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Polish Pusher January 2015 Haul - Indie Nail Polish!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day (or night or life in general, really)! I have another indie nail polish haul to show you guys! A couple weeks ago Polish Pusher, a local, Minnesota-based indie nail polish maker, posted a special code on her Instagram that would give you free shipping with a $25+ order. I'm a sucker for free shipping and, after being so pleased with my first order, I just needed an excuse to purchase a couple more polishes that I had my eye on.
I grabbed three of her full-sized polishes: Topaz In The Tropics, Urban Legend, and Howling At Moons.
Kati, the owner of Polish Pusher, ships all product s in glass bottles in cardboard boxes and each bottle of polish came wrapped in it's own little bubblewrap baggie so everything arrived safe and sound!
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So here's the big reveal of what I ordered! As I said, I got three full sized polishes in order to fulfill the $25+ required for free shipping. Shipping is pretty inexpensive; it was $2.50 for my cuticle oil and I think for this order it was like $3.50, but again, I just wanted an excuse to buy more polishes! Kati was also kind enough to include two mini polishes with my order! The minis also came in a bubblewrap baggie and are very cute. I'm not sure how big the minis are since the labels are from the 15ml full sizes, and I'm not sure if you can even purchase minis (or, if you can, how often they are available).
There was the same caution in my box as last time (to wait until everything comes to room temperature before I use it), which I again I really appreciate since I've never gotten a warning like that before from any other polish I have purchased, indie or mass. This time I also got a piece of blue cardstock with some tips and tricks for getting the most out of my polish. Again, I think this is a great addition to any order! I'm pretty obsessed with nail care and nail polish, but a lot of people aren't so it's nice to provide information; I'm always for education!
 I'll start with the minis! I'm not sure if these are included with orders as free samples, or if this was something special Kati threw in; I heard about Polish Pusher from one of my co-workers who is friends with Kati, so she is aware of who I am (though we have never met). I also just realized that these minis have the older Polish Pusher logo; I also follow Polish Pusher on Instagram (@Polish_Pusher) and she posted some swatch pictures and commented on the older logos. I love watching the evolution of brands, so I thought that was neat to see. I got I Mistle-Told-You-So from the 2014 Christmas collection (which I had considered purchasing!) and Topaz In The Tropics.
This is two coats of I-Mistle-Told-You-So on my nail wheel (I have Topaz In The Tropics swatched, too, but I'll include that with the full sized bottle). I thought the glitter distribution was very balanced and it was fairly easy to apply (I tend to have issues sometimes with these jelly/crelly polishes with glitter). I love this for the holidays and I look forward to wearing it next year!
 On to the full sizes! This is Topaz In The Tropics; the first time I browsed the Polish Pusher Etsy store, this was the first polish that caught my eye.
Mints and blue-greens are my favorite polishes colors to wear/collect and I feel like I'll never have enough. While I do have polishes that are similar in color to this one, what really sets it apart is the gold shimmer! It's described as "Topaz and amber flecks alight against a cool, minty backdrop: harmony. This polish has a smooth and creamy formula that comes loaded with a subtle, perfect shimmer. A must-have color for all lovers of mint!"
It's subtle, but it makes this color feel and look so luxurious on the nail; I feel like the name really suits it!
Here's another nail shot from my Instagram! I know I don't often post pictures of my polishes actually applied to my nails, but I want to try adding them when I can. This is such a beautiful color and I am so happy I got it! The only downside to this polish is that the gold shimmer seems to have a tendency to settle to the bottom of the bottle, but if I just give it a good roll between my hands before applying (I don't like to shake my polishes to mix them before I use them since it can cause air bubbles to form. They're totally harmless and will disappear on their own, but if you shake them right before application without giving them a chance to settle you can get little bubbles in your mani!) it redistributes the shimmer and it's good to go.
Next is Urban Legend! This is another polish that I knew I wanted to get; I don't think it was available when I placed my first order, but I do remember Kati posting swatches of it on Instagram shortly after and I fell in love! Finding a flattering pastel grey color can be kind of tricky; the picture I have makes it look a little darker than it is in real life, but it's like a cool-toned pale dove grey color filled with shimmer and iridescence.
In the Etsy shop, it's described as a "pastel gray creme with prismatic shimmer and tiny iridescent rainbow flakies".
I love how the shimmer isn't too over the top; it's well distributed throughout the polish and while there's a lot, it's subtle enough to just enhance the pastel grey. This is another polish you really have to see in real life applied to your nails to full appreciate the kind of depth you get with the color and shimmer. I don't have a lot of colors like this one and, again, I am very happy to add it to my collection.
And for my third polish, I got Howling At Moons! This is a new release for Polish Pusher and I believe when I bought it, it was still the first stocking of it. I needed to add something else to my order to get it over the $25 minimum for free shipping and there were a couple polishes I considered, but I went with this one because it was the last one in stock and like many humans, I like having things that not a lot of other people do (Kati restocked this once or twice afterwards, though I don't believe it's currently available). There were a lot of great macros of this polish on the Polish Pusher Instagram and it did not disappoint!
There isn't a real color description in the Etsy listing: "Howling at Moons is bursting with both holographic pigment and an assortment of holographic glitter! This is its first release to the public!", but the sample photos are pretty accurate to what the color looks like in real life. It's a peacock teal full of holo and shimmer!
The colored base is more like a jelly, but I think it gives a nice effect with all the holographic shimmer and pigments. I think it would take three-ish thin coats to get full opacity, but this is two coats on my nail wheel and it's pretty good coverage-wise.

And that's my Polish Pusher haul! Again, I am very happy with my order; shipping was fast (and free! though it wasn't expensive without the code), all my products arrived safe and sound, I got two free minis, and the quality of the polishes I received is (are? I can't make this sound grammatically correct) on point. I also love the idea that I get to support a local artist so that she can continue to make more gorgeous polish!

Thanks for reading! <3

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