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January 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes - Of The Month - Swatches and Review!

Hello! Hope you're having a good day! I'm trying to get through all my blog posts tonight and get my desk clean; yay for cleanliness!

I'm very excited to show you guys my January 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month subscription!
I was able to snag a 6 month subscription; I wanted a 12 month, but it was pretty intense when they went up for sale and I felt it would be safer to go for the 6 month option for now and press my luck again later.The Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE from now on) Of The Month (OTM) is an incredibly popular indie subscription service with very few spots available. To the best of my knowledge, there are only about 120 available each month; most of which are already accounted for. It's $10 a month and you're guaranteed to get a full sized shadow that is only available for that month (though there are some that have been added to the permanent line due to popular demand) and some candy. Generally, you'll also receive some "extras", which could be samples of upcoming products, a new product Vee wants feedback on, a product from a different company; things like that.

Vee, the owner of GDE, is trying something different with the February 2015 OTM and there is a raffle you can enter for the chance to get it here. You can enter once a month, and if you don't get picked for that month, your entry stays in the pot so the longer you go without getting it, the more chances you have to get picked.
Seriously, it's that popular. And for good reason!
For January, instead of the standard "fresh start" or "new beginnings" theme, GDE went with a Nautical theme! Normally, I'm not a fan of nautical themes, but I think it was handled very well and it ended up more "pin-up nautical" than "boring, ship-related nautical".
Most GDE OTMs come in these fun drawstring bags; though sometimes they come in other packaging, like boxes. Or stockings! But mostly these bags; and they change color every month, too! It's a nice way to package the OTM subscription (it does come in a bubble mailer to keep it safe during shipping).
Normally, I take pictures of the business cards and candy included in the OTM, but apparently I didn't this time! You can see them in the overview picture, at least. I love saltwater taffy and am always happy to receive some. But I did take pictures of everything else, including the info card, which is suitably nautically themed. On the front is the description and ingredients for the January 2015 OTM shadow, Be My Anchor. There is also a special section called "TMI" for "Try More Indie" which I think is totally awesome! It's a little section that talk about another indie brand and gives you a discount code you can use on their website! If the "private" box is checked off they ask that you keep the code to yourself, but if the "sharable" box is checked, then you can share it! This month's featured indie brand is Baroque Cosmetics and the code is "DESTATI" for 20% off your order, good through March 1st. As you guys know, I love me some indie products, and I love trying as many as I can, so I really hope this is going to be a monthly feature. The front of the info card also has a spoiler for next month's theme, which is called "Any Excuse For Chocolate". Very interested to see what February brings!
So the color for this month is Be My Anchor. It is described as a "sheer flash of sparkling blue like water with a golden base" and it is a very interesting and beautiful color.
When I first saw this shade, I was a little disappointed. It doesn't look very pretty in the jar, but you have to apply it to see how amazing it is. It is sheer, but layered over other colors (including one of the extras in this month's bag), it's a gorgeous transformative shadow.
The back of the info card lists the two extra products we got this month; both of which are awesome and very exciting! First off, we got a pot of cream shadow (a new, not-quite-available form that Vee will be releasing in the next couple of months) in the color Sailing Away.
This is my first experience with GDE cream shadows (there have been other people who got samples for testing purposes) and I am very impressed with them! ...the photo looks a little funny because I stuck my finger in it before I was able to take a photo for the blog because I was too excited to swatch it.
Unfortunately, it isn't lip safe, but I'll survive. I also like how it has it's "date of birth" on it since cream shadows can go off much more quickly than loose shadows (it could be argued that loose shadows never really expire). It's described as having a "deep royal blue base with a soft coral reef blue overlay. It is finished off with an anchor golden shimmer sheen". These are cream shadows only, not bases, so you do have to wear these over a primer to avoid creasing and to increase longevity, but again, they perform beautifully and are especially great when layered with other GDE shadows.
We also got a lip product! This is an Aqua Bomb in the color Atomic Astrid.
These aren't actually made by Vee but by Piper, the Sponsorship manager. From the GDE site: "Aqua Bomb's are made by our Sponsorship Manager, Piper. Each "bomb" is made by hand and with extra special care. Piper puts her all into this product and when applied a little goes a long way!".
This is a sheer, coral-tinted lip balm with a blackberry pomegranate flavor. It really smells amazing! It also leaves a nice coral tint; it's sheer enough to look subtle, but there is definitely color there. This is my first experience with an Aqua Bomb from GDE, and I am very pleased with it!
There was also a fun little anchor charm in the January 2015 OTM bag! Vee kind of threw these in to make the theme feel more coherent, but everyone loved them so much that she might put more charms in the other bags, budget withstanding. A lot of people say they would like to collect all twelve charms and make a bracelet at the end of the year and I have to say that that is a pretty amazing idea. Hopefully, after my six months are up, I'll be able to renew for another six.
Finally, I got a sample of one of the new shadows that was added to the permanent line on January 12th. There were a bunch of customer appreciation shadows, colors created by customers, along with limited edition/GWP/OTM colors that were voted to become part of the permanent line. I had order a lot of the new shadows, so I was worried I was going to get a sample of one I purchased, but I was lucky and got a whole new one! I got Rose City, which is a "beautiful violet toned bright magenta with a magical green sparkle overload. This color was created by a customer, Meagan as part of a customer appreciation act." I hadn't ordered it since I was worried it would look too much like a bruise on my skintone, but I think it's actually a nice, deep red shadow. We also got a sticker! Yay, stickers.
And here is probably what you're waiting for: swatches! These are swatched dry over bare, unprimed skin. Left to right: Atomic Astrid Aqua Bomb, Rose City, Sailing Away cream shadow with Be My Anchor layered on top (this is so pretty I can't even), Sailing Away, and Be My Anchor.

Vee knocked it out of the park again this month! I am so, so happy I was able to get at least at six month subscription; I am worried what will happen when it runs out; if I'll be able to get it again, especially with the lottery system that Vee is experimenting with. Glamour Doll Eyes can really get nothing but more popular, so it will be interesting to see what the future holds!

Thanks for reading! <3

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