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What I Got For Christmas 2014!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great start to the new year! I am sick. Yay. I've been feeling icky for the last week or so; I feel like I've been fighting something and slowly but surely losing the battle. I kind of want to just give in and be sick and be done with it instead of this drawn out semi-functionality.

So let's talk about fun things! Like what I got for Christmas this year! My family loves to give presents, so we're all rather generous with each other. My mom especially always goes out of her way to get exactly what I want, no matter how obscure or hard to get it is. I love seeing what other people got for the holidays, so I wanted to contribute my own loot!
As usual, I already have a video made; actually, I hope these are embedding right. They always look kind of cut off in the preview and I don't normally view my blog as it appears to the public. Hmm. I assume Blogger knows how big Youtube videos are since they're both owned by Google.

This isn't everything I got; it's just the highlights. I got a lot of gift cards (I actually have another video and will make another post showing what I used those gift cards for!), candy/treats, and household stuff that I don't really show because I think that would be kind of boring. I also got a ton of pajama pants because I somehow managed to pretty much destroy all my other ones (seriously, I was down to one pair of jammies that didn't have a hole in them). I also show a few more of the littler things I got in my video than I will in this post; again, I want this to be more of a highlight reel.
Now, where to start... I suppose I could just dive in since there's not a lot of rhyme or reason to things, beyond who got them for me.
 Along with a gift card to Bed, Bath, & Beyond, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend got me a  pair of minis from Bath & Body Works. Normally I don't like apple scented things, but these actually smell really good! My brother-in-law's girlfriend (there has to be an easier way to say that...) said she went around BBW trying to pick out what scent she thought best suited me and my other brother-in-law's girlfriend (seriously) and she thought this was most like me. My husband also really loves the smell, so I think she picked out a great scent.
Along with some gift cards and household goods, my mother-in-law gave me this infinity scarf! She said the color made her think of me, and I think that's pretty cool. I want to try wearing scarves (and accessories in general) more, so I was very happy to get this. It's quite soft and big, though I'll have to find something to pair it with (most of my tops are graphic tees or already patterned).

We also got more candy, household goods, and gift cards/gift money from my other in-laws.

My husband got me some nice things, too! One of the gifts I picked out for myself, but he (pleasantly) surprised me with two others.
This was the gift I picked out: the It Factor Duo from It Cosmetics. This is the second product I've tried from It Cosmetics (the first is they Bye Bye Under Eye concealer, which is amazing and I highly recommend trying). This is a set of a Vitality Lip Flush and Vitality Lip Blush Gloss Stain in the "color" Je Ne Sais Quoi, which basically means these have that special dye in them that reacts with water to turn a red color. It is gimmicky, but I kind of like these types of products since I feel like they give a nice sheer wash of color and don't look weird on me. This was a holiday-time Ulta exclusive set, but you might still be able to find it at your Ulta.
This is the Vitality Lip Blush Hydrating Gloss Stain (whew, long name!). It's a super pale pink in the tube, but it will react with your hydration levels to turn more red.
And this is the Vitality Lip Flush 4-in-1 Reviver Lipstick Stain (again, whew!). It's transparent white in the tube, but again, it will change to a sheer red on your lips.
The lipstick tube even has a cute saying. It's cheesy, but it does show thoughtfulness in design.

These both have plum oil, cherry oil, shea butter, argan oil (!! I just noticed this now!), jojoba oil, vitamins A, C, & E, green and white tea, and aloe. I just glanced at these ingredients and thought "wow, that sounds hydrating!", but I must have glossed over the "argan" part and now I'm kind of nonplussed. I put the lipstick on once and didn't react to it, so maybe the argan levels are low enough to not irritate me. Not sure. I'll have to test it a little more. I really don't want to return this set because I really do like these products and, if I hadn't read more closely, I might not have even noticed these had argan oil in them.
I also swatched them (lipstick on top, gloss on the bottom), but it doesn't show much since these products are pretty much clear until they mix with water.
 Now for the surprise things! My husband got me a Sailor Moon Chibi Blind Box! We both love blind boxes, and I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan, so this was a very thoughtful gift. I've actually thought about buying a few of these before, but I have so many figures already, I couldn't justify it. You can get any of the original six scouts or Mamoru (Darian), and my husband really wanted me to get anyone but Mamo-chan, so of course I ended up with him. I'm not too disappointed; even though I would have prefered one of the scouts, the figure is really detailed and well painted! It's very cute and he will find a home on my bookshelf.
He also got me the Yveltal Collection TCG set! He originally got me the Xernas one since I like the fairy deer better, but I already got that set a long time ago. This set comes with a great quality figure of Yveltal (the death bird), a promo card of Yveltal, and four booster packs. I opened the packs last night and got some good cards, which is awesome (I seem to get better pulls when I buy my packs in these sets than I do when I buy them individually. I feel like it should be the other way around...unless it truly is random what is in what).

And then everything from here on out is going to be a mixture of gifts from my parents and both sets of my grandparents. My mom buys all the presents and then hands them out to whom ever is going to give it to me, so it gets kind of confusing (especially since I opened some presents from my grandparents while I was opening my presents from my parents because of time constraints). Again, I got a lot of pajama pants, household goods, gift cards, and other little treats that aren't pictured here.

I also wanted to mention that my mom will wrap pictures of things if they are too big to fit under the tree or if they haven't arrived yet. I had a couple such presents; one was a nail polish rack that is set up and being used already (though I need at least one more since the first one doesn't even hold a third of my collection...) and another was the Miles Of MAC coffee table book. My mom said she had a really hard time finding the book (for a reasonable price) and ended up ordering it somehow from Barnes & Nobel with the compromise that it would ship at a later date. She is having it shipped to our apartment, so hopefully it comes sooner rather than later. She also per-ordered something for my husband that won't ship until Feb. 2nd. Waiting is hard.
 I got a bunch of owl-themed things because I like owls! My mom loves going to craftshows, so a lot of stuff I got was handmade, which is super cool. I don't think the owl mug was handmade, but it's adorable and it's microwave and dishwasher safe, so it's useful, too. You can use the top of his head to keep your tea warm while it's brewing! The owl notebook, however, was handmade! It has a notebook inside and a pen, too. Very convenient.
I also got owl-themed accessory holders! I think the universe is telling me to wear more accessories, and I am happy to oblige. These have flocking on them so your accessories aren't prone to slipping off. I've already loaded one of these up. Very cute!
Along with my mountain of pajama pants (Old Navy had them on sale for less than $5 a pair. Not saying no to that!) I got some colored bobby pins. I picked these out myself (along with the pajamas. Seriously, how many times can I mention my pajama pants? Old Navy didn't have as good of a color selection this year as they did last year; they were all plaid or winter-themed. I went with all plaids) because I wanted to jump on the caboose of the colored bobby pin trend (is that even a thing anymore? It probably isn't). I recently had my hair dyed platinum blonde/white (it's white right after I get it done; it fades more blonde) and thought it would be fun to mix in some color. I wanted the colored bobby pins from Sephora and was very close to getting them, but then saw these at Old Navy for like half the price. I think there were purple ones, too, but there were like two cards left and they were super beat-up, so I just got blue/green and pink.
My husband and I are into anime (...that sounds so awkward to say) and, while we were at Anime Detour last year, I spotted this BluRay and wanted to buy it. It's by the same director as Summer Wars, which my husband and I both loved, and I've heard nothing but good things about it. I didn't buy it at the convention because things are generally grossly over-priced at conventions, and then I never really saw it again except online. Then one day I spotted it on sale at BestBuy for $17.99, so I texted my mom and she got it for me! She said she couldn't find it after I had texted her, but she was able to get it from BestBuy eventually and I kind of forget what the rest of the story was, but here it is!
And now my cat-shaped perfume bottle collection is complete! At least to the best of my knowledge...I should really Google and see if there are other cat-shaped perfume bottles out there. I want all of them. This is Meow! by Katy Perry. I already picked up Purr since I found it on sale for $15 at Marshalls, but I never found Meow! there. There are a few places around here that sell it, but it's either full price or it's the huge bottle and I really didn't want to spend more than $15. I believe my mom got this guy off of Amazon. I actually like how this one smells much more than Purr, but I got it mostly because of the bottle (though it does smell pretty good!).
I had read about this book in either Nail It! or Allure (probably Nail It!) and I thought it sounded pretty cool. It's a very simple introduction into making your own nail polish. It's actually pretty easy to "make" your own nail polish if you use pre-existing materials (so, instead of bases and pigments and glitters you use existing polishes, eyeshadows, and glitters) and this book has a lot of precise recipes you can follow. It also provides some helpful information on beginner-level making-making your own polishes. It was a little more basic than I was expecting, but it is very informative and I'm excited to try making some of my own colors.
Ever since my friend posted a Youtube video of Die Antwoord rapping over an Aphex Twin song, I've been hooked! I debated between getting this CD or Donker Mag, but went with this one because...I don't know why. Actually, it's probably because this CD was already a little too intense for my mom and the Donker Mag one would have been worse (my mom asked me if I really wanted this CD and that it had a person eating a heart on it). Also, it's weirdly hard to find uncensored CDs on Amazon. Unless it explicitly states that it is the Parental Advisory version of the CD, it's the edited one. There was a big debacle a couple years ago with a David Guetta CD and ever since I've been very careful to make sure the CD isn't edited. My mom got this through BestBuy I believe (fun fact: she also had to get my Miley Cyrus CD from BestBuy because Amazon didn't sell it unedited). You can buy the mp3s unedited from Amazon, but I'm kind of old school and prefer having a physical thing that I pay for. It's weird, I know.  Good CD, though!

And then my mom got me some things from Beautylish! I had never purchased from Beautylish before, but I've seen a lot of videos where people have and they have all had very positive experiences. They even sent my mom a hand written note thanking her for shopping with them. How cute is that?
This was the big reason why my mom bought things from Beautylish for me! Ever since I saw the preview of this palette, I knew I wanted it. I've always heard great things about Sugarpill cosmetics, but I've never been able to try any (more out of unwillingness to order than anything else). This palette not only has a cat on it, but it has four very pretty and unique pastel shades, one of which is called Kitten Parade!
Pretty! It's such a cute and girly palette; I love it! You can get this for $34 from the Sugarpill website, but you do have to pay shipping on it. You can also get this for $34 from, and you do have to pay shipping on it, too, unless you make a $50+ order. There are a lot of brands and products available on, so it was much easier spending the $50 to get free shipping. Plus, I think my mom got a $10 off a $50 purchase coupon for her first purchase. I made a video about my first impressions of this palette, including swatches, but I think I will make a separate post about it, similar to my Vice 3 palette.
There was a lot of cool stuff I wanted from Beautylish, but I tried to get as close to the $50 needed for free shipping as possible. I finally got a tube of the Lucas' Papaw Ointment; I hear about this all the time and how it's one of an MUA's best kept secrets and I've always wanted to try it. And now I can! This is another "use for everything" kind of products, which I seem to be getting a ton of lately (but I'm not complaining! They are very, very useful to have).
I also got a travel-size of the Beauty So Clean cosmetic sanitizer mist! VintageOr Tacky talked about this brand and it's products in a video once, and since I am a germaphobe, the idea of a cosmetic sanitizer really appeals to me. You can use this to keep your makeup clean and sanitized if you're an artist, but it's also just as important to keep your own personal makeup clean and sanitary! Even if you're the only person who uses it, your makeup can get full of germs from reusing brushes or fingers or what-have-you. I've tried to sanitize my products using alcohol, but it can be kind of tricky and possibly damaging, so it'll be nice to have a product specifically made to sanitize cosmetics.

And that's what I got for Christmas 2014! At least, everything that I have an individual picture for. I am very thankful for everything I got and I hope my family liked what I got them as much as I liked what they got me!

Thanks for reading! <3

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