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My First My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Order - Indie Makeup! - Swatches and Review

Hello! I hope you're having a great start to the Valentine's Day weekend! I, sadly, have been quite ill this week and I'm still not feeling well (I actually started antibiotics today...). I've been neglecting a lot of things these last few days, but now I'm feeling antsy so I thought I'd try to write a blog post or two.

Somehow, I managed to skip over my first My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics order! I like to make blog posts that correspond to the order in which I post Youtube videos, but I must have overlooked my My Pretty Zombie (MPZ from here on out) video when I was glancing over my channel summary (...I am forgetful sometimes). Which is especially unfortunate because MPZ is pretty awesome!

MPZ is another indie cosmetic company that I initially glanced over during one of my Instagram exploration sessions (just look up #indiecosmetics or #supportindie and you can find some neat things), but I finally decided to order after Evolution Of A Foodie posted a review (if you're into indie cosmetics, I highly recommend looking through her reviews!). And, once again, I am very happy with my first order!
If I were to compare MPZ to a mass-produced brand, I'd say it's most similar to Urban Decay. Except possibly even better! And yes, that severed thumb came in my package.
Some quick info about My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics: they've been around since 2010, they have a name similar to another indie cosmetics company (MPZ does not, nor ever has, made lipstick). The turn around time (TAT; the time it takes from when you order to when it will likely be processed) is listed at the top of the page; orders are processed/shipped about once a week so right now, for example, orders placed between 2/9-2/15 will ship 2/17 (and this will obviously change, but the current TAT is on the website). There is a special monthly color that goes on sale for $3, down from the regular price of $5 for a full size shadow; there are other occasional sales and deals, which you can find on the Facebook page. Neat!
I like the business card; it's simple, but still professional. It's on heavy paper and the print has silver foil accents. Fancy.
And it came with a plastic severed thumb! This amuses me greatly, and now I kind of want to order more from MPZ and see if there are different thumbs... Not sure if this comes with every order, or if it has to be above a certain amount. My order was around $15, including shipping, so if it is dependent on how much you buy, it's not a high amount.
I also received three free samples with my order. I got a sample baggie of Scurvy (the orange one), the blush THC (the purple one), and EJPCreations (the red and final one). I was kind of disappointed to see that I got a blush sample because I had ordered the blush sampler pack, but it ended up working out well in the end (which you'll see!).
Here are my samples swatch; these swatches are on bare, un-primed skin. Left to right (including color descriptions from the MPZ website): THC blush (a "lavender with a sticky green shift"), EPJCreations (a "red, red, red with red glitter" and the color of the month for February!), and Scurvy (an "orange orange shimmer"). I'm really happy with these samples; I probably wouldn't have purchased EPJCreations or Scurvy on my own, but they're both gorgeous and interesting colors.
 The only non-sample I purchased was the color of the month, 13 Gypsies. MPZ only offers full size jars at $5 (or less depending on deals) and sample baggies at about $1 each (you have to pick one of the "You Pick __ Samples" sets and I went with the "You Pick 3 Samples" for $3 set). The full sized shadows come in clear square jars with the MPZ name on top...
And the color name and ingredients on the bottom! This is the only square jar I've ever gotten from an indie company, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I like how it stores, but the square shape can be kind of awkward and messy.
13 Gypsies is a "warm heavy copper with copper glitter" which I mostly purchased because it was on sale, though I am happy with the color. It has a great formulation and swatched beautifully.
I got sample baggies of the two available colors of Dr. Pickles Miraculous Beauty Dust Setting Powder. The violet color is for people with yellow undertones and the green is for people with pinky/red undertones (yay color theory!). I went with both colors because I am more on the yellow/golden side, but I generally find that makeup that's more neutral toned is much more flattering on me so I wanted to give both colors a try. Also, Dr. Pickles is a cat. The full size jar has a cute, cartoon kitty face on it. These are the things that influence my purchasing decisions.
I did swatch them (the violet on the left, green on the right), but they're hard to see, which is good! You don't want people to see that you're wearing purple/green powder; these are just supposed to subtly color correct. This is a really heavy-handed swatch, too, so I get the feeling that, on normal application, you don't have to worry too much about overdoing it.
Since I'm doing face products, I'll talk about the blush sampler pack next. The Drugs Like Me Blush sample pack (all of the blushes are named after drugs or drug-related things; direct from the website: "I look at drug names all day long at my day job…what better thing to name a product that gives you a glowing visage." I love it! A lot of the shadows have tounge-in-cheek names, very similar to Urban Decay) includes sample baggies of five (though not all) different blushes: MDMA, 6-MAM, PCP, LSD, and THC. If you want to try a different blush, you can ask to have a sample replaced. At first I was kind of disappointed that I got THC as a free sample since it was in the blush sampler pack, but as you can see I got six blushes in my pack. Technically, I got no dupes and two free samples of THC. Yay!
Going in alphabetical order, I'll start with 6-MAM.  It is described as a "dope plum with violet shimmer". This blush looks a lot deeper swatched than it does in the bag, but that might be because this is such a heavy swatch! I didn't think about it at the time, but I probably should have done a blended out swatch, too, since very few people wear their blush so heavy.
 Next is Benzodiazepine; it is described as a "red, red, red blush" and it is red! I have one other blush that's this red that I got as a free sample with another indie order (I think it was Darling Girl, but I don't remember for sure). You have to have a lighter hand, but I do like how red blushes look when done right.
 This is LSD, a "muted gray plum with a groovy red to gold shift". Out of all the blushes in my sampler set, this one is probably the most unique. I'm not even sure I have any blushes that have as grey of a base as this one! In the sample picture, it looks really muted and subtle; it's almost like an anti-blush.
 Next is MDMA and probably the most "standard" color of blush. It is described as a "rosy pink with a gold afterglow". It's very pretty and will be nice for days when I don't want to think too hard about my blush.

Finally (sort of; I already talked about THC with the other free samples I got, but it was technically a freebie in this set, too), this is PCP, a "running naked from the cops peach with gold glitter". Perfect description. I've been really interested in trying a more peachy-orange kind of blush; it seems like it would look weird, but I've seen pictures of other people wearing it and it looks gorgeous.
There are a bunch of colors I want to get, and I was considering doing the "You Pick 5" eyeshadow deal since you basically get one free, but I decided to stick to my "as close to $10 as possible" rule when ordering from new indie brands so I got a "You Pick 3 Sample" pack instead. I knew for sure I had to get the color Brisket:
Even in the bag you can see the awesome orange/red duochrome deliciousness of this shadow! My swatch doesn't do it justice, but that's probably because it's dry and un-primed. This shadow is from the Butcher Shop collection, which I also considered purchasing in full (some shadows are listed only in sets, but you can order them individually if you purchase a "You Pick 1" option and then just write the shadow you want in the notes section. Most shadows, however, have their own individual listings). This one doesn't have a color description, but I love how fiery and vibrant of a red/orange it is.
 Next I got Rabies. I had a tough time deciding between this color and 996 (because I, too, am a cross-stitch junkie and I love that it's named after a DMC floss number), but I went with Rabies because I liked the little extra teal/green it had to it. Straight up blue eye shadow can be a little tricky to wear, but I think the added green makes it easier to work into a look. This color also doesn't have a description, but it does have an amusing anecdote.
Finally, I got Thundernuts. Because it's called Thundernuts. Also I liked the color description: "Thundernuts is my new favorite color and I can’t stop wearing it! Light brown with a sweet ass blue shift!" Yessss. There is a little more blue to this shadow than I expected, but it's super pretty and I don't know why I never got a shade like this before because now I see shadows like it all over the place. Maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough.

And that's my first My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics order! I know I say this pretty much every single time, but another perfect order! I even got more than I expected! I do wish I had gone and purchased the full sized shadows, but now I'm going to wait and see what the color of the month is for March and probably place another order then.You know, because I need more eyeshadow.

Thanks for reading! <3

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