Monday, January 26, 2015

My First Darling Clandestine Order! - Indie Perfume!

Hello! Hope you're having a great start to the week! It's kind of a Friday for me since I have the next two days off (this isn't totally true anymore; I picked up a short shift tomorrow) and I want to get caught up on my blogging and clean up my desk.

For this post, I want to share with you guys my very first order from an indie perfume company called Darling Clandestine. You can find them here on Etsy and they make some really interesting perfumes. I first heard about Darling Clandestine from the Evolution Of A Foodie blog, which is where I seem to be finding all my new indie brands from.
I did make a video about my order, but it's kind of difficult to really appreciate how awesome the solid perfume I got was without being able to smell it. I can tell you about my experience with Darling Clandestine and hopefully describe it well for you!
This is the same image as the title screen of my video, but how cute is this? It's a stamp of a shark that's personally thanking me; I blanked out my name because I like to pretend I'm mysterious...
I had heard a lot of good things about Darling Clandestine and their perfumes, both from Evolution Of A Foodie and from the reviews on their Etsy page, so when I saw the listing for a solid perfume titled "Don Gato", I was pretty sure I would love it. Actually, I think it was the picture of the cat on the cover of the tin that first attracted my attention; that's how much of a crazy cat lady I am.
This is the front of the business card that Darling Clandestine sent me (I love indie business cards; I'm starting to collect them. Also, I'm going to refer to them as "DG" from now on because I am lazy). I believe the picture is an old-timey drawing of an Iguanadon (though not super old; originally they thought the thumb-spikes were on it's head), though I could be wrong, and I really like DG's tagline "smell original". I definitely appreciate the more unique-smelling perfumes out there.
Look at how awesome this packaging is! This is how my order came; it was so cute I almost didn't want to open it. Almost. I got a full-sized grape Airhead and my solid fragrance came in a baggie with some colorful paper worms and wrapped in some vintage-looking fake newspaper. I'm really digging the vintage-vibe that DG is going with for their branding. The old-timey scientific drawings, the fake vintage news paper; it's very cohesive and different.
AND THIS IS DON GATO. The picture on this fragrance is very appropriate because this perfume smells like clean, warm, sun-basking, outdoor kitties. The opening sentence of the listing is what got me: "A long time ago, my buddy Bekka--- ---suggested that a “cat” scent would be a pretty sweet move for DC. You know, when you press your face into a kitty’s shoulder and just breathe, and the kitty just doesn’t understand why you won’t cut that out? Yeah, that scent." If you have never experienced burying your nose into a clean kitty's shoulder and taking a big sniff, you've never really lived.

I have mentioned this once or twice, but I had a sweet kitty-boy named Nomen (short for Nomenclature) who passed away in September (he had had a bad stroke and we had to put him down). It was my first real experience with death and loss of a loved one (I've had pets in the past, but nothing bigger than a hamster and I think I was too young to really understand what happened with it died. I've also been fortunate enough to not have had to experience the loss of any of my close family) and it was hard. He was 18 years old (approximately; I adopted him from a shelter) and had some heart/thyroid issues when he passed, so it wasn't totally unexpected, but it was a shock. I was at work and my mom and dad called me from the vet to make sure it was okay to put him down without me being there. My family lives about an hour away from me and I did not want Nomen to suffer more than he had to just so I could drive up there. He had my mom and dad with him and I  know they loved him as much as me, so he had people there with him. Even though he was only with us for six years (he was 12 when I adopted him), he felt like family. The first time I visited my parents after his passing, it felt very empty. It was awkward and sad to not see him run to the door when I called "Nomen-kitty!".

When I first took my first sniff of this perfume, it brought back all the happy memories of my Nomen-kitty. All the times when I would pick him up, burying my nose in his warm, clean fur, and take a big sniff. He actually didn't like being picked up, but he would tolerate it for a minute or two while I smelled him (...I know that sounds weird, but it's very comforting). I just kept sniffing the perfume and found it (almost) as comforting as actually having my kitty. The scent is better described as smelling "like adventurous outdoor kitties, who’d spent the days basking on rooftops and rolling in catnip and running through green weeds. [...] It’s clean, sun-baked, green-soaked cat". I don't normally like "fresh" scents, but I do like green notes, and there's enough there to smell outdoorsy without going too overboard.
It's a little tricky to read in the picture, but the back of the tin says: "Darling Clandestine solid perfume: in pure beeswax, rice bran & sweet almond oils". The beeswax is actually from another seller on Etsy, Honeyrun Farm which makes it even cooler!
Not too interesting to look at, but again, it's the scent that counts. And it's amazing. And very wearable. And it makes me think of all the happiness and good times I shared with my special Nomen-kitty. I am so happy I purchased this perfume and, if it isn't in stock in the DG store, I hope they restock it soon so that you, too, can experience the wonder of clean-kitty-shoulder-fur smelling.

Thanks for reading! <3

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