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Urban Decay Vice LTD - Limited Edition - Swatches and Review!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great day! As I always say, Mondays are like my Fridays; the only downside is that nothing really fun happens on Monday nights... Granted, I'm getting old and basically becoming a hermit anyways, but it's the idea that there's nothing fun going on that bothers me. If that makes sense. Hmm.

In this post, I wanted to take an in-depth look at the newish Urban Decay Vice LTD palette!
This palette had a very limited release on the Urban Decay website and a lot of people missed out on it, but surprisingly, it's now available exclusively at Ulta. I was worried it would be just as limited at Ulta as it was on the UD website, but that does not seem to be the case.

I dithered on whether or not to pick up this palette since the online swatches I saw didn't really thrill me, but then I saw it in person and I decided to get it.
Ooh, pretty!
We'll start with the basics: this is a special "limited edition" palette (you can say Vice LTD or Vice Limited) that is a mixture of shades available in past limited edition palettes, new shades, and two shades from the permanent line. This palette is the same size and shape as the Vice 3 and has 20 shadows. It costs $58, which is $2 less than the Vice 3. I'm pretty sure Urban Decay made the palette to mostly make money since most collectors of Urban Decay products will already own most of the shades included in this palette, but that doesn't make it a bad palette.
Ooh lime! As I said before, this palette was released on the Urban Decay website a while back, but it was so limited that barely anyone got one. It's now exclusively available at Ulta, which continues to surprise me since I didn't know Ulta and Urban Decay were that close.
There aren't any coupons you can use on this palette, but you can use your Ulta points, so you technically could get this for cheaper than retail.
Even the print on the box tells you that Urban Decay knew what they were doing when they released this palette. Sweet addiction, indeed.
The palette itself is a matte lime green with a green jewel UD logo on top (it says "Vice LTD" on it, too, it's just green as well so it blends in).
Kind of a boring palette, actually, especially when compared with the Vice 3.
Here's the fancy button you push to open the palette. The box says it opens slowly, but it pops open pretty aggressively. It has a huge mirror inside (it fills the top lid) and it stays propped up on it's own, so it's definitely usable when traveling. Or anytime you need a mirror.
Here's the brush you get; again, basically the same thing as the Vice 3 palette. My brush didn't have a plastic sleeve on it, which kind of weirds me out, but none of the shadows looked touched, so I assume it's alright. I also never use a new brush without washing it anyways, so whateves. Some people don't like these brushes, but I think they're not bad, especially for a freebie. If UB didn't include them, the people who say they don't like them would probably comment on it. One thing I did find oddly missing was a sample of the Primer Potion. UD's been including smaller and smaller samples of their Primer Potion with their palettes, but I'm kind of surprised that they didn't include it at all.
Here's a quick overview of the layout of the shades. One thing I really liked about the Vice 3 was that it was organized into vertical quads; it gave the palette a cohesiveness and an air of being well thought-out. This palette kind of feels like the shades were just kind of...randomly placed wherever. Perhaps they were added based on the order the shades were introduced or the order in which UD decided to include them in the palette. If that were the case, it would have been nice for UD to include a little blurb about it; I feel like this palette is really for the "new" UD collector like myself; someone who loves UD but who doesn't have a very big collection.
I'm going to go across the palette in columns because that's how I did my Vice 3 review and I liked how that went. I'm also going to include the shadow descriptions given by the Ulta website (since this palette isn't on the UD site anymore) and I'll try to include where the shadow originated from. In this column, we have:

-Nameless, a "medium taupe satin" which is from the Shattered face case. I liked this shade for it's texture and it's a nice neutral. One thing I want to mention quick is that this palette is actually quite heavy on neutrals, which is one of the reasons why I wasn't initially going to purchase it. I have enough neutral eye shadow to last me the rest of my life and what I really want is color.
-Crystal, a "icy metallic blue shimmer" which is from the Book Of Shadows Vol. 4. If you look at this shadow from far away, it looks like a plain silver, but up close you can see the blue sparkles in it. This swatched pretty sheer, but it would probably work a little better over a sticky base.
-Provocateur, an "icy metallic pink w/micro-glitter" from the original Vice palette. This shade has the same problems as Crystal, just more so. Again, this shade would probably benefit from a sticky base.
-Chase, a "soft metallic bronze". This is one of the two shades in this palette that are from the permanent range. This is another really great neutral and it swatches beautifully.
Here they are swatched on bare, un-primed skin. Left to right: Namesless, Crystal, Provocateur, and Chase. Nameless and Chase are definitely my two faves from this column.
Next column! Not sure what that weird line is on Backdoor; I think it's an artifact from my camera or something...

-Backdoor, a "cool dark brown matte" from the Smoked palette. This is more of an "Urban Decay matte" so it's not a true matte, but that's fine with me! I actually don't like true matte shadows because they are inevitably kind of chalky. Urban Decay's mattes are more like satin mattes, so the feel more buttery and they blend better. I actually like all the "mattes" in this palette, which is rare for me.
-Goddess, a "deep smoky blue w/micro-glitter". It looks like this was in the original line, but it did not come back after the reformulation. I'm not sure if this Goddess is exactly the same as the old Goddess because I have no experience with the latter. This is another shade that looks beautiful in the pan due to the blue glitter, but it looks more like just a dark navy when swatched.
-Hoodoo, a "medium metallic violet w/pink shift". I believe this is another shade, like Goddess, that is only available in the Vice LTD palette. This, along with a couple other purples, is one of the reasons why I did end up purchasing this palette. It's probably the best performing purple in the palette. Pppppp.
-Last Sin, a "pale champagne shimmer" and the only dupe I have in this palette since it's from the Vice 3 palette. It's a nice shade, but I think I like the performance of the other neutrals in this palette.

Left to right: Backdoor, Goddess, Hoodoo, and Last Sin. I liked Backdoor and Hoodoo the best out of this column.
Middle column time!

-Deeper, a "metallic medium bronze" from the 15th Anniversary palette. Again, another great neutral; I really liked how this one performed.
-Vaporize, a "medium metallic gray-taupe" from the Anarchy face case. I actually really like the taupe-color that this swatches as. It reminds me of the color of my cat (sort of; he had stripes, too, but he was a strange grey-brown that was hard to describe).
-Freakshow, a "bright purple satin", another of the exclusive to this palette shadows (again, another that also existed before the reformulation and that didn't make the cut). I wouldn't really call this a "bright" purple; I had high hopes for this purple, but it's actually kind of hard to get the strong pigmentation I want from it.
-Roadstripe, an "iridescent white w/blue-violet shift", also an exclusive to this palette shade that existed before the reformulation. This is surprisingly one of my favorite shadows in this whole palette; it's such a unique color and it would make a great "overcoat" to transform other shadows.

Left to right: Deeper, Vaporize, Freakshow, and Roadstripe. I dig the colors in this column, but I really wish that Freakshow was more pigmented. Maybe I should just cave in and buy the Electric Palette if I like color so much.
I had high hopes for this column; look at Junkshow!

-Disco, a "pale metallic gold w/iridescent glitter", and the last exclusive to this palette, I think. Maybe, I don't know. Google isn't being helpful. Not a big fan of this one, but because of the big glitter fallout I get from it.
-Floss, a "deep metallic emerald w/micro-glitter". Hmm, maybe I was wrong about Disco being the last exclusive color. I can't find Floss either (admittedly, I'm not trying that hard). I like the idea behind this color, though it looks a little more black than green when swatched.
-Junkshow, a "bright purple satin"...wait, didn't we just describe as Freakshow as a bright purple satin? At least Junkshow actually is a bright, purple satin. This color was probably the clincher for me when I trying to decide if I should get this palette or not. Luckily, it's actually pretty pigmented and it performs well.
-Anonymous, a "pale peachy cream matte" from the Vice palette. This is an amazing matte; it feels so buttery and creamy when I swatch it and it blends super well. It's a tad bit lighter than my skin tone, so it's a great highlight or base shade to help with blending. I'm super happy UD included it with this palette, since it does help when working with the more colorful shades.
Left to right: Disco, Floss, Junkshow, and Anonymous (which you probably can't see). Anonymous is my favorite shade from this quad; Junkshow is nice due to the color, and I really don't have many shadows like Floss, but this is probably my least favorite column in general.
Final row! Not sure why this picture ended up all weird looking; my camera has been doing this odd, slightly fisheyes lensy kind of thing lately.

-Heat, a "bright metallic copper". I believe this is another one of those "this existed at one time but didn't make the cut during the reformulation" shades, though the original Heat looks a bit different. Regardless of this shades origins, it is stunning. I'm a sucker for copper/orange colors.
-Perversion, a "soft black matte" from the Book Of Shadows Vol. 3. Again, another superb matte shade. This is another versatile shade, especially since it is a soft black and not crazily pigmented. I feel like it's similar to MAC Carbon, though I could be wrong (I don't actually own MAC Carbon, I'm just basing this off of the things I've heard/seen about it).
-Blitz, a "bright metallic gold" from the Vice palette. This is a gorgeous gold with a great formula.
-Laced, a "soft pink-nude matte" from the permanent line. A great matte, this time a little darker than my natural skin tone, so a great base for the crease.
Left to right: Heat, Perversion, Blitz, and Laced. This is my favorite column (if I said that about another column already, this one supersedes it). All four colors performed beautifully and are all very useful and wearable.

So I guess it comes down to: should you buy the Urban Decay Vice LTD? If you're newish to UD and don't have a lot of the palettes that these shades are from and if you're looking for a good palette that has a lot of neutrals but still has some edgy pops of color, then yes, I say get it! It's not a bad palette by any means; some of the individual shades do fall short of my expectations, especially for an Urban Decay palette, but as a whole, I think it's a great palette. If you do, however, have a lot of the palettes these shades are form, or if you're drowning in neutrals and are looking for something new, I would say go for the Vice 3 if you haven't gotten it already (and if it's still available). It's a similar palette, but all twenty shades (well, except for Last Sin now) are exclusive to it so you don't have to worry about getting any dupes and it has a lot more color.

Thanks for reading! <3

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