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December 2014 Ipsy Bag! - Thinking Of You - Unbagging and Review!

Hello! It's hard to believe today is already Christmas Eve! There are two "seasonal time markers" in my life; my birthday in July and Christmas, and it seems like my birthday was only a month or two ago. It's very true that the older you get, the faster time goes by. Which is a little frightening, honestly.

So...that was kind of a weird way to introduce this post, but this is going to be my December 2014 Ipsy unbagging! I've been with Ipsy for over a year now and while I'm still enjoying it, I am starting to feel a little of that "1 Year Itch" I seem to get with subscription services.
You can watch my video on Youtube, or you can click below to keep reading and see what I got!
Ah, the ubiqutious metallic hot pink mailer. Love it.
Quick Ipsy fun facts: $10 a month shipping included; a different cosmetic bag every month; 4-6 samples, normally 5, mixture of well-known brands and less common ones, mixture of drugstore and high-end, usually get 2-3x more than what you paid.
This is the bag for December! Kind of boring with the plain black satiny material, but I like the different shape. The Ipsy heart charm, however, is adorable!
It's the little things like this that makes you think Ipsy really puts effort into this service.
As with most subscription services, Ipsy does come with an info card, though it doesn't really have much info. On the front it has a graphic (the last few months it's been a picture of some bloggers, before that it was vector graphics) involving the theme (which is generally associated with a holiday/festival/celebration which occurs in that month, though the products don't really adhere to it)...
And on the back it basically tells you how to pimp your bag out on social media. To get the information, included prices and where to buy, on the items in your bag, you can check in your Glam Room. You can also review the items you got to a. earn rewards points (though it takes so long to earn them, you can't really do anything with them) and b. let Ipsy know what you like/dislike so they can customize your bag (only to a degree, though. You'll still get stuff you said you didn't like and you won't always get things you say you love. There have been times where there's been a nail polish and I had not gotten it). Ipsy also shows all the items that could have been in your bag that month to tease you and to show you all the discounts that are available.
Since I am a very organization-orientated person, I like to go in the order things are in my bag. So I'll start with the Cailyn Cosmetics Just Mineral Eye Polish. This is a 100% raw mineral powder pigment; it's basically a loose eyeshadow. Everyone got the same color, #5 Orchid, which is nice since it's a very neutral color that will go well with pretty much all skintones. I've gotten a few Cailyn products before, all through Ipsy, and I haven't been the most impressed. They're all pretty much the same weird shape with a long neck and trapezoid-shaped bottle and they're bulky and hard to store. I also feel like Cailyn is one of those brands that is more drugstore tier but is trying to charge mid/high-end prices. I'm not 100% sure since I couldn't find the measurements of the full size item on the website, but I think this is the full size product and it's worth $15. To be honest, I much prefer my indie pigments and if I were to buy a more mainstream loose eyeshadow, I would get a few of the NYX ones. They're only $3-4 and you get a ton of product and they're nice and compact (though it can be difficult to get the product out. I poured mine into some little jars). This is nice, just not $15 nice.
Next I got the Coolway Boost Repair Treatment. I've seen other people get Coolway products in Ipsy bags before (and Birchbox, too. I think. Hmm.) but this is the first time I've gotten one. This is a hair treatment mask that has "ionized amino acids and botanical extracts" to "eliminate damage from chemicals and heat tools" and it has been "clinically tested to reduce hair breakage by 75% and strengthen hair up to 4 times". I always feel a little leery when products talk about clinical studies; you never know what the sample size was, what the clinical setting was like, and what measure they used. For all I know, they could have taken 30 volunteers, had them use the product once, then ask them afterwards what they thought. I do have chemically treated hair, so I can benefit from a product like this, but I already have a ton of other hair masks I'm trying to get through so I might give this one away. The full size is 8oz for $29.95 so this 1.3oz sample is worth (actually, now that I'm looking at my picture, it says it's only 1oz. My Glam Room had it listed as a 1.3oz sample. Another hmm.) about $4.87.
Next up is a deluxe sample of the Nourish Organic Renewing Eye Cream. Unfortunately, this is another Nourish Organic product with argan oil in it so I'm not able to use it. Sad. It does sound like it would be a good eye cream since it also has avocado oil and shea butter, but I will have to pass this on to my mom. I wasn't able to fins this anywhere on the Nourish Organic website, so I'm not sure if this is a newer product, a discontinued product, or if I just missed it (all of which are in the realm of possibility). No clue how big the full size is or what it cost, but this 0.7fl oz size sample is quite big for an eye cream sample.
To the best of my knowledge, everyone got one of these in their bags this month. This is the NYX Butter Lip Balm! I surprisingly haven't tried these yet, but it seems like a really nice tinted balm. There were four different colors: Red Velvet, Parfait, Marshmallow, and Lady Fingers. I ended up with Parfait, a fuchsia with blue undertones, and I'm very happy with the color.
The top swatch is the Cailyn pigment and the bottom is a few swipes of the NYX Butter Lip Balm. It's a pretty sheer wash of color and I was able to build it up to this intensity with a few passes. It feels very creamy and moisturizing and, even though I have too much lip balm the way it is, this while definitely get used. This is the full sized product and it retails for $4.
Finally, I got a sample of the tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara, which I think everyone got as well. I've used this mascara a few times before and I'm generally okay with it, though I feel like it goes bad very quickly on me. Tarte products tend to be on the more natural side, and their mascara smells funky even when it's brand new, so it's really hard for me to tell if it's gone bad or not based on smell. I generally error on the safe side and toss it out so these don't last me that long. It's supposed to lengthen, curl, volumnize, and condition and it contains olive esters to nourish and protect your lashes. The full size is 0.24fl oz for $20, making this 0.10oz product worth $8.30.

Overall, I got five products in my December 2014 Ipsy bag: two were full size (one for sure was, not sure about the Cailyn pigment) and three were deluxe sized samples. The value of my bag (counting the Cailyn as a full size product and excluding the eye cream) is $32.17, which is over 3x what I paid for the bag. So. Pretty good value! I'm happy with what I got, though I am sad I won't be able to use the eye cream. I'm curious about the hair mask and look forward to using the lip balm.

Thanks for reading! <3

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