Monday, January 19, 2015

Nail Polish Haul! - Orly, Zoya, and More!

Hello! Hope you're having a great start to the week! Mondays normally end up being a little bit like Fridays for me since I have an earlyish (6am-2pm) shift and have Tuesdays off (this week I also have Wednesday off, so it is like a weekend for me). Yay!

I have a nail polish and nail polish related items haul for you guys! There are still a lot of great sales on holiday/winter polish collections, and some sales have even gotten better. At Ulta right now, the Gwen Stefani OPI collection is going for about $1.97 a bottle (at least at my Ultas). Very nice.
I still don't understand why my Blogger and Youtube accounts stopped talking to each other; maybe I accidentally opted out of the Google+ account monopoly or something. Oh well, not a big deal. I really should get more familiar with HTML. Back in the early days of the internet, I had a couple Geocities websites and had a very rudimentary knowledge of how to build a webpage. Now with all the WYSIWYG editors, it's all but nearly forgotten.
I'm going to start with the non-nail related items since that just makes sense to me.
Ulta was (and still is) having a sale on their Ardell/Andrea lashes and, since I'm determined to figure out how to apply false eyelashes, I got a pack. I went with the double pack because a. it was a better deal in the end than getting a single set and b. it will give me a pair I can mess up with. I actually have a pretty good collection of false eyelashes from sales and subscription boxes, but I have such a difficult time making myself attempt to wear them. Did that make grammatical sense? I hope so.
For my 50% off item (it was "buy one, get one 50% off"), I got a tube of the clear Duo eyelash glue. This is basically the most accessible and affordable eyelash glue around (or at least that's what I hear) and even though most packs of false eyelashes come with little tubes of glue, a lot of times they're single-use tear open packets and it's tricky to save them for later use. I went with clear drying over dark since I was told it was better for a beginner (which makes sense). Plus, you can use eyelash glue to glue stuff to your face, like gems and whatnot, so I think it's just a useful product to have around!

Next, we'll talk about the nail-related items I got. I'll save the polishes (the best part!) for last.
At Sally Beauty Supply, I picked up another pack of nail wheels. I know you can buy these cheaper in bulk online, but I ran out of wheels to swatch my polishes on and wanted some more as quickly as possible. I'm also thinking of using some of these wheels to work on my nail art skills. I've gotten pretty good at painting my nails, but I still can only do really simple designs (like sponging). I have a lot of nail art tools, I just lack the skill to use them!
And from Barnes & Nobel I got the most recent issue of Nail It! magazine (because my Sally's only had the older issue for some reason). I love this magazine; it's great for learning about new polishes and techniques and for inspiration. I actually prefer a couple Japanese nail magazines when it comes to inspiration, but this is in English so I can actually read it and it's less expensive than importing (and I unfortunately don't live near a Kinokuniya). I should probably save myself a couple of bucks (and the stress of trying to find it) by subscribing, but I'm weird about subbing to magazines. Odd, I know.

AND NOW FOR THE NAIL POLISH! I got all of these on sale; most were from Ulta, though I found some nice polishes at Marshalls.
I'll start with the polish I got at Marshalls. This is Snow Globetrotter from the Gwen Stefani holiday collection. It's a white glitter top coat with various sized pieces and holographic shimmer and flakies.
This is two coats over a bare nail swatch thing; I don't know if you could ever get this opaque (or if you'd even want to), but I think one coat makes a great topper on a variety of polishes. I wore this over the Shelly polish from my January Julep Maven box and it was gorgeous! I was surprised to find this at Marshalls since this was one of the more popular colors from the holiday line.
 And all the rest of these polishes were on sale at Ulta! This is the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polish in 180 Debut-tint. This is more of a transforming topcoat than an actual polish color.
This is two coats over a bare nail swatch. You could definitely wear this polish on it's own as a subtle golden sheen, but I think it will perform awesomely as a transforming top coat. I believe this is the first Sally Hansen etc. polish I've ever owned; they're between $7-9 a bottle depending where you shop and, at that price, I'd much rather get an OPI or Zoya polish. This was on sale for $2 and it looked unused so I thought this would be a good way to try the line. I haven't used it on my own nails yet, but it did swatch nicely.
 I also found one lonely little butter London polish on sale. I think butter London polishes are a little over priced at $15 for an 11ml bottle, but I do like the colors and the unique-feeling I get from the line, so I like to buy these polishes on sale if I can. This is Scuppered, and it's a very interesting color.
It's like a bronzey/brown orange color with red shimmer and bigger pieces of green glitter in it. It's not a "pretty" color, but I have nothing really like this in my collection, so clearly I had to add it. This is two coats and it seems opaque and fairly smooth.
 I also randomly found this single Revlon polish from the Spiderman collection. I remember when this collection came out and it was super hard to find most of the polishes in stock. This is Superpowered and, in the bottle, it looks like a bright deep blue with a multicolored shimmer.
Unfortunately, once on, it turns into a pretty boring deep blue with shimmer. I was really hoping the multicolored shimmer effect would translate onto the nail, but it doesn't. This isn't a bad color, it's just not unique and I already have a couple similar polishes (Bluecoat by butter London and Never by Zoya). This is also my first Revlon polish, and the formula seemed pretty run-of-the-mill. I paid less than a dollar for this polish, and the cap has a cool spiderweb design, so I am happy to have it, but if I had paid full price for this, I would have been disappointed.
 I got another random Zoya polish because I just love Zoya polishes. Also this was under a dollar. This is Channing and it's a burnt/autumn orange-red with shimmer.
It's a nice color; I don't wear a lot of oranges so I don't have many and for a dollar I really wasn't going to say no, regardless of the color. This is two coats and it performs as well as my other Zoyas.
And the last three polishes I got are Orlys! I'm pretty neutral about the Orly brand of polish; it performs fairly well for a mid-tier polish and it's a dollar or two less a bottle than OPI or Zoya (also, I would highly recommend Orly over China Glaze). This is Flawless Flush, which I believe is from the same collection as that weird color I have, Naked Canvas. I actually really love Naked Canvas; it's such a different color but it's still extremely wearable. This isn't quite as unique, but it's definitely pretty.
It's a pale lilac color (lilac is the more red-based light purple and lavender is the more blue-based light purple, right? I always get them mixed up) with a golden shimmer in it. It's such a perfect spring color; I'm actually surprised I haven't worn it yet (except not really since I have so many other polish that I've been wearing and that need to get worn...).
 I also got more Orlys from the holiday collection! I actually wanted to get one more, the glitter topper with green bar glitter and red circle glitter, but I wasn't sure if I would ever wear it outside of the holiday season. In retrospect, I'm kind of sad I didn't get it because it was an interesting polish. Sad. This is Bling and it's SHINY.
Look at that shimmer! It's a gold color with a multicolor/holo shimmer. This polish wasn't as opaque as I was expecting, especially compared to Mirrorball (which I will talk about next). It took three coats to get to a point where I was satisfied with the opacity, and it dried with more of a dull, gritty texture. Normally, I really enjoy textured polishes, but I was expecting this is be just a gold version of Mirrorball. At the sale price though, not going to complain too much!
 Probably my favorite out the polishes I got, this is Mirrorball! This was apparently the polish that everyone wanted from the holiday collection and I can see why!
It's a bright silver filled with holographic shimmer and glitter and seriously look at that picture. Look at it. Normally, it's very difficult to capture the true beauty of a holo-polish in a photo but. Look at that rainbow. Ahhhh, it's so gorgeous! This is was I wanted/expected Bling to be, so you can see why I was a little disappointed in it. This is just two coats, too! It can be hard to find holo-polishes like this from a mainstream, easy to access brand and I really wish they would make more. Because I would probably buy them all.

And that's my nail-centric haul! Pretty much everything was on some kind of sale and I actually got money off on everything since I'm a Beauty Rewards member at Sally's and I have a B&N rewards card. Yay! I know I don't need any more polish, ever, and that I should be a little more selective about what I purchase, but you put the words "nail", "polish", and "sale" together and I am all over that.

Thanks for reading! <3

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