Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My First Notoiously Morbid Order! - Indie Makeup!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! Hmm, I should really think of a new intro; mine is just so...generic. Maybe generic isn't bad, though. Also change is scary. At least sometimes. Well. This started out weird.

Anywho! If you've read some of my past posts and/or watched some of my videos, you'll know that I'm a big fan of indie cosmetic companies! I love supporting indie artists (and I do think that cosmetics creators qualify as artists) and I just really like the idea of owning a unique, handmade product. Any one can go to Target or Sephora or Ulta and buy an eye shadow (well, most of the time. If it's not a limited edition product that everyone and their mother wants), but it feels special to explore someone's personal website/Etsy store, select your products, and know that they were made by that person, sometimes even especially for you! I've found that the quality of indie products is the same, if not sometimes better, than mass produced items

This time, I purchased some items from Notoriously Morbid. I've been intending to purchase from Notoriously Morbid (NM from now on; laziness!) for a long time now, and I've just never gone for it. Her shop (the owner's name is Carrie) was closed from December 15th through January 1st for the holidays, and I believe orders placed after December 15th would start processing on January 1st. Or something like that. All I know is that I placed my order on January 1st, as soon as the shop was open again. The listed turn around time (TAT) was 10-14 days, and I was pleasantly surprised that my order did indeed ship out withing that time, especially considering she probably had a whole bunch of other orders to fill as well.
My order shipped quickly and arrived safe and sound in a padded mailer. Inside the mailer, my order was packed in this cute, striped bag! There was also an invoice with a personalize thank you note from Carrie.

LORAC Kohl's Exclusive Alter Ego Lipstick Collection - Swatches and Review!

Hello! I hope you're having a great day! I wanted to take a little more in-depth look at the Kohl's exclusive LORAC Alter Ego lipstick collection that I picked up. I think I want to try to make more of these smaller, more detailed kind of posts about one or two different items instead of trying to smush everything into one big haul post. I think I'll still do the haul posts just as a big overview, but I do find these swatch/review posts fun to do, too!
Ooh, pretty! As the title states, along with the little sticker in the corner, this is a Kohl's exclusive set. I first heard about this set from the blog Nouveau Cheap and, while I thought it was nice, I wasn't interested enough to go out and purchase it. Then I saw swatches. And then I realized I had Kohl's gift cards to spend. So, I went to my Kohl's and picked it up! This was the last one left in my Kohl's, though you can order out of stock items in store from the kiosk (I actually have never seen this kiosk; there are a bunch of price checking scanners scattered around my Kohl's, but nothing that I can interact with. I think you can go to the Customer Service desk as well, and if they can't help you there, they can probably direct you to the kiosk) and get them shipped for free.
This is a really good deal; these lipsticks normally retail for $16 a piece and all five in this set are full sized; you're basically getting them for $7 each, less than half off. I haven't used many LORAC products before (I have two small palettes and I did have a lipgloss, but I didn't use it much and ended up giving it to my mom), so I figured this was a good opportunity to give their Alter Ego lipsticks a try.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Haul Time! - Ulta, Sephora, LORAC, and More!

Hello! Hope you're having a great start to your week (or middle, or end)! I'm trying to get everything off my desk so I blogging like mad! ...I actually want to wash my makeup brushes and need my desk clear to give them a place to dry. #firstworldproblems

I have a haul to show you guys! I cut back on these (or at least tried to...) around the holiday season and I feel like I'm trying to "make up for it" with a lot of random purchases. I think I need to get back into a "no-buy" mentality; especially since all the holiday sales should finally be over with. ...but then all the new spring stuff is coming out. Hmm. Tricky.
There's not a lot of rhyme or reason to this haul; it's mostly beauty-related items, though I do have some random stuff to throw in that I did not include in my video. This post might get long (though I'll try to keep it short, both for my sake and yours), but if you want to see what I picked up over the last couple weeks, then please click below!

January 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes Order - New Shadows!

Hello! Hope you're having a good day (or night; it's actually night while I write this)! I'm blogging like mad because I have a bunch of pretty new things to share with you guys.

I've been on a huge indie kick lately; I've made smallish orders from many new companies and they're slowly starting to trickle in. Very exciting! One indie company that I always come back to, though, is Glamour Doll Eyes. Out of all the indie cosmetic companies, they're probably my favorite. I love the quality of their products, the Of The Month subscription service is awesome, and the turn around time (TAT) and customer service are top notch. SO. When Vee, the owner of Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE from here on out), put up a bunch of new shadows in the permanent line (I tried to find a non-awkward way to say that; I had just "permanent shadows" but I'm worried that would imply a new formulation and not just new colors) for sale, I totally bought a bunch!

Since these are part of the permanent line, they aren't going anywhere, so technically I didn't need to purchase them right away, but I couldn't help myself. These shadows are a mix of customer appreciation shades, which are colors created by GDE customers, GWP shadows, and limited edition shadows that people voted to be made part of the permanent line. There were quite a few shades that I had wanted but was not able to get my hands on, so I'm very happy they got re-released.
So many pretties!

January 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes - Of The Month - Swatches and Review!

Hello! Hope you're having a good day! I'm trying to get through all my blog posts tonight and get my desk clean; yay for cleanliness!

I'm very excited to show you guys my January 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month subscription!
I was able to snag a 6 month subscription; I wanted a 12 month, but it was pretty intense when they went up for sale and I felt it would be safer to go for the 6 month option for now and press my luck again later.The Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE from now on) Of The Month (OTM) is an incredibly popular indie subscription service with very few spots available. To the best of my knowledge, there are only about 120 available each month; most of which are already accounted for. It's $10 a month and you're guaranteed to get a full sized shadow that is only available for that month (though there are some that have been added to the permanent line due to popular demand) and some candy. Generally, you'll also receive some "extras", which could be samples of upcoming products, a new product Vee wants feedback on, a product from a different company; things like that.

Vee, the owner of GDE, is trying something different with the February 2015 OTM and there is a raffle you can enter for the chance to get it here. You can enter once a month, and if you don't get picked for that month, your entry stays in the pot so the longer you go without getting it, the more chances you have to get picked.
Seriously, it's that popular. And for good reason!

My First Darling Clandestine Order! - Indie Perfume!

Hello! Hope you're having a great start to the week! It's kind of a Friday for me since I have the next two days off (this isn't totally true anymore; I picked up a short shift tomorrow) and I want to get caught up on my blogging and clean up my desk.

For this post, I want to share with you guys my very first order from an indie perfume company called Darling Clandestine. You can find them here on Etsy and they make some really interesting perfumes. I first heard about Darling Clandestine from the Evolution Of A Foodie blog, which is where I seem to be finding all my new indie brands from.
I did make a video about my order, but it's kind of difficult to really appreciate how awesome the solid perfume I got was without being able to smell it. I can tell you about my experience with Darling Clandestine and hopefully describe it well for you!
This is the same image as the title screen of my video, but how cute is this? It's a stamp of a shark that's personally thanking me; I blanked out my name because I like to pretend I'm mysterious...

Monday, January 19, 2015

January 2015 Ipsy - Fresh Start - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Whew, marathon posting tonight! Actually, I'm not sure  if I will get this up tonight or if I will have to finish this tomorrow; for some reason, I find blogging to be kind of tiring. Which is silly, because all I'm doing is typing. Hmmm.

For this post, I want to share with you what I got in my Janaury 2015 ipsy bag. I'm going to be totally honest up front and say I am very disappointed in this month's bag. Lately I feel like Ipsy has been hit or miss and I'm worried that I'm reaching that "a little over a year" threshold for when I get bored of a subscription service.
I saw a bunch of bags on Instagram (I decided it was okay to see spoilers on Instagram since I don't actually know what I'm getting in my bag; they're all a little different) and was kind of excited to get a nail polish and/or a brush. I received neither, even though every time I get a nail polish I say I "love it!", which is the way to let ipsy know you like/dislike. The longer I'm subscribed, the less I think ipsy really pays any attention to how you review items; I'm sure they follow trends as a whole (so if a bunch of people didn't like an eyeshadow shade, they won't include a similar shade again), but I don't think they pay attention to individual differences.

January 2015 Birchbox - Let's Do This - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! I'm trying to get caught up again on all my blog posts because, yes, my desk is cluttered! Plus, I'm expecting some packages to come in the mail tomorrow, so I want to make sure I have room for them.

In this post, I want to share with you what I got in my January 2015 Birchbox! I've been with Birchbox for a few months now, and I'm really enjoying it. You don't always get the most value in products in your box, but I'm finding that I like the products themselves a lot and the reward program is pretty neat!
Overall, I was very happy with this month's box; especially since I got two bonus products that was I able to review for 20 extra Birchbox points (which is like an extra $2 to spend in the store!).
It's a box that comes in a box! Box-ception (also, I'm pretty sure I've made that joke more than once before).

Nail Polish Haul! - Orly, Zoya, and More!

Hello! Hope you're having a great start to the week! Mondays normally end up being a little bit like Fridays for me since I have an earlyish (6am-2pm) shift and have Tuesdays off (this week I also have Wednesday off, so it is like a weekend for me). Yay!

I have a nail polish and nail polish related items haul for you guys! There are still a lot of great sales on holiday/winter polish collections, and some sales have even gotten better. At Ulta right now, the Gwen Stefani OPI collection is going for about $1.97 a bottle (at least at my Ultas). Very nice.
I still don't understand why my Blogger and Youtube accounts stopped talking to each other; maybe I accidentally opted out of the Google+ account monopoly or something. Oh well, not a big deal. I really should get more familiar with HTML. Back in the early days of the internet, I had a couple Geocities websites and had a very rudimentary knowledge of how to build a webpage. Now with all the WYSIWYG editors, it's all but nearly forgotten.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My First Polish Pusher Order! - Indie Nail Polish!

Hello! It's been a while! I've been busy crocheting and starting to get some things ready for an Artist Alley at a convention in May. It sounds like a long way away, but it'll sneak up on me and I'll find myself with two weeks to make 50 Pokeballs and that's not fun.

I have an exciting post for you guys (I mean, technically, aren't they all exciting?); I have my first order from Polish Pusher, an indie nail polish company from right here in Minnesota. Awesome. One of my co-workers is friends with the owner/creator and, when I told her I was a polish addict, she showed me her instagram and Etsy store. I was especially interested in getting some of her cuticle oil since it only had a few ingredients and rave reviews, so when she restocked it, I got a bottle!

Argh, for reasons I don't fully understand, my Blogger account won't let me pull videos directly from my Youtube account, so now if I want to keep up with my fancy embedded videos (and I do!), I have to do it manually. Tres annoying. Or what ever the French word for "very" is.
Yay, packing peanuts!

Kati, the owner/creator, found out that I worked with one of her friends and that was how I had heard about her company, so she even threw in something extra for me!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

My First BaubleBar Order!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great end to the weekend. Technically, tomorrow is my Friday since, after that, I have three days off in a row! Whee! Pretty excited; I could use the rest, especially after all the stuff that happened over the last week.

For this post, I wanted to share with you guys my first order from BaubleBar! BaubleBar is an online shop full of relatively inexpensive fashion/costume jewelery (you can find them at http://www.baublebar.com/). They had partnered with Stila this holiday season and released some gift sets with Stila makeup, a piece of BaubleBar jewelery, and a $10 gift card to use on the site. I was lucky and snagged a set for half off, so I only paid $16 for three mini Stila lip glazes, a full sized Kitten eyeshadow single, a rose gold bracelet, and a $10 gift card. The gift card was a legit gift card, too! There weren't any restrictions or anything on using it (so it wasn't like a "$10 off of $50" coupon or anything), so it was a pretty nice deal.
Because I'm kind of cheap when it comes to jewelery, I wanted to get something as close to free as possible. And I did! I only spent $2 and got a really pretty pair of earrings! If you want more details about what I ordered and my experience with BaubleBar, click below! Or you could watch the video, both are good.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 2015 Julep Maven - It Girl Plus Add-Ons! - Unboxing and Swatches!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great weekend! It's been cold, but the sun's been peeking out here and there, so it's not all bad. I'm recovering slowly but surely and each day has been a little better than the last. Yay!

For this post, I want to show you guys what I got in my January 2015 Julep Maven box! I've skipped the last couple months since the polish colors didn't really interest me, but there were a few colors I wanted this month, plus I had enough points to get another polish for free, PLUS there was special offer where you could get a Metamorphic top coat for free in your January box so...why not? Five (potential; I was worried I wouldn't get the Metamorphic top coat but I'll about that more later) Julep polishes for $20 is a pretty good deal!
As always (well, almost always), I have a video about my Juelp Maven box. Otherwise, click below to see what I got, along with swatches!
Jam packed with fun! Hopefully...

Mall Of America Haul! - Urban Outfitters, F21, and More!

Hello! Hope you're having a good Thursday! It is cold and snowy here, but the sun is out, so that's nice at least. I'm actually not feeling 100%; I had a biopsy done on Wednesday and it's taking me a little longer to recover than I thought. It's more irritating than anything at this point, but I am in pain and moving around makes it worse.

But blogging (and then being able to clean up around my desk afterwards...) makes me happy, so here I am! Last weekend, my husband and I ended up with a Saturday off together, so we made the slightly bad decision to go to the Mall of America! We try to avoid the Mall around the holiday season because it's nuts. Near Christmas, it starts to get so packed that they actually have to turn people away. Basically, the higher you have to park in the parking ramps, the busier it's going to be. We didn't have to go all the way to the top (we've had to a few times; once we weren't even sure we'd find a spot there but we got lucky) and once you actually get into the Mall, it's not so bad. It's so big inside that it rarely gets cramped.

We mostly went to get the lunch specials at Benihana (don't laugh; the Lunch Boat is really tasty!) and exchange some Christmas presents, but, like always, we ended up with more than we expected!
Feel free to watch my video, or click below to see what I got!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Post-Christmas 2014 Haul! - What I Bought With My Christmas Money!

Hello! Hope you're having a good day! I'm trying to get a little rest and relaxation in before work starts again on Monday (I ended up with a whole weekend off; very rare!). We're doing inventory, which is probably my least favorite thing to do ever, but once it's done, it's done for at least another six months, so there's that silver lining.

We're well into the New Year now, and I think all the holiday craziness is finally on it's last legs. I think all the after Christmas sales have finally come to a close, which is sad because I like good deals, but also nice since that means smaller crowds of grouchy people. I've pretty much used all of my Christmas money (...there were things I was waiting to buy until I got it so a lot of it was already earmarked) though I still have some gift cards floating around. I wanted to share with you guys some of the things I ended up getting (though technically this is a "Part I" since I just had another round of retail therapy yesterday, but I'm going to do that separately); some of these deals are still available, though some unfortunately are not.
Per usual, I have a video of the things I got! You may notice that my hair is significantly lighter; part of my Christmas money went towards a root touch-up/refresh!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sparkle Baby Palette - First Impressions & Swatches!

Hello! We're a few days into the New Year now, and hopefully things have settled back into a nice routine. I like holidays, but I don't like how everything is all messed up and busy and hectic. I much prefer things to be more on the boring, mundane side. Sad, I know.

For this post, I wanted to do a written version of my Sparkle Baby first impressions and swatches video.
I'm actually going a little out of order in my posts since I actually put up the Post-Christmas Haul before this first impressions and swatches, but I wanted to do this one now since I used this palette now and have a little more to add.
Click below to see what I thought about this palette, along with swatches!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2014!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great start to the new year! I am sick. Yay. I've been feeling icky for the last week or so; I feel like I've been fighting something and slowly but surely losing the battle. I kind of want to just give in and be sick and be done with it instead of this drawn out semi-functionality.

So let's talk about fun things! Like what I got for Christmas this year! My family loves to give presents, so we're all rather generous with each other. My mom especially always goes out of her way to get exactly what I want, no matter how obscure or hard to get it is. I love seeing what other people got for the holidays, so I wanted to contribute my own loot!
As usual, I already have a video made; actually, I hope these are embedding right. They always look kind of cut off in the preview and I don't normally view my blog as it appears to the public. Hmm. I assume Blogger knows how big Youtube videos are since they're both owned by Google.

This isn't everything I got; it's just the highlights. I got a lot of gift cards (I actually have another video and will make another post showing what I used those gift cards for!), candy/treats, and household stuff that I don't really show because I think that would be kind of boring. I also got a ton of pajama pants because I somehow managed to pretty much destroy all my other ones (seriously, I was down to one pair of jammies that didn't have a hole in them). I also show a few more of the littler things I got in my video than I will in this post; again, I want this to be more of a highlight reel.