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February 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great day! Or a great generally existence, really. So deep. Anyways! I got my February 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month  uh, a while ago now, and I wanted to share it with you!
If you're not familiar with the Glamour Doll Eyes (as always, GDE from this point on) Of The Month (OTM), it is a $10 a month indie beauty subscription service. You get a full-sized loose eyeshadow in a special color available in limited quantities (you get it in the bag along with other goodies or you can buy it individually for as long as supplies last) along with a few extras. It is a very sought-after subscription bag and unfortunately there are only about 120 spots open a month. If you're interested in getting this bag, you can go to the the OTM website (linked here and above as well) and enter the raffle for any spots opening up in March. I was lucky enough to snag a 6-month subscription, so I don't have to worry about fighting tooth and nail for my bag until June.
Look at all the fun stuff!
The theme for the February 2015 OTM was "Any Excuse For Chocolate (or "An Excuse...", I honestly can't remember...) and I think Vee (the owner/creator of GDE) did a great job making everything match the theme!
The bag this month is a beige color with a brown lace overlay. I know it's weird, but I keep all these little bags because they're cute and you never know when you might need a tiny drawstring bag. More often than not, the GDE OTMs will come in these types of bags, though there have been OTMs in boxes, pouches, and mini stockings.
As usual, there were a few GDE business cards, along with the business card for Gothic Gala Lacquers since they provided one of the extras this month! We also got another GDE sticker that matches the theme of the bag. Along with the special eyeshadow color, you're also pretty much guaranteed to get candy in your OTM and this month we got Truffle Hersey Kisses. I don't have an individual picture of the Kisses, but you can see them in the overview shot.
We also got a chocolate bar/box of chocolates charm! Vee didn't intend to include a charm every month, but everyone loved the little anchor we got in the January bag so much that she said she'd try to include them (barring expenses; this is an indie subscription service and I'm pretty sure it's just Vee and maybe a small handful of helpers making all these shadows and putting these bags together). It makes trying to get a whole year subscription even more exciting since then you can collect them all and make a bracelet! How cute would that be? The answer is very.
Every month there's also an info card! On the front it has the description and ingredients for the special shadow along with a really awesome section called "TMI: Try More Indie". This is a new feature of the OTM for 2015 and I love it! I'm super into trying new indie brands, but it can sometimes be difficult to know who to order from. You definitely have to do your research and make sure to purchase only from trusted/respected brands since there is little to no regulation of products. This month's featured indie company is Savor, a bath and body focused indie company. The special discount is private for this month, so I blocked it out, but I would suggest still checking out Savor's shop! I took a peek and there's some interesting things and Vee has nothing but good things to say about their products.
And now for the main event; the February 2015 OTM shadow! This is Not To Be Truffled With.
 Wow, not sure why that name picture got so big... Not To Be Truffled With is described as a "silky semi-matte chocolate base with a layer of crimson sheen and raspberry sparkle". I love how well this shadow fits with the theme of the OTM and how well it fits in with February/Valentine's Day without being too sugary sweet (even though I do like sugary sweet!). As with all GDE shadows, it has a great formulation and pigmentation; my swatch is done dry over bare, un-primed skin and it still have great color payoff and sparkle.
The back of the info card lists the two extras we got this month!
We got another product from Coastal Scents this month, which again kind of surprised me. I think it's awesome that a big company like Coastal Scents is willing to partner with an indie company and include products in their subscription boxes, but I kind of like the idea of having purely indie products in the subscription, too. Honestly though, whatever works out best for Vee is what I'll be happy with! This time everyone got a liquid liner, though I think the color could differ.
I ended up with Jet, which is a black, and while I know I can always use a black eyeliner (though I do need some practice using liquid liner...), it might have been nice to get a blue or purple one. I like how the tip feels (it's pretty stiff which I think makes it easier for me to use as a novice) and the pigmentation seems good, especially for a black (which can sometimes show up greeny or weak, especially with less expensive liners).
AND THEN WE GOT AN INDIE NAIL POLISH MINI! Yay! In the Facebook group, Vee asked which products we'd like to see in future OTMs, a lot of people, including myself, suggested nail polishes. And we got one! This is from the brand Gothic Gala Lacquers, which is a company I hadn't heard of before.
 The color we got is called Saucy 'Lil Sugar Tart and is described as a "deep, berry red with a sparkle of gold holo glitter". They had me at "holo glitter". My swatch is two coats on my nail wheel, though I don't think I let it dry long enough before I took my picture. The base color seems a bit like a jelly, so it might take a few more coats, but I think the effect with the glitter will be really pretty.
 Finally, everyone got a sneak preview sample of a shadow from the Anti-Valentine's Day collection for 2015! This collection has already released and bits have all sold out, but I think there are some shadows still available. I believe it is a limited edition collection and I remember Vee mentioned that she would restock the colors as long as the special lid stickers she has for it lasts. Everyone got a different color and I ended up with Sideboob! It's a nice, springy green and I can see myself wearing it when I feel like busting out some green shadow (which sadly isn't that often...hmm...I should make the effort to try and wear more green shadow since I do have quite a bit of it). Again, my swatch is dry on bare, un-primed skin, which just shows how great the pigmentation/formulation of these shadows is!

And that's my February 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month subscription bag! I really love this subscription service and if you're at all interested in giving it a try, head on over to the OTM website and enter the raffle for the March bag!

Thanks for reading! <3

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