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Sephora VIB & Ulta Haul! - Dermalogica, OPI, Burt's Bees, and More!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great start to December! Hard to believe we're already here and so close to the winter holidays and the new year. I wish that that also meant we were almost done with winter, but alas, we'll probably have to put up with it until at least March.

Once again I find myself behind the times when it comes to getting my blog posts up, and I really have no excuse. I didn't even do anything for Thanksgiving (seriously; we were going to try and get Chinese food but the place we go to was closed and we have the sneaking suspicion that it's closed for good which is extremely depressing) and Black Friday ended up being pretty chill.

I think I'm over my NoBuy since I have a regular paycheck again, but I do still want to try and keep my spending down since I really, really don't need any more makeup. Probably ever. I especially do not need any more nail polish. I asked for a nail polish rack for Christmas and, if I end up getting it, I'm going to limit my polish collection to what will fit on the rack. It's one of those 120+ bottle racks so...I should be good on that front.

That being said, I have a haul! I got a bunch of stuff from Ulta and the Sephora VIB sale (I actually only got one thing from the VIB sale) since I got my first paycheck!
Ulta had a lot of fun gift sets and sales and Sephora VIBs got 20% off pretty much everything and they have a nail polish that I basically needed.
I think I'll start with the Sephora VIB stuff since it's less (and I think that's what I started with in my video, too). My Sephora had another special shopping party for VIB Rouges only and, even though I knew I wasn't going to spend much, I went. With any purchase, you would get a special tote and bracelet.
The tote was alright; I think the previous one (the red one with the legs and shopping bags) was a whole lot cuter. It's probably just me, but the lipstick kind of reminds me of a rude object. Again, probably just me.
And this is the little bracelet we got. I like the subtlety of it; it's clearly Sephora-themed, but you wouldn't know it right away. I've never heard of Shashi before, but it was a cute gift.
Annnnnd this is what I got! This is Alchemy, the special holiday nail polish from Formula X for Sephora.
It's super pretty; from far away it looks like you're wearing a shimmery gold/rose gold polish but when you look at it up close, it's made up of a ton of different colors of shimmer. I wouldn't call it "glittery", but it does pack a punch.
I also got a mini polish for 100 points! I have a bunch of points from the special match game promo Sephora had in October, so I figured why not.
This is A+; it's like a raspberry creme color. It's a little on the plain-side since it's sans-sparkle, but it's a pretty color.
Here they are swatched: left is A+ and right is Alchemy. This picture kind of shows the different colors as well as the overall effect, but I would highly recommend looking at this polish in-store if you have a chance to. It's difficult to capture how gorgeous it is in a picture.

And then I got a bunch of stuff from Ulta! Including more nail polish. Because I need more. Except not really. Ulta had a buy 2 for $16 deal on OPI polishes and you got a free cheetah print infinity scarf.
I got Rollin' In Cashmere from the Gewn Stefani holiday collection because I love gold polish (I didn't want to shell out the cash for the 18k gold top coat, especially since I already have a real gold top coat).
I had a tough time deciding what to get for my second polish; all the colors are pretty and I have a lot of polish. Every time I would pick one up, I would marvel at the color, then think of the other polishes in my collection that were pretty much the same.
I ended up getting Don't Be Such A Buda-pest! because I liked the cool-toned purple color. I was torn between this and Do You Liliac It; they're very similar except this one is more cool and the Lilac is more on the warm side.
After I got home, I thought of a bunch more OPI polishes that I've been meaning to get (Mod About You and/or Bubblebath for starters) but I'm happy with my colors.
The scarf is on the thin side, but it's cute and I'm happy to have it! Also, I think this is the only infinity scarf I own...

Everything else I got was either for my skin or hair. I don't need anymore make-up, but with winter in full swing, I'm pretty much dry all over.
I thought this Burt's Bees set would be perfect for my poor, chapped hands and dry feet. I also really love the lemon cuticle butter and needed another one anyways (my Fortune Cookie Soap one got really hard and it's not as emollient anymore). My hands get tore up in the winter, so I will get a ton of use out of the hand creams. I liked that the foot cream wasn't peppermint; I'm just not a fan of peppermint pretty much anything. Except maybe gum. The only thing I probably won's use is the chapstick, but I can easily give that to my mom or something.
This picture is mostly just to give you more info about all the stuff included in this set. It's a really good set, especially if you have issues with dry hands like I do.
Continuing with the body care/foot theme, I got this 4-in-1 foot brush. Thing. I wanted a buffer to use in the shower (I find pumice stones to be a little too harsh) and because I love multi-use products, I was attracted to this guy. Not sure how good it will be, but it was super cheap (cheaper than the buffer alone) and it has a pumice stone, buffer, rasp, and brush.

Moving up, we'll stop at my face next!
I got a Dermalogical "Our Favorites" set! I actually got my first facial ever recently and they used all Dermalogical products. I was so impressed, I wanted to give the rest of the line a try. I was also told the PreCleanse, which is a cleansing oil, was amazing and I didn't want to invest in the full size right off the bat (it's $38) and, since it was included in this set (which was only $35), I figured this would be the better choice.
Here's a better close-up of the five products included in the set. In the back there is the Multi-Active Toner and the PreCleanse and in the front is the Gentle Cream Exfoliant, Skin Hydrating Booster, and SkinPerfect Primer.
Also, here they are listed on the back. With sizes! Since the travel-size of the PreCleanse retails for $9.50, I would assume the other travel-size products are worth about $9.50 each, which makes this kit valued at $47.50, which is pretty good since I paid $35 for the set. If the PreCleanse is totally awesome, I'm going to buy the full size of it for sure. Not sure about the other products, though. Dermalogica is a bit on the expensive side, but if it's worth it, then it's worth it!
I got some free gifts with my purchase! I got a powder blue makeup bag...
And three more Dermalogica samples from the AgeSmart line.
I don't care how old you are, you are never too old to use anti-aging products. It's become a pet peeve of mine when I hear people say "Oh, I'm only 25. I don't need to worry about anti-aging". Except you do. It's very, very difficult to reverse the signs of aging but it's not too hard to help prevent them from showing up in the first place. (I will admit, I used to be that type of person and I really regret it. There are a lot of fine-lines I could have prevented if I had used the right products).

Continuing with my face, I got some new Konjac sponges!
Ever since I got a konjac sponge in a Julep Mystery Box (I think it was a mystery box...), I've been interested in using one in my everyday face-care routine. My Julep one needed to get tossed (I think they only last a few months at the most) and I never got around to getting another one. There are a few different kinds on the market, but these EcoTools ones are the least expensive I've found. I really like and trust the EcoTools brand, so I'm hoping these will be just as good as my Julep one (and just as good as the $15ish Boscia ones). EcoTools had a buy 1 get 1 50% deal, so I got the sensitive skin sponge and the regular one.

One more face (eye, technically) product!
This was more on impulse than anything else...this is the Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigment in the color Forest Fatale.

The Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigments were on sale for like $3.50 and since I love the Color Tattoo cream bases so much, I thought I would like these, too. I actually got two other colors, but I returned them after reading reviews online. Apparently, these are not very good, which would explain why they were on sale. I kept this one because it looked okay in the swatches I saw and most people said this was on the okay side.

And finally, hair products! Ulta had a bunch of travel-size hair things on sale for $3 (they still have them on sale, though stock might be pretty low) and you guys know I can't resist inexpensive travel-sizes.
 I got the Small Talk styling cream and Urban Anti-Dotes Recovery conditioner from Bed Head by TIGI. The Small Talk mini retails for $10 originally, so I couldn't pass that up. I've been exploring my conditioner options so I figured I'd give this guy a try.
I also got a Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner from Healthy Sexy Hair. The other products in this line have argan oil in them, but I'm pretty sure this one doesn't. You can never have enough leave-in conditioner if you have dry, curly hair!
And finally, speaking of curly hair, I got a Ouidad product. On sale! I have no clue how old this is or even how to use it (it's like a weekly treatment for color treated hair) but look at how on sale it was:
Dang! I love the Ouidad line and it's about the only thing I've found that I really like for my curly hair, so for $3.29, I'm willing to take the risk. It's even still sealed! Exciting.

And that's everything! Maybe a little more than I should have gotten, but like I said, I got a lot of good deals and my first paycheck and I feel like these are all very useful products (...except for the pigment).

Thanks for reading! <3

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