Sunday, January 18, 2015

My First Polish Pusher Order! - Indie Nail Polish!

Hello! It's been a while! I've been busy crocheting and starting to get some things ready for an Artist Alley at a convention in May. It sounds like a long way away, but it'll sneak up on me and I'll find myself with two weeks to make 50 Pokeballs and that's not fun.

I have an exciting post for you guys (I mean, technically, aren't they all exciting?); I have my first order from Polish Pusher, an indie nail polish company from right here in Minnesota. Awesome. One of my co-workers is friends with the owner/creator and, when I told her I was a polish addict, she showed me her instagram and Etsy store. I was especially interested in getting some of her cuticle oil since it only had a few ingredients and rave reviews, so when she restocked it, I got a bottle!

Argh, for reasons I don't fully understand, my Blogger account won't let me pull videos directly from my Youtube account, so now if I want to keep up with my fancy embedded videos (and I do!), I have to do it manually. Tres annoying. Or what ever the French word for "very" is.
Yay, packing peanuts!

Kati, the owner/creator, found out that I worked with one of her friends and that was how I had heard about her company, so she even threw in something extra for me!
 Hmm, I'm still bizarrely annoyed by that disconnect between my Youtube and Blogger accounts. I didn't even embed videos before I knew I could do that, but now that it's been taken away, it feels like I'm missing out on a cool feature.

Since Polish Pusher and I live probably within an hour drive of each other, after my order shipped it only took a day to get to me (I really need to buy local indie more often!). The turn around time (TAT if I ever reference it again) was between 3-5 business days (if memory serves) and I believe she shipped my order out on the fourth business day after I placed my order. I ordered a bottle of her cuticle oil; there were different options for scents, but I went with "unscented" since I like to wear other fragranced products and I didn't want to be a scent-bomb.
There was also a nice cautionary note in the box! Being that we're from Minnesota, and being that it's January, it gets very, very cold and, even if you're like me and are in an apartment building and have your mailbox inside, sometimes the things I order end up freezing on the way here and are quite chilly when I open them! I'm surprised that other companies don't include a warning like this; it's not like this is a Minnesota-specific issue (though we are probably one of the states most likely to suffer with it).
 Also included with my order (along with my invoice, but that has secret information on it so I won't show it) was a business card. I love uniquely shaped business cards so the square-shape of Polish Pusher's appeals to me. On one side is a macro shot of a mani done using her "Sheer Perfection" collection, which is a set of polishes similar to the OPI Sheer Tints (though I hear much better!).
And on the other side is her logo, store, and instagram info! I love that she makes 5-free polishes; most mainstream polishes are 3-free (except Zoya, which is also 5-free!). She also sells a lot of cute nail charms in her shop! Right now (or at least recently) her store only had a few items in it, but she's working on a restock and I believe you can pre-order the Sheer Perfection collection.
And here's what I ordered! This is a bottle of her cuticle oil and, as I said, I got mine unscented. I was a little worried that, being unscented, it would have a weird smell, but it has a nice, neutral, natural smell.
There were a lot of great scents to choose from, so if you're interested in a scented option, there are plenty! I also love how few ingredients are in this oil; all are great for your skin/nails and none of them are fillers. I paid $8.50 for this size bottle along with $2.50 shipping. Both products I received (the oil and the extra gift) came wrapped in bubblewrap baggies and the extra space in the box was filled with packing peanuts, so everything arrived safe and sound.

You get a lot of oil for your money; I find that I only need about three drops per hand and, even after applying it at least once a day since I got it, I'm barely past the neck of the bottle. It comes in plastic dropper bottle (there's probably a more technical word for these, but I have no idea what it is) for quick and easy dispensing (again, pretty sure there is a better word for this but I am tired and can't think of it). Once I run out (which won't be for a long time!), I'm definitely going to purchase this oil again!
This is what she gave me as a free "extra"! When she said she was going to send me a free extra after finding out I worked with her friend, I had no idea she'd send me a free full sized polish! I'm very thankful and am very happy I was able to try one of her polishes! I wanted to order a couple bottles, but as you guys know, I have way too much polish the way it is and I'm trying to keep a tight hold on my spending.
The color she sent me is called "Tin Man's Heart" and is described as a metallic gunmetal grey with holographic shimmer. It's very hard to capture how pretty this polish is in pictures; my camera just can't pick up the depth of color and shimmer.
You can kind of get the idea of the color here; it's a bit lighter on the nail than it is in the bottle, and the holographic shimmer really shines through. This is not a color I would have purchased for myself, which makes it even more awesome that she sent it to me, since now I get to see how pretty it really is! This is two coats; it applied easily and dried opaque and smooth. Polish Pusher's full sized polishes are the standard 15ml and come in glass bottles with her logo on the side.

If you're interested in checking out an independent polish company (or are just interested in pretty nail polish!), I would highly recommend checking out Polish Pusher on Etsy and Instagram! As I said before, her shop is a little empty right now, but you can get updates and information about restocks on her Instagram.

Thanks for reading! <3

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