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February 2015 Julep Maven - Boho Glam Plus An Add-On! - Swatches and Review

Hello! Happy Valentine's Day! Or Happy Lupercalia, if you prefer! It's very cold here today and I have work (and am still feeling under the weather) so my husband and I probably won't do much besides maybe get some takeout and watch a movie. Which actually sounds much preferable to attempting to go out and do anything tonight (I hate crowds and while I like holidays, they kind of irritate me since it means everyone is trying to do the same thing at once. It's why I much prefer having days off other than Saturday or Sunday; nothing like going to the Mall on a Wednesday afternoon).

I thought it would be semi-festive to make a post about my February 2015 Julep Maven box today! ...also it was the last thing I needed to make a post about from my last batch of videos, so there's that.
I wasn't too excited about the colors in the February collection, but I had enough Jules to get another polish for free and everyone who got a box this month was also going to get a free topcoat called Hartleigh. I'm probably not going to get the March box, unless the colors and/or product really wows me.
Look at all the neat stuff for $20!
Julep Maven facts: monthly subscription service where you receive products from Julep, a Seattle-based nail salon that has expanded to the East Coast and which makes a wide variety of beauty products now; I'm an older Maven so my basic boxes cost $19.99, but if you sign up now, your boxes will be $24.99, but you'll also be able to customize your box much more than I can customize mine; you can skip your box for the month is you don't like the colors/products, which is nice because being a Maven gets you special perks like 20% off and free shipping and you don't have to keep subscribing/unsubscribing if you want to keep your benefits(newer Mavens used to have to get their box for 6 consecutive months before being able to skip but Julep changed that so now everyone can skip whenever); you can add-on products (up to six, I think) to your box for a discounted price, which is a great way to get products you like for cheap. Yay!
The February 2015 collection is called the "Afterglow Collection"; it's not a traditional February/Valentine's Day color palette, which is kind of disappointing because I was hoping for some softer, springy colors but what can you do. Julep also released a highlighter this month (which is probably where the "Afterglow" came from) and a big fan brush.
I was actually pretty excited for the highlighter; I got a blush from Julep a long time ago and I really liked it! Unfortunately, there were some issues when I tried to de-pot it had to go in the trash. Sad day.
The quote this month is appropriately about candles.
And the discount code I got in my box was GETCOLOR, which will get you a free polish with any $15+ order. These aren't unique codes and everyone can use them, but I'm not sure if you have to be a Maven to use them. I do know you can use these codes if you don't get a box though, since I've done it before.
My box was a lot bigger and heavier than I was expecting, and that's because I got a nice surprise! Not sure what the qualification criteria was to get this gift, but I know that not everyone got it based on other reviews/Instagram shots.
Apparently, because I am so awesome, I got five free bottles of the special Valentine's Day topcoat Hartleigh to share with my friends. Awesome! I know I want to give one of these to my mom and one to my mother-in-law, and I'm pretty sure I know two other people to give them to, so that leaves one extra one. I'm thinking about doing a giveaway for it, but I'm not sure yet. Regardless, I really appreciate this gift and it was a nice surprise; thank you Julep!
My own bottle of Hartleigh (which everyone who got a box this month should have gotten for free) came in a hot pink organza bag.
Along with a special note from Jane! I like how they pretend it was a super secret surprise, even though they announced it on the blog and stuff.
Here's Hartleigh! It's a holo-glitter topcoat with big pieces of heart-shaped glitter and smaller pieces of white glitter.
 It's super pretty and full of glitter, so it's easy to get good coverage with one coat (though I don't think you'd ever be able to get it opaque on it's own), though you may have to purposefully place the hearts since, like all big glitter shapes, tend to be finicky.
For my add-on, I went with Becky from the It Girl collection. I had enough Jules (the points they use on Julep) to get this for free, and I'm a sucker for special finishes.
 It's an oil-slick duochrome with a silk finish (so a matte shimmer finish), but it's not as matte-looking as my other Silk Finish polishes, nor as matte looking as the swatches on the blog. It's a pretty color, but it's not very unique. If I didn't have the Jules for it, I might not have gotten it.
As my title says, I went with the Boho Glam box this month. The boxes are organized by style profile, but you can pick any box you want regardless of what your own profile is (I'm Boho Glam). The boxes were thankfully back to "normal" this month; generally, the boxes are two polishes with one beauty product, except for the It Girl box which is three polishes and the Modern Beauty box which is all beauty products. Last month I think the boxes only had one polish and two beauty products, and I'm a much bigger fan of Julep's polishes than I am of many of their beauty products. The product this month, however, I am a fan of (at least, if it's as good as the blushes)! This is the Glow highlighting powder.
 I think there's only one color currently, so everyone got it in Champagne.
It's similar to the blushes in that it's supposed to diminish the appearance of your pores. It also apparently has diamond powder so. There's that. I don't think there are diamonds in the ingredients (I just checked again and didn't see anything) so. It's more like fake diamond dust. Which probably has the same effect as real diamond dust so I don't mind. I wonder if diamonds/diamond dust is is actually poisonous but we're unable to metabolize it in it's regular form. Hmm.
The packaging is nice and solid; it's like a bigger version of their blushes. I like the bulky, square packaging; it's not too over the top to make it feel clunky, but it's solid enough that I feel like I can travel with it and not have to worry about it. Also these are super hard to de-pot without destroying the powder, so be careful if that's something you want to do with it.
All the info you need (besides ingredients) is located on the back.
Again, it looks exactly the same as the blushes, except it's a bit bigger. It's a very pretty champagne-gold highlight. There's definitely shimmer to it, but it's not overly glittery.
It's pretty close to my skin tone, so the swatch is a little hard to see, but again, I think this will be a very flattering highlight for my skin tone. If you have a darker skin tone, this might be a little more difficult to wear, depending on how sheer it is.
Along with my highlighter, I got two more polishes. This is Brandis, a "Taos turquoise creme".
 It's a standard turquoise color, nothing too special. It's pretty, though, just not unique.
And this is Hazel, a "wild violet with a bronze duochrome".
 Hazel is a little more unique than Brandis or Becky, but again, nothing too thrilling. It seems like an interesting color choice for a spring/winter transition collection. It's more of a jewel tone and the bronze duochrome makes it feel more fall/winter appropriate. Not that that even matters; you can wear whatever color you want whenever you want. I love wearing pastels all through winter.

Overall, I'm happy with this box, but it's mostly because of my free polishes and the highlighter. For $19.99 it was definitely worth it, but next month I don't think there are going to be any extra freebies so I'm going to have to be really excited about the new collection to be tempted to get my March box.

Thanks for reading! <3

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