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My First Aromaleigh Cosmetics Order! - Indie Makeup! - Swatches and Review

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! I really need to stop opening with that line, but I don't know what else to say! It feels weird to not say anything and just jump into things, but maybe that would be preferable? Hmm, perhaps this is something I need to experiment with.

For this post I want to share with you guys my first Aromaleigh Cosmetics order!
Aromaleigh is another indie cosmetics company that I first heard of from the blog, Evolution Of A Foodie. It is also the oldest (at least to the best of my knowledge) independent cosmetics company I have purchased from; from their "about" page: "Founded in 1998, Aromaleigh is an indie cosmetics company located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina, handcrafting mineral cosmetics for patrons who “have a lot on their minds”.
So that's 16 years of making cosmetics, and that experience shows! Evolution Of A Foodie had a lot of great things to say about the quality of Aromaleigh's shadows, and I definitely have to agree!
I ended up purchasing all sample baggies since a. there were a ton of colors I wanted to try, b. not all the colors are offered in sample jars (which is one of the things I love about Glamour Doll Eyes and one of the things that make it one of my top indie cosmetics companies), and c. I did not realize there was a special Blogger sampler pack available. I may have to go back and order the sampler pack!
My order shipped pretty quickly (I'm pretty sure it was shipped in under five days; a day or so before it shipped Aromaleigh was having some computer issues so that may have delayed things a bit) and it arrived in a flat mailer envelope. Inside I had an invoice (which I appreciate; not all indie companies include invoices and, even though I hate to admit it, I sometimes forget exactly what I ordered. I do keep my invoice e-mails, so it's not a big deal, but having an invoice/packing list can be helpful). Inside the envelop, all my baggies were wrapped up nicely in hot pink tissue paper with a sticker to hold it close. I love personalized touches like this since it makes the brand feel more professional and cohesive.
All my samples came in a bigger baggie (I have no idea how they got them all in the there so nice and neat; after taking them out for pictures and swatching, I couldn't get them back in without a struggle) and my samples came in their own baggie! I love free samples.
For my four samples I got Vittoria, Catterina, Clotilda, and Ukasima. Vittoria and Catterina are not currently available on the main site, but there is a special clearance store where you can find older, discontinued shades.
 Vittoria is described as a "lush jade green with bright sparks of blue". This is a very wearable green shade; even though it's an older shade, it applied well. All of my swatches are done dry over bare, un-primed skin and, as far as loose pigments go, they have some of the best dry pigmentation that I have swatched from an indie company (does that make sense? All the words are there, but I'm having an issue with structure).
 A quick search on the both the main site and the clearance site did not bring anything up about this shade, so I'm assuming it's all sold out/no longer available. This isn't a color I would likely purchase for myself; it's like a dark mauvey brown color with shimmer. Probably not the best description... I have a few shadows similar to this color in some of my neutral palettes; it's not a bad color, just not one that excites me.
This is Clotilda and it is currently available to purchase on the main site. It's described as a "rich, complex grey with strong gold highlights and an alternating multichrome color effect of blues, greens and red." Aromaleigh seems to release a lot of shadow in large collections, and this color is from the Ignis Antiquita collection (I really appreciate that they put the name of the collection on the label) which is "a permanent collection of 40 multichromatic eyeshadows inspired by the amazing, fiery, passionate, strong women who have been largely forgotten in our history books, or had their histories revised due to the fact that they were what they were- WOMEN!" Pretty awesome!
 My final sample is from the "Serpens" collection, which is all about dragons! This is Ukasima and it is described as a "soft satin metallic finish white with glowing metallic gold undertones and borealis micro shimmer, which appears as a soft taupe in the jar. It’s a combination of white for the dragon, and gold for the o-goa-cho songbird." It's actually quite pretty and would make a great inner-corner highlight color. for the samples I purchased! Every week or so, Aromaleigh will put a collection of shadows on sale for 25% off (at least I think this is a weekly thing; it's been occurring ever week that I've been checking the site). Which means sample baggies are $0.75 each, Which is awesome. When I placed my order, the shadows from the Hannibal-themed (the TV show) collection were on sale. I've never seen the series, but I have heard good things about it. I don't have any emotional connection to the colors (or real knowledge of their inspiration beyond what's in the description), but they're still gorgeous and I'm happy to have gotten them on sale. These are going to be in alphabetical order since that's how they're saved on my computer and how they uploaded.
 This is Antler Velvet, from the Hannibal collection (called "This Is My Design"). It is described as a "lush, satiny soft buff brown, with metallic copper highlights, green/red mid tones and a smoked khaki undertone" and is one of the top selling shadows. There were so many colors that I wanted that I had a hard time narrowing things down to these 13; I like to keep my first orders as close to $10 as I can (minus shipping) since that's generally the minimum you need to purchase (from companies that require a minimum, not all of the them do) and it's not a huge amount of money so if there are any issues, I don't end up losing too much. This is a beautiful neutral shade; it's not very unique, at least in my collection, but I liked the name of it and it has a great formula.
 Next is Chrysalis, also from the Hannibal-inspired collection. It is described as a "soft greige with iridescent sparkle and shimmer". It is a bit on the sheer side and Aromaleigh recommends using this shadow as an "overcoat" to add some sparkle and transform another shadow. You can also wear this on it's own if you want just a soft wash of shimmer.
This is Cthulhu; I could not not buy a shadow inspired by Cthulhu! I'm kind of disappointed in my swatch picture since it really doesn't do this shadow justice. It is described as a "deep mauved red/chestnut with a strong green/aqua duo chrome and brilliant green sparks!" and was created to be more of a wearable color, though still obviously inspired by Cthulhu. I think Aromaleigh did a great job with this one! You can kind of see the green sparks in the swatch, but in real life they flash here and there and it adds a lot of interest to this color.
Next up is Ekho, from the Dryades collection. I got a couple shades from this collection (and I wanted a bunch more!) because I love these kind of warm copper/gold shades. It is described as a "soft warm carmel shade, with a lively verdant duochrome". It would make a great "single-color lid wash" type of  shadow. So pretty!
This is Folie A Deux, which is from the Hannibal collection. I'm glad I don't have to actually say it out loud because I can't pronounce anything in French. Well, almost anything. If I've heard someone say it before, then I can just parrot it. It is described as a "a dark blood red with blue undertones and a soft bordeaux metallic highlight, with shards of ice blue sparks throughout" and unfortunately is probably the only shade I purchase that I was a bit disappointed with. The swatch on the site and the color description makes it sound like a deep burgundy color; ever since I got I Call It Mr. Pointy from Notoriously Morbid, I've been interested in getting more deep, blood red colors. I was hoping this would be something similar except with shimmer, but it looks a lot more pinky red in real life. The shadow itself is nice, but the color is not what I was expecting.
This is Gargouille, another shadow from the dragon collection. I actually considered purchasing the whole dragon collection; one of the first times I browsed the site, it was the collection that was on sale for 25% off. I ended up not placing my order then, but I am happy I still picked up a few in this order. Gargouille is described as being "very chromatic and ranges from rich copper to deep teal to evergreen, with copper and bright aqua iridescence". I love colors like this since they're so different from what you can generally find in mass produced shadow ranges. It leans a little more khaki/olive green, but there is definitely some interesting duochrome effects going on (you can kind of see it turn into more of a bronze at the bottom of my swatch). Another thing I think it really cool about Aromaleigh is that, along with color descriptions, you also get information behind the inspiration for the color, including historical/cultural factoids.
 Next is Kraneia, another shadow from the Dryades collection. This is a "deep breen (brown-green) with a strong red to violet duochrome". I feel like this is a "neutral with a twist" kind of color, which is nice because it's very wearable, but still different.
This is one of the shades that Evolution Of A Foodie did a review on, though I had considered purchasing it before the review was posted because a. I find myself drawn to red shadows now and b. it has "cat" in the name. This is from the Brilliant Deductions collection, which is inspired by the Sherlock TV series (which I again I have never seen so I have no knowledge of the inspiration behind these shades nor do I have an emotional connection to them). It is described as a "smooth cinnabar frost with bright shades of jade green", which is a very accurate description (I'm also found of things described as "cinnabar" due to Pokemon nostalgia).
 This is Othreis, another Drades collection shade. It is a "beautiful, delicate gold to green color traveling duochrome in a plush matte fawn base" and it looks much better in real life than in my photo. It's not as intense as the swatch picture on Aromaleigh's site, though that may be because those swatches are done using a brush over primer (and mine are done with neither of those things).
 Next we have Password Protected, another shade from the Sherlock collection. This is a pretty standard shadow for me; I find myself drawn to these kinds of "purples with a gold overlay" colors. It's described as a "muted warm mauve with coppery iridescence and bright golden sparks". Very pretty, possibly one of my favorites out of the shadows I purchased.
We're on the home stretch now! This is Perception, another shade from the Sherlock collection. This was another shade that I liked the description of: "a strong duochrome effect, which ranges from a deep purplish taupe, to copper/bronze and then vivid yellow/gold shimmer with some deep fuchsia and cobalt sparks for good measure. It will appear different under various lighting conditions and application methods". I really want to play with this one more and see what I can do with it.
 This is Ravenstag, another from the Hannibal collection and another shadow from the best sellers (the other shadows I got may be in the best sellers list, too, but this shade, along with Antler Velvet, is one that I purchased specifically from that list and not just from searching through all the shadows). It is a "a very rich and chromatic black, with vivid duochrome effects that range from chartreuse to green to teal to blue. It also has brilliant violet sparks in it. It is exceptionally pigmented, and the duochrome effect is extremely strong if you foil this color/apply it wet" and it really reminds me of the color of a Grackle's head (I forget if Grackles are a regional bird but they're like crows with oil-slick colored heads. At least the ones I've seen here in Minnesota; Wikipedia says there are a few different types). I don't have a lot of black shadows because I have issues applying them, but this one will be fun to work with.
 Last color! This is Veneer, from the Hannibal collection. It is a "a sheer, pale copper with a strong copper duochrome; it’s meant to be like the glow of firelight, inspired by the gorgeous cinematography on the show". It's very, very pretty; I actually like how sheer it is. I can see this being a fantastic color for a quick, subtle wash on the lid; I can also see myself using this as a unique highlight! A great finish to this haul, I think.

Whew! That completes my first order from Aromaleigh cosmetics! Overall I am extremely pleased with what I got and how professional and efficient Aromaleigh is. They even have an account system where you can make wishlists (which is very helpful since they have a ton of shades to choose from!) and earn points. The variety and quality of the shadows offered are top notch and Aromaleigh has definitely found a place for itself in my top indie cosmetics companies list. I hope you found this review/swatchfest helpful!

Thanks for reading! <3
beautiful, delicate gold to green color traveling duochrome in a plush matte fawn base - See more at:
a rich, complex grey with strong gold highlights and an alternating multichrome color effect of blues, greens and red.  - See more at:
a rich, complex grey with strong gold highlights and an alternating multichrome color effect of blues, greens and red.  - See more at:
a rich, complex grey with strong gold highlights and an alternating multichrome color effect of blues, greens and red.  - See more at:
a rich, complex grey with strong gold highlights and an alternating multichrome color effect of blues, greens and red.  - See more at:

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