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March 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag - Floral Fantasy - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day; it seemed like spring was finally here, but it got cold and snowy again, so it's back to the winter blues. We're getting closer and closer to "actual" spring, though, and we're going to get the warm, sunny weather back soon, so I just have to deal with winter for a little longer.

For this post I'm going to share with you my March 2015 Ipsy glam bag! I actually have no clue if it's still officially called the "glam bag" or if it's just Ipsy now or what; when you tag your pictures on social media, they want you to use #ipsy and #marchglambag so it's probably both.
Overall, my March Ipsy glam bag was pretty so-so; not as bad as some of the past bags, but not as good as last month.
Hopefully, Ipsy doesn't slide back down in quality again, otherwise I may consider unsubscribing (not sure, though, since if I want to resubscribe, I'll be stuck on the waiting list again).
I used to be pretty indifferent about flowers (I was a huge tomboy when I was younger), but I'm coming to like them more and more. If I could fill my house with flowers and other green, living things, I would. But I don't have a green thumb and all of the plants I've tried to grow have died or failed to sprout. The only flower I'm not a big fan of is roses; I really dislike the scent of roses, even real roses, to the point where smelling them for an extended amount of time will make me feel nauseous.
But there are no roses nor rose-smelling things here! Look at how pretty this month's bag is! I love the almost abstract flowers; plus the color scheme is bright and cheery without being too over the top.
I used the front of the info card as my opening picture, and this is the back. As always, there's not much info on this card except for what the theme is, a picture that goes along with it (I much prefer the pictures over the graphics, and I've heard other people do as well), and how to properly tag any social media posts to be eligible to win a one-year subscription to Ipsy.
I also got my first Ipsy points reward! I wasn't aware that they had rewards that cost less than 1000 points and had assumed that I would never earn a reward since your points expire after a year and, unless you successfully refer people (shameless referral link plug GO!), it's not really possible to earn 1000 points in a year or less. But they have 500 and 250 point rewards, which you can earn just by reviewing your products. I traded 500 of my Ipsy points for another deluxe sample size of the Malin and Goetz Mojito lip balm! I know I said I wasn't a fan of this before, but I used it and I ended up really liking it and now I have another tube! Yay!
And now for the actual products in my March 2015 Ipsy glam bag. I'll start with the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Creme Oil. Unfortunately, this is a product that I won't get much use out of since I am allergic to argan oil, but if I wasn't this would be something I would be happy to try. I've used products from the Healthy Sexy Hair line before (after checking to make sure they didn't have argan oil; some don't have that "with Aragn Oil" line on them and I didn't see any argan oil listed in the ingredients) and have liked them, so I assume this will be the same. I've also used products from the other "___ Sexy Hair" lines and have like them as well. This product contains a blend of soy, cocoa, and argan oil, and is for fine to normal hair.
Oh! Fun fact: I have normal/medium textured hair. I always thought my hair was considered "fine", but I asked my stylist and he said it's definitely not fine and is more medium. So. Good to know! You use this product to speed up blow drying time and to protect from heat and UV damage. The full size is 4.2fl oz for $22.95, so this 1fl oz sample is worth $5.50.
I'm pretty sure everyone got this next product in their glam bags, based on what I've seen on Instagram. This is a Nyx Butter Lipstick and I got the color Little Suzie.
 You could have also gotten the color Hunk, which is a darker fuchsia, or Pops, which is a peachy nude. I would have been happy with any three of these colors, so no complaints there.
This is the first Butter Lipstick I've tried, and to be honest, I'm not really impressed. I've used a bunch of other Nyx lipsticks and I like them much better. I'm also not a fan of the Butter Lipglosses, so I probably just don't like this type of formula. These lipsticks are supposed to have a satin finish with high color saturation and be non-sticky and full coverage, but I think it swatches pretty sheer. Sheer isn't a bad thing, but it's not what it's advertised as being. This is the full size of this product and is worth $6.
Next is the Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter pencil. I was a little disappointed to find this in my bag, but not because it's a bad product. The reason why I know it's not a bad product is that I've gotten this in a subscription box before; at least twice! I think Ipsy was giving this out last year, so I'm not sure if these are leftovers or if Chella wanted to re-promote their brand. This is a multi-use pencil, similar to the Nyx Wonder Pencil, which I love. You can use this pencil to highlight your brow bone; cover dark circles, blemishes, and red spots; highlight/contour; or as a reverse lipliner.

There are four other colors available to complement other skin tones, but Ipsy was only giving out the Ivory Lace color, which is the same color that was given out the other times I've seen this being offered and is for light skin tones. This is the full size of this product (at least weight-wise; the full size seems to have a silver cap instead of a clear one, but that might be because this is older and there was a packaging change) and it is worth $18.
Dr. Brandt seems to be all over the subscription scene! Which isn't a bad thing since I really do like the Dr. Brandt skincare line and it can get kind of pricey. This is a deluxe sample of the Pores No More Anti-Aging Mattifying Lotion. This is an oil-free, lightweight lotion and it is "formulated with apple stem cells to help delay the natural signs of aging by maintaining the longevity and activity of stem cells in the skin", which is directly from the Dr. Brandt website. It also has retinol in it! At first I was a little disappointed in thus product since I don't really need any mattifying products, but I like the anti-aging benefits it offers, and it's nice to have a product that combines anti-aging and anti-acne/oil properties. There are only a handful of products that address both concerns and, at one time, I did have some serious acne issues (they were caused by stress and possibly using the phone all day, and it has healed almost entirely, though I still have some scarring) and found it kind of difficult to find acne products that were for adult skin. The full size of this product is 1.7fl oz for $66, so this 0.26fl oz sample is worth $10. Actually, it seems like all the Dr. Brandt samples I've gotten have been packaged to be $10 worth of product. Interesting.

The final product in my March 2015 Ipsy glam bag is probably the one I was most impressed with when I first opened my bag. This is a jar of Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in the color Lucky Penny. If you got this product in your bag, you could have gotten this color, which is a copper, or Fifty Shades, which is a grey color. These are 100% natural, mineral-based loose shadows and they are cruelty free.
It did come with a sticker over the sifter to make sure that it didn't spill in transit (you can kind of see it in the picture), which is nice since the jar itself was not sealed. I have a lot of loose eyeshadows due to my indie makeup addiction, but I'm always happy to get more!
I was very impressed with the pigmentation and formulation of this shadow! I could only get a little bit out of the jar at first (sifters kind of bug me and I prefer my loose shadows without them; I don't mind them so much with blushes and highlighters, though) and was surprised by how much color I got. This shadow is super creamy feeling and a little goes a really, really long way. I also didn't notice much fallout, even though it's a shimmery shadow. The full size of this product is 1.2g for $22.50, making this 1.2g jar the full size and worth $22.50.

Yup, this 1.2g jar is apparently worth $22.50. And honestly, that's kind of pricey, even though this feels like a very high quality product. Most full-sized loose mineral eyeshadows from indie brands are $5-$8 and I feel like, even if this is something like three times the amount of product (I was going to compare it to Glamour Doll Eyes' full sized shadows, but they measure out by teaspoons, not weight), it's about four times the cost. I also looked up the value of a BareMinerals loose eyeshadow; those are 0.57g for $14, and according to my math, if you got the same amount of product as in the Marsk shadow, it would cost about $29. So. Hmm. I will admit, I prefer getting less product and paying less than always getting more; I don't think I will ever go through this whole eyeshadow before it goes bad/I get bored with it, so it might have been better to have smaller sizes for less money.

Overall, I got three full sizes and two deluxe sample sizes in my March 2015 bag. The total value of everything came out to about $62. Ipsy generally has a higher bag value and more full sized products than Birchbox (since both are $10 beauty subscriptions many people compare them to each other), but I still think I prefer Birchbox just due to the better reward and discount system. I was okay with this bag; it wasn't as great as last month, but again, it wasn't as bad as some of the recent bags.

Thanks for reading! <3

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