Sunday, January 11, 2015

My First BaubleBar Order!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great end to the weekend. Technically, tomorrow is my Friday since, after that, I have three days off in a row! Whee! Pretty excited; I could use the rest, especially after all the stuff that happened over the last week.

For this post, I wanted to share with you guys my first order from BaubleBar! BaubleBar is an online shop full of relatively inexpensive fashion/costume jewelery (you can find them at They had partnered with Stila this holiday season and released some gift sets with Stila makeup, a piece of BaubleBar jewelery, and a $10 gift card to use on the site. I was lucky and snagged a set for half off, so I only paid $16 for three mini Stila lip glazes, a full sized Kitten eyeshadow single, a rose gold bracelet, and a $10 gift card. The gift card was a legit gift card, too! There weren't any restrictions or anything on using it (so it wasn't like a "$10 off of $50" coupon or anything), so it was a pretty nice deal.
Because I'm kind of cheap when it comes to jewelery, I wanted to get something as close to free as possible. And I did! I only spent $2 and got a really pretty pair of earrings! If you want more details about what I ordered and my experience with BaubleBar, click below! Or you could watch the video, both are good.
Even though this is my first time ordering from BaubleBar, I was familar with the company before I got the Stila x BaubleBar set. They have partnered with subscription boxes in the past by sending a piece of jewelry and a discount code or gift card. BaubleBar does sell pretty reasonably priced items, but it's never really interested me enough to make a purchase because I don't tend to wear the much jewelery (even though I'd like to start wearing more) and if I do buy jewelry, I buy it from Forever 21. Because $3 earrings. Also, I'm probably going to keep changing up how I spell "jewelery"; I'm not a very good speller (I learned to read phonetically) and apparently there are at least three different ways to spell it and I just accept whatever Firefox says is right. Since I wanted to come as close as possible to $10 (but without going under), I browsed the sale section. There were some nice pieces on sale, and I had my eye on a few, but I decided to wait until after New Years in case there would be any more sales. And there were! 20% off of the sale price! Unfortunately, the items I had my eye on had sold out before I was able to purchase anything, so I ended up with something completely different. And I'm actually happy I did since I think I like what I ended up with even more!
My order processed and shipped very quickly and it arrived in a very colorful box! Shipping is also free; or at least it was when I ordered. I believe it's free shipping all the time, but I could be wrong. Free shipping is definitely something I look for and greatly appreciate; paying for shipping is the bane of my existence (not really, but you get the idea). I didn't have to contact customer service or deal with returning anything, but I have expectations that they would be prompt, helpful, and considerate based on the professionalism of the website and the ease and sped of my placing and getting my order. The box itself is a standard karft paper brown, but it's all crazy and neon inside! The inside of the box is neon pink and my invoice came in a chartreuse envelope. The envelope was even sealed with a sticker, which is a nice, personal touch. If they treat your invoice with that much care, they'll probably treat you just as nicely.
My earrings came inside of a black drawstring bag. I don't normally get dust bags with the jewelry I purchase (pretty much the only thing I have that has a dust bag for is my Tiffany & Co necklace), so again, thus was a nice, professional touch. It makes the jewelery feel more luxe and not like cheap costume jewelry.
In the black bag, my earrings came in a ziplock bag and in a bubblewrap bag. Everything was packed very securely and my earrings arrived in perfect condition.
There was also a little information card on how to take care of your BaubleBar jewelery.
Pretty straightforward, but I like the idea that BaubleBar wants to empower me to keep my baubles safe and sound. Plus they probably want a way to subtly tell you it's your fault if your baubles break if you don't follow the rules. Which I do not fault them for; some people can get really upset about things, even if it's their fault (reading online reviews can be both amusing and enraging at the same time).
And this is the pair of earrings I got! They're called the "Pale Pink Aztec Drop Earrings". I don't think they're still available; when I went to show my friend on the site, they were no longer there. I assume a lot of things sold pretty quickly after the extra 20% on sale started. One thing I really appreciated was that BaubleBar has worn pictures of all their accessories, so you can get a sense of scale. It can be difficult to picture how big a piece of jewelry is without anything to compare it to. There were a lot of necklaces I was interested in, until I saw the worn pictures and saw they were gigantic! I was worried these would be a little too big for me (even though there were a couple worn pictures) because I have tiny baby ears, but they're a nice size. They also have a nice weight to them; they're not heavy enough to be uncomfortable, but they have a nice heft to them so they don't feel cheap. There's also a BaubleBar logo on the back, which I thought was neat! The little hangtag is the return tag; it has to be attached in order for you to return your items (which makes sense; that way you can't just wear it and return it). The pictures on the website were nice and accurate, but these earrings ended up being even prettier in real life! There's an opalescence in the pink that didn't come out much in the pictures and the mint green stones pair very nicely with the pink.

Overall I am very, very pleased with my first BaubleBar order! Everything was easy, my order processed and shipped to me quickly, my earrings were packed well and arrived safe, there are a lot of extra details and touches that make things feel more luxe; if I ever have a need for fashion/costume jewlery of a higher quality than from Forever 21, I will definitely purchase again from BaubleBar!

Thanks for reading! <3

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