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January 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes Order - New Shadows!

Hello! Hope you're having a good day (or night; it's actually night while I write this)! I'm blogging like mad because I have a bunch of pretty new things to share with you guys.

I've been on a huge indie kick lately; I've made smallish orders from many new companies and they're slowly starting to trickle in. Very exciting! One indie company that I always come back to, though, is Glamour Doll Eyes. Out of all the indie cosmetic companies, they're probably my favorite. I love the quality of their products, the Of The Month subscription service is awesome, and the turn around time (TAT) and customer service are top notch. SO. When Vee, the owner of Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE from here on out), put up a bunch of new shadows in the permanent line (I tried to find a non-awkward way to say that; I had just "permanent shadows" but I'm worried that would imply a new formulation and not just new colors) for sale, I totally bought a bunch!

Since these are part of the permanent line, they aren't going anywhere, so technically I didn't need to purchase them right away, but I couldn't help myself. These shadows are a mix of customer appreciation shades, which are colors created by GDE customers, GWP shadows, and limited edition shadows that people voted to be made part of the permanent line. There were quite a few shades that I had wanted but was not able to get my hands on, so I'm very happy they got re-released.
So many pretties!
One feature I really like about GDE is that they offer three different sizes  of eyeshadow; sample baggies, sample jars, and full sized jars. I love to order the sample size jars because they have plenty of product in them, but they're only $2.50, so I feel like I can buy colors than if I were to buy all full sizes. The sample baggies are cheaper at $1.25, but I think it's worth the $1.25 more for the extra product and the jar. Another thing I really like about GDE is that, with any $10 purchase (except when otherwise noted), you get a full sized shadow for free! Free gifts with purchase will always get me. That and free shipping, which you get with orders of sample sizes. There are many, many things I really like about GDE, really.
My order came nice and neat in a little baggie inside of a padded mailer. All my GDE products arrived safe and sound. Vee also seals her jars with plastic, which is a nice touch and helps prevent your shadows from spilling out in transit. The blushes (at least in the old packaging; they've been updated) aren't sealed on the outside, but have a seal over the sifter, effectively keeping everything locked down tight.
I got a bunch of business cards (this time with someone different!), what I think is a sticker, and the little notice that lets you know that, if you chose to purchase the full size of a sample you bought, you can e-mail Vee for a code to take the price of the sample off the price of a full size.
Normally, I get two sample baggies of shadows, but, as it says on the website, samples are depending on stock and the amount of orders. I assume that a ton of people bought the new stuff on launch day like me, so instead of samples, Vee threw in some candy. Candy is an acceptable substitute, especially since it's not really guaranteed that you'll get samples with your order. And especially since you get a free full sized shadow with any $10+ order. AND especially since I got free shipping.
Let's do this! I'll start with the January 2015 GWP, Overrated. This is described as a salmon pink color with...some kind of shimmer that I can't remember and now I can't find the color description.
It doesn't look too salmon-y in the jar, but it does when you swatch it. It's very pretty and I'm happy to have gotten it for free!
And now I'm going to go in a pretty random order. I will start with the least new item in my order, a sample jar of Hot For Teacher blush.
This is from the "Liars Keep Secrets" collection based off the show 'Pretty Little Liars'. It's described as "a light pink matte base with a subtle golden sparkle". It looks a little more purple in the jar, but when you blend it in it's a lovely pink color. ...I will admit I bought this because Victoria Donelda liked it so much, but it is really pretty and works well with my skin tone.
Next we have Reckless Devotion. This was the February 2014 Of The Month (OTM) shade, but it was voted to become part of the permanent collection.
It's described as "a pale shimmery pink with copper and gold shifts"annnnnnd I'm a sucker for pinks with copper/gold. I love how the copper and gold accentuate my blue eyes and pink is a nice pop of color if I'm trying to stay neutral.
This is Poodles, and I was very happy to see it available as a permanent color. It was the November 2014 GWP color that I didn't get my hands on because I couldn't figure out what to order (...a weird problem, I know).
It's described as "a metallic taupe with rose gold undertones and a copper sheen" and it has kind of an amusing story about why it's called Poodles: "This was a November 2014 GWP inspired by the internet virus "Poodle" that caused us to delay our 2014 Halloween release". Internet virus names are weird.
Next is Blend.Blend.Blend. This color is from the Edward Scissorshands collection released for Holiday 2014 (there was also an Elf collection and a Nightmare Before Christmas collection).
This color is described as "a darkened lavender with a beautiful red sheen and intense golden sparkle" and is based on the scene in Edward Scissorshands where the mom from the family he lives with (I haven't seen the movie for a while so I forget names) tries to cover his scars with Avon makeup. He ends up lavender. It's amusing.
This is Carousel, and it's another shadow I was happy to be able to purchase.
It is described as a "light blue toned lavender with a rose gold shimmer/sheen and a copper sparkle" and was made to celebrate GDE's sixth anniversary! I can't believe GDE has been around for six years; quite impressive!
I debated about getting this one (my order was at $20, which was the limit I had set for myself), but it was so different and the name was amusing, so I added it in. This is My Cat Ate The Easter Grass!
GDE describes it as "a minty green with a golden sheen, subtle pink shimmer and aqua sparkles" and it is a customer appreciation shadow. It's not quite as minty as I expected, but it's a nice, pastel green.
This is Funeral Selfie; this was the shade that I wanted the most from the Halloween 2014 collection but that I wasn't able to get. AND NOW IT IS MINE.
It is "a medium pink with a green duochrome and golden shimmer". I think I have a soft spot for pink/purple eye shadow...
This is Lost Horizon! It is another customer appreciation shadow and is probably my favorite from that collection.
This is "a vibrant coral base with a pink and purple duochrome sheen" and it was created by Robin, one of the people I follow on Youtube. She said she wanted to make something like a Nevada sunset, and I think she came pretty close!
And last but not least, we have Fairy Royalty.
It is "a dark olive green base with lots of copper glitter" and it was part of Notoriously Morbid's November 2014 Vanishing Cabinet (another indie subscription!). It was up for purchase for a limited time, but now it is part of the permanent line. It's not normally a color I'm drawn to, but it just looked so different and unique.
Time for swatches! These are all dry swatches over bare, un-primed skin. You can easily increase the intensity of the shadows by foiling them and/or using them over a primer. Left to right: Hot For Teacher blush, Poodles, Lost Horizon, My Cat Ate The Easter Grass, and Fairy Royalty.
Continuing left to right: Reckless Devotion, Carousel, Funeral Selfie, Blend.Blend.Blend, and the January 2015 GWP Overrated.

Another great GDE order that I am completely satisfied with! All the shadows perform beautifully and I'm so happy that Vee listens to her customers; she really is a superb business owner and artist!

Thanks for reading! <3

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