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Memebox Superbox #71 - My Cute Wishlist 4 - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you're all having a safe and sane holiday season! It's getting kind of crazy out there, and I think it's starting to wear on people.

For this post, I want to show you guys what I got in my Memebox Superbox #71 My Cute Wishlist 4! This is one of the more popular types of Memeboxes, though people have been a bit disappointed in numbers 2 and 3 (My Cute Wishlist #1 was pretty awesome, though!). Like many people, I love cute things, and I missed out when this box first went up since it went so quickly. I had a bad day (issues with the dentist, mostly) and was feeling kind of down, so I told myself that if, when I checked next it was in stock, I would buy it. And it was and I did!
I made a video about this box which I have embedded here because technology is pretty cool like that, but if you want to keep reading and see some more close-up pics of what I got, then click below!
A slightly different pink box this time...
Quick info about Memebox: it is a Korean subscription service (I think it's basically THE Korean subscription service and was so super popular there that they brought it to the U.S.), though it's technically not a subscription. You can pick and choose which boxes you want based on the theme of the box (the contents are generally a mystery). The range in price from about $15-$32, though shipping is not included. There are also value sets you can get where Memebox will combine shipping on two or more boxes and give you a free upgrade to express shipping, which is nice. Right now, there are some changes with Memebox, so they haven't had the selection of boxes they normally do (not sure if this is a permanent thing or just because of the holiday season). You can also purchase individual products from the Memebox Shop; some products you order directly from Korea while others are actually stocked in the U.S. and are for U.S. customers only (kind of like JBox/JList if you're familiar with that site). From what I've read about the recent boxes, people have been a little unhappy; it seems like Memebox is trying to clear out their old stock of items by putting them in boxes, disregarding themes and what-not. A lot of products are duped between boxes and some are reaching their expiration dates. I might wait to order another box until after the New Year, but we'll see.
Here's a quick overview of everything that came in my Cute Wishlist 4 Superbox! Overall, I'm very happy with it, though there are a few dupe products that were in other boxes and on sale in the Memebox Shop, so some people might have gotten doubles of things.
Because Memebox sends you Korean products, much of the product info on the packaging is in Korean. Luckily, Memebox sends you info cards with descriptions and directions on how to use the products! They also list the retail values of the products, but some people have said that these can be quite inaccurate. I will say that you are never promised a specific value of products in a box, so as long as you get at least what you paid for, I don't mind so much. I'll go in order of the products on my info card so it will be easier to follow along (there's a back side to it, but I'll post that after these first four).
So I'll start with my Tonymoly Apple Red Tox Honey Cream! This fits in with the "cute" theme for obvious reasons. My poor apple got a little roughed up in the mail, though. It came wrapped in bubblewrap to protect it, but the stem ended up breaking. It also leaked a bit, but because it was wrapped up so well it didn't get on anything else. Normally, this product comes in a plastic box, but I think Memebox took it out to better pack this box.
It comes with the standard Tonymoly protector-thing and it also comes with a little scoop! I didn't get a picture of the cream itself, but it's a semi-translucent off-white color, similar to what the inside of a real apple looks like. This product also smells amazing. Normally, I don't like apple-scented things since they tend to smell sour and fake, but this has a very authentic and sweet (probably due to the honey) apple scent. According to the info card, this is made from red apple and honey and it is a daily facial cream. It's very moisturizing and the scent is light and dissipates pretty quickly, so it's quite pleasant to use. My only issue with it is that it is a potted face cream, which means you have to dig it out so it's kind of annoying to use (though one of the differences between Korean and U.S. skincare is that Koreans tend to take more time and really take advantage of their products. In the U.S. it seems like we're always trying to do things faster, and not always for the better). Since this is a Superbox, all the products are full sized (...kind of. It will come up later); this products has a listed value of $12, though it was featured in another Memebox and it was recently on sale in the shop for $5.
Next up is the Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick in Sour Lemon Candy. You could have also gotten Seedless Strawberry or Oh! Orange Candy. Etude House is a very well known Korean beauty brand and many of their products are both cute and high quality. This product was actually part of the first My Cute Wishlist box so yay for me but boo for the people who got that box.
This product is enriched with billberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, and lemon extracts. It looks super yellow in the tube, but it actually applies more pink on your lips (I think it has that water-reactive dye in it). It smells great and I like how it applied to my hand (I haven't tried it on my lips yet), but it is a little bulky for a lip balm. That's the price you pay for cute, I suppose. Memebox lists the value of this at $5.
This next product is kind of a two-for-one, but kind of not. We got a pair of facial creams in what I think are sample size pots.
There is only 5ml in each pot and, based on what I've read in other reviews, is that the value Memebox put on the card, $24, is for the bigger size and not for these little guys. Since this is a Superbox, all the products are supposed to be full sized, which makes me curious if these aren't purchasable "travel sizes". If not, then I do feel kind of cheated since "all full sizes" is supposed to be guarantee with Superboxes (regular Memeboxes have a mixture of full and sample sizes).

These facial creams actually sound really nice, so it makes me sad that we got such a small size of each. The Vita-Whitening Aqua Gel is "made from vitamin-rich rosehip extracts for softening and firming, niacinamide for brightening, and cactus extracts for moisture boost" (quoted directly from the info card). The Puregreen Moisturizing Cream is "enriched with royal jelly extracts, cactus extracts, bean oil complex, sea buckthorn berries, and birch tree sap" (again, from the info card). As far as "cuteness" goes, I think the small size of these products and the funny little pictures work with this theme (though admittedly, a lot of Asian skincare products have cute illustrations and using that as a criteria for what should be included in a "cute" themed box is not very exclusive).
Finally (at least for this side of the card) is the ddung Liquid Eye Liner in black. This is the first product I've ever gotten from ddung, though I know it's been in other boxes, including the other Cute Wishlists. I can see why they included this because of the doll mascot, but again, if that's the criteria you're going to use as to what to included in a "cute" themed Asian beauty box, you have a ton of options. This seems like a pretty basic black liquid eyeliner and it has a brush applicator. I swatch it in my video, so if you're curious how it looks, you can see it there. I'm a little concerned with the date printed on the front of the box, especially after hearing that Memebox has been putting products in their boxes that are close to their expiration date. A lot of times, the date on the package (for Korean products) is when the product was manufactured, not when it expires, but, since this box shipped at the end of November, I don't think that's what this date is. I can't tell if this product is supposed to expire this December, or maybe 12/23/16 (based on the numbers below it). As long as it doesn't smell off or change texture, though, it should be okay to use. Memebox lists the value of this product as $12.

And that's the front of the card! But wait, there's more!
Four more products to be exact!
First product on this side of the card is a tube of Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Black Head Steam Starter, which is a very long product name! Holika Holika is another Korean brand I am very familiar with, at least name-wise, but one I haven't tried much from before. This is a blackhead-targeting cleanser/mask (you leave it on for 3 minutes, so it's kind of in-between a cleanser and a mask) with an "aloe vera complex". As far as the "cute" factor goes (since this is a "cute"-themed box), I think this is pretty cute. Also, I think pigs are considered a "cute" animal in Korea, so I feel like this is similar to something like what a "bunny-nose" product would be in the U.S. Memebox says this product has a value of $6.
Next I got a Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack in Milk! I've never used a lip mask before, but since I'm mask-obsessed, I was super excited to get this! There are a few different types of these lip masks, but in this box everyone got the Milk version. This lip mask is "abundant in milk protein extracts for strengthening the moisture level and reviving the juicy glow of your lips".
Also, if you have two, you can use them on your nipples. The little infographic made me giggle. This is a gel-type mask that you put on your lips (or nipples) for 15-30 minutes. You look really creepy wearing it (the picture on the front of the pack is very accurate) and you can't talk while it's on. I was so excited about this product that I already used it and, to be honest, I didn't notice much of a difference. I will say I have extremely dry lips and struggle with keeping them exfoliated and moisturized on a good day so I might need something more intense than the Milk version. I'm intrigued enough to give some of the other types a try, though! Memebox says this has a value of $1 (so I will totally buy more). As far as fitting in with the "cute" theme of the box, this one is pretty far out there. No cute mascots or anything and not really a product that comes to mind when you think "cute". "Unique", maybe, but not "cute".
This is another product I was super excited to get! This is another Pure Smile product; the Snail Hand Cream in Milk. One of the things I love about Korean/Asian skincare is the cutting-edge/weird ingredients they have. They're not afraid to experiment and if something works, they'll use it. I'm open to using pretty much anything as skincare as long as it works and it's not harmful. This is a hand cream with snail-slime and milk protein extracts! I've always wanted to try a snail slime product since they're supposed to be great for your skin. There are some other products in the Memebox store with snail slime and bee venom which sound awesome, but I've been on the fence about ordering them. But now I get to try something with snail slime! And it's a hand cream, which is great for me since my hands gets really dry and gross in the winter and my current job exacerbates the problem (we have antibacterial soap at work which is super drying and, when we do shipments, my hands and nails get super beat up). "Cute"-wise, I think it's a cute bottle, but again, this one is more on the "unique" side. Memebox gives this product a value of $5.
Finally, we got another Tonymoly product: the Egg Pore Nose Pack. This is a set of seven Nose Packs that have a "charcoal and egg complex" to deal with all the things that can go wrong with the pores on your nose.
I like that there are seven single-use packs, so this will be nice for traveling and what-not. I believe these are similar to those Biore nose strips where you wet them, let them dry on your nose, then pull them off, pulling all the gunk out. I remember using those in high school and being intrigued/disgusted with all the stuff it pulled out of my pores. This is another not really cute product and I'm not too keen on getting another blackhead-targeting item. Memebox gives this a value of $4.

So overall, I got eight products, all of which are supposed to be full sized. The two face creams really seem like sample sizes to me, but on the plus side Memebox did give us two and counted it as one. Value-wise, according to Memebox, this box is worth $69, which is pretty low for a Superbox. Again, the Apple Red Tox cream has been on sale for $5 and I'm not convinced the face creams are worth $24, so even that might be an overestimate. I payed $23.99 (I think...) plus shipping for this box so, while I did get more than what I paid for, and I do like these products and will definitely use them, I feel a little...unsatisfied. As I said before, I'm probably going to wait until after the New Year before I start buying boxes again because, hopefully, Memebox will have some exciting new things and will go back to the way they were before.

Thanks for reading! <3

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