals) and I've heard nothing but good things about the more neutral Lillium. The Beauty In Bloom trio looks nice, but as I've said I don't think I'm a fan of the color Peony and I think it's meant more for deeper skin tones.
This was my first time ordering direct from Stila cosmetics, and everything went smoothly and my order shipped to me quickly. I found it kind of amusing that my package was wrapped up in tamper-proof tape. Makeup is serious business.
My order came wrapped up in hot pink tissue paper and my trio arrived safe and sound. Not sure if the tissue paper would be enough protection for a powder-based product, but then again they might package those with bubblewrap.
Along with my invoice, I got a card advertising the new spring 2015 collection...
and a 20% off coupon to say thank you for ordering! Feel free to use the code since I don't think it's unique (it's THANKYOU), but I'm not sure if it will work if you haven't made a purchase before. I also don't think it's too hard to get a 20% coupon since, when I went to the site just now a code for 20% off my purchase popped up.
I know I opened with this picture, but I'll just post it again for a visual aid. This trio has a more cool-colored theme while the Beauty In Bloom trio has a warm-colored theme. I appreciate visual differentiation. You can get these trios from the Stila website, but I've also seen them at Ulta. These trios retail for $20 each and, after my 25% off and free shipping promo, I only paid $15 for this set, which makes each compact only $5! These mini compacts are about 1/4th the size of a full size Convertible Color, which retail for $25 each. I highly doubt that I would be able to go through a full sized Convertible Color before it went bad, so I really appreciate the opportunity to purchase minis.
Stila's Convertible Colors can be used on your lips or your cheeks; the back of the box suggests using a brush, but I like to use my fingers as well. You have to be a little careful when you apply it to your cheeks, but they do sheer out pretty well so if you overdo it, it's not too hard to fix.
I've also included the ingredients list! I played with the colors and contrast in Photoshop, and this was the best I could do readability-wise. These products have alright ingredients; nothing ground breaking or anything. I'm a little iffy about the talc, though, since it's a cheap filler ingredient much of the time.
 In this set you get three colors, the first of which is Lillium! Stila describes this as a "nude pink" and a lot of people say this is one of their favorite Convertible Colors because it's the perfect nude.

And I agree! It's a super pretty pinky nude (mmm, descriptive) and I love to use this when I just want a hint of color. It works especially well when you want to look fresh and awake, but not necessarily "made-up".
 Next is Petunia, which is a "coral peach". I had a bit of an issue with my Petunia when I first opened it and I considered e-mailing Stila about it.

My Petunia had a weird layer of bright fuchsia on top; I'm not sure if this is from temperature changes during shipping or if this is how all new Petunias behave, but I was worried there was something wrong with mine. I looked at as many swatches I could online, and I only found one other person who experienced a similar situation.
 I decided to try and scrape off the top layer to see if that would help, and it did! After I scrapped off most of the bright fuchsia, my compact and swatch looked much more like the coral peach I was expecting. The left is my first swatch and the right is the swatch after getting rid of the fuchsia layer. There is a big difference between the colors, and I like the right much better. The fuchsia color also stained my fingers, so I'm wondering if it was an issue with the dyes/pigments. It seems to be fine, now, so I'm not going to contact customer service.
 Finally we have the color Hibiscus. This is a "coral red" and the full size of this color is currently in the sale section on the Stila site so I'm not sure if they're discounting it or what (the sale section is called "phased-out favorites", so...yeah). You can also find this shade in the Field Of Florals Convertible Color palette, which includes all the Convertible Color colors currently available.
 This is a very bright, almost scary, color in the compact, but as you can see from my swatch you can sheer it out so it's very wearable. I love having at least one super bright color, especially for summer, so I'm thinking I will get a lot of use out of this!

Overall, I think these Convertible Color trios are worth every penny! I got mine for 25% off, but I would gladly pay the full $20 (and may get the other trio, too, because I'm weird like that). $25 for a full sized Convertible Color seems a little pricey for me, especially since you only get one color, so again I really appreciate the ability to purchase minis. I also contemplated getting the Field Of Florals palette, but I didn't like the size of the wells (they seem too small if you want to use a brush) and I think these minis are much easier to travel with since I don't think I will have a need for twelve different cream blushes while on the move.

I like that these colors apply more on the sheer side, especially for the cheeks. On the lips they look more like tinted balms than a more opaque lipstick, but that kind of sheerness feels much more summery and light. These do feel a little tacky and are a little more creamy than the tarte cheek stains, but I find these a little easier to work with since you have more time to blend. They can be a little stiff, though, so I do find myself buffing a little more aggressively than I would like sometimes.

If you've never tried a Convertible Color before, these sets are a great introduction! If you already love the Convertible Colors, these trios are a great way to increase your color selection! If you love cream cheek products, these are a definite must buy.

Thanks for reading! <3

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