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Sparkle Baby Palette - First Impressions & Swatches!

Hello! We're a few days into the New Year now, and hopefully things have settled back into a nice routine. I like holidays, but I don't like how everything is all messed up and busy and hectic. I much prefer things to be more on the boring, mundane side. Sad, I know.

For this post, I wanted to do a written version of my Sparkle Baby first impressions and swatches video.
I'm actually going a little out of order in my posts since I actually put up the Post-Christmas Haul before this first impressions and swatches, but I wanted to do this one now since I used this palette now and have a little more to add.
Click below to see what I thought about this palette, along with swatches!
Let's start with a chat about Sugarpill, the brand behind this palette. Sugarpill is one of those brands that straddles the thin line between being an indie company and a larger, mass-production company. What sets Sugarpill apart from other brands is it's focus on intense, unique colors and their dedication to being cruelty-free. From the about page on the Sugarpill website: "Our supreme love of animals plays a major role in almost every decision we make, down to our kitty mascot. To us, "cruelty-free" isn't just a marketing gimmick. We are animal-loving vegetarians/vegans and do not wear fur or purchase cosmetics from companies that test on animals. By offering a beautiful selection of cruelty-free cosmetics - most of them vegan - we hope to show people how fun and easy it is to make animal-friendly choices." I love animals, so that's pretty awesome.

Sugarpill is very well-known for having really great products, both in pigmentation and performance. I've always wanted to try their products, but for some reason never placed an order (...part of that stems from the fact that I hate paying for shipping). I was very excited about this palette when it was first announced (which was a while ago now) because it has four very pretty, very unique colors and there is a kitty on it. I need anything involving kitties.
I already showed this image in the opening, but I just wanted to show it again; I think the design of this palette is super rad; it's very cutesy and feminine (and there's a kitty!), but it still feel like it has an edge. It's like if Urban Decay made a pastel palette ( they do that? Please? I would buy it. I would buy three. Not really, but I would buy it the moment I could).
The back of the palette (technically, these pictures are of the sleeve around it, but the palette itself has the exact same design) shows the four shades and has a little blurb about the theme of the palette. It also lists the sizes of the shadows; 3.5g/0.12oz x 4 pans, which is a good amount of product! The four shadows you get are the exact same size as a full sized single, so at $34, you're basically getting four shades for less than the price of three (singles are $12 each). This palette is the same shape and size as the Cold Chemistry palette (it's the same size as the other 4-pan palettes, they're just in the shape of squares, not rectangles). You can get this palette direct from Sugarpill: or you can do what my mom did and get it from Beautylish: It's the same price at both places, but I would probably prefer to get it from Beautylish since they sell a bunch of different brands and products and they offer free shipping on $50+ orders (I think; I just assumed this, but I don't see anything explicitly saying so on the site, so I could be wrong). There is also an offer for $10 off your first $50 purchase, so that's helpful, too.
And here it is open! I really love mint green and I just think this palette is gorgeous! It's cardboard, but it's sturdy and very comparable in quality to my other palettes. The four shades you get are Kitten Parade (kittens!), Frostine, Candy Crush, and Hotsy Totsy.
Kitten Parade is by far my favorite color in this palette. And not just because it's called Kitten Parade, though that helps. From the Sugarpill site: "Delicious shimmery peach with opulent golden sheen. Blends seamlessly with any skin tone AND makes the prettiest cheek highlighter! Your new everyday go-to shade." I actually hadn't though of these shadows as anything but eye products. so I like the idea of using these as cheek/face products, too. I love these types of peachy/gold shades and I think they look beautiful with my skin tone. This shade also swatched the best; it is highly pigmented and it blended well.
Frostine, on the other hand, is one of the shades I was a little disappointed in. It's very crumbly in the pan and it performs like a matte, and not in a good way. I think the color itself is very pretty, but it swatched kind of chalky and patchy. I wore this shade in a look and it was very difficult to build the color up to the intensity you see in the pan. Sugarpill describes this as a "frosty pastel lavender for the sweetest of angels. Makes a perfect inner corner eye highlight!" I think next time I try to use this shadow, I will use it as an inner corner highlight; it might perform better that way than as a lid color. This actually would make a great blush, too, since it is a little more on the sheer side.
CandyCrush is my other favorite! I love this color and I have very few other shadows that are similar to it. I actually wore this color as the main part of my look and, over my Urban Decay primer, it lasted for about 6 hours without much fading. It looks very minty on me, and that's a good thing. Sugarpill is pretty minimalistic with it's description: "Glistening mint pearl.". That's exactly what this shadow is and it's seriously pretty!
Finally, we have Hotsy Totsy. I have a love/hate with Hotsy Totsy. It's another crumbly in the pan shade and it's a little fiddly to work with. It is highly pigmented, but to the point where it stained my skin. Some people don't mind if their shadows stain, and you can avoid the worst of it simply by wearing a primer, but staining was one of the main reasons why I didn't get the Urban Decay Electric palette. I really don't want to deal with magenta-stained lids (though magenta-stained lips is a great thing). Sugarpill calls this a "sweet magenta with iridescent fairy sparkles. Doubles as a cheek color!". I like the idea of using this as a blush, but I would be a little worried about staining (though a cheek stain is more of a plus than a negative).

Here are the shades swatched; these are dry swatches over unprimed skin. Left to right is Kitten Parade, Frostine, CandyCrush, and Hotsy Totsy (same order as in the palette). Kitten Parade and CandyCrush swatch and apply beautifully. Frostine is more matte and sheer, but it is a very pastel purple, so a bit of sheerness is understandable. Hotsy Totsy was also more on the matte side and swatched a little patchy.

Overall, I do like this palette. I like the idea of it, the design of it, and the colors it contains. I think I went into this palette with very high expectations; I've heard nothing but good things about Sugarpill's products and I expected these shades to be amazing. I think if I hadn't heard much about this brand/palette, I would have been more impressed with it. As I said before, the colors are really pretty and unique; I don't have many products similar to these in my collection, and I have a pretty healthy eyeshadow collection. I also like the idea behind the Sugarpill brand and I am happy to support them! For $34, this palette is a little on the pricey side, but you get full-sized shadows and you end up getting one for free, so it is worth the money if you're interested in these colors.

Thanks for reading! <3

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