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Urban Decay - Vice 3 Palette - First Impressions and Swatches!

Hello! I am marathoning blog posts today! I hope it's not too overwhelming; I always feel weird posting a ton of Youtube videos at once, but I think it's different with blog posts (I don't think there's anyone who gets notified when I make a new post, so I'm not inadvertently blowing up someone's inbox or anything).

I wanted to take a more in-depth look at the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette I recently purchased. I'm pretty late to game with this palette, and I'm actually kind of surprised I was still able to get one easily since I think the other Vices sold out pretty quickly. This palette has been reviewed and swatched to death already, but I loved it so much, I wanted to contribute my thoughts as well. I've used this palette a good amount of times now, so this will be more of a review than just a first impressions, but since I haven't used all the shades yet, it's not a complete review.
I actually did a video about my legit first impressions/first time swatching this palette if you're interested in seeing that. ...my nose gets kind of shiny near the end which is a little embarrassing, but I rarely if ever do true first impressions since I like to take pictures before I make videos so I wanted to leave it as is.
So, I never really intended to buy this palette. I thought it was pretty cool when it first came out, and I watched a bunch of first impression/swatch/review videos, but I didn't really feel like dropping the $60 for it since I have a ton of eyeshadow already. I ended up getting a $50 Visa gift card from my old job for Christmas and I went to Ulta with the intention of buying either the Lorac Party palette or the Urban Decay Shadowbox palette and ended up with this instead. And boy am I happy I did! The Lorac Party palette is pretty and sparkly, but the colors started to fade even while I was still shopping (I swatched them on my hand). The Shadowbox palette is also really nice, but between all my other Urban Decay palettes, I had doubles (even triples) of some of the colors already. The Vice 3 palette was on the expensive side at $60, but the shadows were bigger and all 20 are exclusives so it ended up being a better bang for my buck. Again, super happy I went with the Vice 3 over the other two!
This is what the cover of the box looks like; it reminds me of a city street at night, with all the neon and cars whizzing by. Very cool.
The back of the box talks more about the palette and it shows all 20 colors. I always think it's weird that people destroy products to take pictures, but it does make it much more visually interesting.
The palette also comes in it's own little travel bag! I thought this was a nice touch; a lot of my higher-end makeup (Becca, Marc Jacobs) come in their own baggies, so it makes this palette feel a little more luxe. Also, it's a pretty nice bag, too, so I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it.
Here it is in all it's shiny glory! It's very reflective and it's a bit of a fingerprint magnet. You can kind of see how it's already a little smeared and this was before I even swatched anything. It's made of plastic, which is much nicer than cardboard palettes (though not at nice as the Too Faced metal ones) and it closes magnetically. The Vice logo thing is raised and it's very tactically pleasing.
The back of the palette is equally shiny and fingerprint prone; it's also lime green! I used to love lime green; I still do like it, I just tend to wear it less now. A lot less. My camera freaked out a little because it was so bright and limey, so I tried to color adjust it as best as I could.
And here's what it looks like open! Ooh, pretty! The whole top part is a mirror, which is nice, and it can stand up on it's own so you can actually use it. As I said, there are 20 shades in this palette and they are all exclusives (though I think Last Sin was recently featured in something else, but I don't remember). You also get the standard dual-sided Urban Decay brush. A lot of people say they don't like these brushes and, while I wouldn't pay $20 for them new (though I assume the individual brushes are nicer), I think they're a nice inclusion. Urban Decay says this palette is organized in vertical quads (so the four shades in each column are supposed to "go together") with a more neutral look on the left, moving onto jewel tones in the center, and ending with a smokey eye look on the right. I do like that there was thought put into how these shades are arranged; VintageOrTacky kind of talked about how it's helpful for people less skilled with colors to have a visual organization like this. It's a suggestion, but it also leaves you free to create whatever look you want. I feel like there is a great variety of shades in this palette and you can make a ton of different looks without having to use anything else. I maybe would have liked more crazy colors, but that's because I have too many palettes the way it is and already own a lot of neutrals.

This isn't a true first impressions since I already did that in my video, and I have used a lot of these shades, but I haven't used them all (on my eyes at least; I've swatched them all a few times now) so it's not really a true review, either. I'm going to go by columns, following how Urban Decay organized these colors, and give you my thoughts on each, along with some swatches. I'm also going to include the shade descriptions Urban Decay gives each color in parenthesis after the color name.
So we'll start with the neutrals! This is "quad", there is Truth ("pale pink-nude matte"), Undone ("pink-beige matte-satin with subtle floating tonal pearl"), Downfall ("warm light brown matte"), and DTF (which means a rude thing and makes me giggle, also a "taupe matte with subtle floating pearl"). This is the "neutral" quad and it includes some great transitioning shades as well. These shades lean more on the matte side, though an Urban Decay matte is more like a satin. I much, much prefer satin shadows over mattes, so I'm happy with that.
These are swatches of the first "quad" in the same order they appear in the column. These are all dry swatches over unprimed skin (also ignore my injury; I got into a disagreement with a box at work. It's now in the trash compactor so I ended up winning, but I do bear some wounds). Truth is one of my least favorite shades in this palette, and it's one of the shades that performs like a matte. I found all of these first four shades to be kind of crumbly in the pan, but sans Truth, they all applied well with little to no fall out. I do like the other three shades and I think they all work well together. You can kind of see what I mean about Urban Decay "mattes"; Downfall and DTF are described as mattes, but you can see they apply more like Undone, a satin.
Next up we have some pretty cool-toned jewel-tones! In this "quad" is Dragon ("bright metallic green shimmer"), Freeze ("metallic medium blue with multidimensional micro-glitter"), Heroine (not sure if they mean the drug or the lady-hero; it can be hard to tell with Urban Decay. This is a "deep navy blue with subtle floating tonal pearl"), and Brokedown ("metallic golden brown shimmer with gold micro-glitter"). Bam, right to the metallics and colors! I love metallic eyeshadows; I think they blend great and I just love the shimmer. With the exception of Heroine, these are all great metallic shades; I actually did a look using Freeze and Heroine because blue eyeshadow.
Here's the swatch, same order as the column above. Again, I love Dragon, Freeze, and Brokedown, but Heroine leaves a little to be desired. This performs kind of like a matte shadow that has glitter in it, and I'm not really a fan of that kind of texture. It was a little on the crumbly side, which can be dangerous with such a deep, pigmented color. It's okay for a neutral/pale color to have a bit of fallout, but it can be tricky with a dark color. I didn't have much of an issue when I did use it, so maybe the crumbles don't transfer to the lid, similar to how the first quad is crumbly in the pan but not when applied.
This is the weakest "quad" in my opinion; I've seen other eyeshadow trios/quads/quints in these kinds of colors, but I never really "get it". Burgundy and gold is a very pretty color combo, but it can feel a little forced (than again, I pair orange/peach with purple all the time because reasons. Also it's pretty). And then you get a bright white which I think is a good addition to the palette as a whole, but again feels out of place in this "quad". From top to bottom we have Vanity (which looks way more purple on the sample image on the Urban Decay website... it's a "smoky metallic eggplant with multidimensional micro-glitter"), Lucky ("metallic bronze"), Reign ("rich brown satin"), and Bobby Dazzle ("metallic white with pale gold micro-glitter"). I love the color combo of Lucky and Reign, but then again, I'm a sucker for gold/bronze shadows. I can see how you could do a look with this but that white just really feels out of place (not sure where else it would go, though, so maybe this is a "throwaway round").
Again, this is swatched in the order of the column and over bare skin. I think all these colors performed well and were nicely pigmented. Bobby Dazzle was a little more sheer, but I think that's expected of a white shadow. I like using Bobby Dazzle as my inner corner highlight; even though there is glitter in it, it's not excessively sparkly.
This is probably my favorite "quad", mostly because of Sonic. These shades were actually part of the reason why I ended up going with the palette! We have Alien ("pink-peach w/golden shift"), Alchemy ("deep fuchsia satin"), Bondage ("deep, smoky burgundy shimmer"), and Sonic (which is probably the best shade in here... it's a "metallic red-copper"). These are more of what I was looking for in a palette; unique, bright colors unlike a lot of what I already own! I think all these shades are gorgeous, but seriously. Sonic.
Since these are all satins/metallics, they swatch and apply beautifully. Not sure why Bondage looks more brown here; it's definitely a burgundy color in real life. I don't know what it is that draws me to red/copper colors, but. Sonic. Again. Gorgeous. Haha, not much more to say about this quad, really. Pretty. Shiny. Good.
Finally, we have the smokey eye "quad". These shadows lean more greigh/taupe, which is kind of refreshing for a smokey eye. These colors feel similar to the ones in the Naked2 palette, though again, these are all technically new. There is Last Sin ("champagne shimmer with silver micro-glitter"), Angel ("light taupe with silver micro-glitter"), Defy ("smoky taupe satin"), and Revolver ("soft black satin with subtle floating iridescent pearl"). I think these shades play well with the rest of the palette, similar to the neutral "quad". Actually, I feel like this is the cooler version of the neutral "quad", but with more shimmer. The shade I'm not a fan of in this quad is Revolver, which makes me think I'm not a fan of that "floating pearl" look.
And here's the swatch. Again, these are cooler shades so you really do get a look of versatility with this palette. For being the "darkest" shadow (I wouldn't call it the penultimate darkest, but as far as a black/charcoal color goes it's the darkest) in this palette, Revolver is a little underwhelming. It's like a cool charcoal color and not all that dark so if you're one of those people who needs a good black, you will have to supplement this palette. If you don't though, there are a ton of options and you won't need to add anything else. Defy was also a little on the patchier side, but I think that's because it's more of a matte/satin and I just don't like those as much as the metallics.

And that's my first impression/review/swatchfest of the the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette! This ended up being a really awesome palette and I'm very, very happy I bought it! If you've been on the fence about, I'd say do it; $60 is a little bit of an investment at first, but you do get 20 good sized shadows and a dual-ended brush so I think it's totally worth it, especially if you don't have a lot of eye shadow to begin with since this is a really versatile palette. This is all probably old news and if you ever where interested in this palette you probably already own it, but I'm not sure how much longer it's going to be available and I don't want anyone to miss out on it!

Thanks for reading! <3

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