Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My First Black Violet Order - Indie Fragrance & Body Care!

Hello! Hope you're having a great start to spring! It's been getting warm and sunny here (finally) and I hope this means we're well on our way to spring. Of course, living in Minnesota means you never know when the next snowstorm will be...

For this post, I want to share with you guys my first order from the Black Violet Perfume Vault and Bathory, an indie fragrance and body care company!

As with many of my recent indie finds, I first heard about Black Violet from the Evolution Of A Foodie blog. She had great things to day about Black Violet's products, specifically their Detangler Mist. Black Violet recently discontinued their old formulation and are coming out soon with a new one; I knew I wanted to try the old one first since that was the one that Evolution Of A Foodie had reviewed and, unfortunately, sometimes new isn't always better.
I ended up placing an order for a full size Detangler Mist and a travel size Glow Body Oil.
As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of indie cosmetic/beauty companies. I feel like indie companies offer a wider range of products that are as good, if not better, than many of their mass-produced counterparts. Price-wise, they're pretty comparable; indie products may cost a bit more (though a lot of the times they can be cheaper, too!), but I think it's completely worth it to get a handmade item that someone took their time and effort into making and packaging just for you.

The only real downside to purchasing indie products is that, since they are handmade especially for you, it can take a little longer for your order to ship out. All respectable indie companies are very upfront about their Turn Around Time (TAT; the amount of time they request in order to process and ship your order) and will e-mail you if something happens (which is rare) that will extend that time. The TAT time for Black Violet when I ordered was 14-21 business days; I made my purchase on January 9th and I got my tracking number on February 6th, which was within the quoted time-frame. After my items shipped, they only took a few days to get to me and we were well packaged.
Everything came in a white plastic mailer; the big sticker is an advert for Black Violet's new subscription box, the Blackbox. It actually already launched on March 5th and is completely sold out; if you're interested in signing up, it looks like more spots will open up on May 9th for the June Blackbox.
Inside the mailer, my products were encased in purple tissue paper with some neat black paper padding! I haven't seen packaging like this before, and I really like it; it's a lot less messy than say packing peanuts or paper worms and it's more environmentally friendly than bubblewrap. I also really like how everything in my package was purple in some way; I love when companies have a cohesive theme and vision and apply it in every way they can. It shows a good eye for, and attention to, detail.
Along with the two products I ordered, I got a business card, which is cute and rectanglely, and some purple candy! The two greatest things to get as a surprise when you order are free samples and candy.
And I got both! Along with my candy, I got a sample of Black Violet's new Candy Rocket perfume oil. This is a part of their Spring 2015 line. I like getting perfume oil samples like this from indie fragrance/bath/body companies since, much of the time, you can order various products in the same scent and I feel like you get the truest representation in a perfume oil so it's easy to know if you like it or not (does that make sense? I hope so...). In Black Violet's scent catalog, Candy Rocket is described as: "candy-fueled fruits propel into the atmosphere like a capsule full of fireworks. Mandarin Orange slices, Red & Black Raspberry gummies, Red Currant bon bons, Blueberry candy sticks, Pink Grapefruit sours and Lime taffy". It smells a lot like gummy fruit snacks (the opaque kind, not the clear kind), except at the very end when the lime hits. The lime is a little too strong and medicinal for me, but otherwise I really like this scent (it also reminds me of Fortune Cookie Soap's Polyjuice Potion scent).
Another awesome thing about ordering from indie companies is that you get personal, handwritten thank yous! I blocked out my name because I like to be mysterious, but my name was there (and spelt right!) and I appreciate the personal touch.
Now for the main event! The main item I wanted to purchase and try was the Detangler Mist. There were a lot of different scents available, but I went with Cacao Bean, which is from the Yule '14 collection. I picked Cacao Bean because I wanted something that I didn't think I would mind smelling for a long time; I always find that since my hair is so close to my nose, anything I use on it that has a scent that doesn't dissipate quickly, and I will smell it constantly throughout the day. If it's a strong scent, or a scent I don't like, it can easily get overwhelming and irritating. On the Black Violet website, Cacao Bean is described as: "Just beyond the pass, nestled among the towering pines is a campy Inn with a retro red fireplace. Take in the mountain hideaway with your mug of steamed cream, curls of Alpine chocolate over Vanilla Bean infused hot cocoa.". Vanilla is always a "safe" scent for me (I love the smell of vanilla and find that it makes a lot of otherwise irritating scents tolerable) and Cacao Bean sounded yummy. It really does smell like a super milky cup of hot coco! I'm glad that the vanilla/milk notes are stronger than the chocolate since I feel that makes this scent easier to wear in the spring and summer, though I am worried it might be too heavy of a gourmet scent for really warm days.
All the ingredients look great and I'm excited to work this into my hair routine (...though I do have a lot of other stuff I'm trying to use up first). Since this seems like a more natural product, I'm not sure what the shelf life will be so I do want to make sure I use it before it goes off (it's already been sitting on my desk for almost a month now so...yeah). For 4oz, I paid $8.50, which I think is a good deal! Not sure how much the reformulation will cost nor how big it will be.
I also bought a travel size of the Glow Body Oil, kind of on a whim! I'm a fan of body oils (my favorite being the C.Booth Honey Almond Dry Body Oil) since a little goes a long way and they tend to absorb more quickly and provide more moisture than a lot of my lotions. You can use this product on both your skin and (sparingly) on your hair to help control fly-aways and to smooth ends. I went with the scent Paper Dolls because it's one of the more popular scents on Black Violet and I like trying popular things. Paper Dolls is described by Black Violet as: "Delicate and pale as alabaster. A vintage lactonic with comforting rice milk, pure white musk, sweet cream, and the lightly powdered warmth of her skin." I like the idea of milk/musk scents, but I was concerned that this would be too powdery for me (I hate powdery scents). Unfortunately, this scent is a little too far on the powdery side for me, so I might pass this on to my mom (I had my husband smell it to see if he liked it; he said it smelt like vanilla baby powder), which is kind of sad because I do really like the oil!
Like the detangler mist, this has some pretty good ingredients; I'm excited to see that it has squalane in it! I did give this another try and the second time I used it it pulled more milky/musky and less powdery, so I might give it a third go before I renounce the scent entirely. If you like powdery, soft scents, I would definitely give this one a try. If you don't, I'd say you can pass on it. I will, however, be purchasing another Glow Body Oil in a different scent because it's a great body oil. This is a 1oz travel size that I paid $4.50 for; it looks like the price for the travel size went up to $5, but the price for the 4.5oz full size stayed the same at $16 (at least, I'm pretty sure it's the same).

Overall, I am very happy with my Black Violet order! The quality of the products I got was great, especially for the price I paid. I love the Detangler Mist; it works well on damp hair, and I like to spray it on my dry hair as a refresher mist. Plus, it smells delicious. The Glow Body Oil is very moisturizing and it absorbs really quickly; I wasn't a fan of the scent I had picked, but that does not mean it's not a good scent! It just didn't work with my nose and skin chemistry and I will definitely be ordering it again in a different scent.

Thanks for reading! <3

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