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December 2014 Glamour Doll Eyes OTM - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you're all still having a great holiday season! The New Year is coming up fast and then it'll be boring again for a few months. And cold. Don't forget cold. We ended up with a brown Christmas, which is lame since the only really acceptable time for there to be a ton of snow on the ground is Christmas. It snowed like the day after and it looks and feels like winter around here again and it's like, why couldn't that have happened a few days sooner? Sad.

For this post, I want to show you guys the December 2014 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month (OTM from here on out)! I missed when these initially went up and was pretty bummed about it, but Vee had a few extra that she put up and I was able to snag one! It was meant to be, I think.

I do have a video about this OTM, but I was trying out some new lighting and...it didn't turn out so well, so it might now be the most informative to watch. I do have pictures of what I got plus swatches, so you'll be able to see how pretty everything is!
Bubble mailers have become one of my most favorite things!
Quick run down about Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE from now on, because lazy) and their OTMs: GDE is an indie cosmetics company that mostly makes pigments and blushes. The owner, Vee, is super cool and makes some really high quality things! GDE has a very fast turn around time (TAT) and many orders get shipped within a few days of being placed, if not less (I got the shipping notice for my OTM a few hours after buying it). If you're new to the indie scene, GDE is an excellent place to get started. Vee offers a subscription service called "Of The Month"; each month she makes a special color (there is also a special "gift with purchase" color that also changes monthly, but it's different) that's exclusive to the subscription (though older ones can and do become a part of the permanent line). It's $6 a month, plus shipping, which is the cost of a single full sized pigment, but most of the time Vee also includes extras! The subscription service is changing a little in 2015 since Vee is going to use a different service, but currently there are only 100-120 spots open and they go up on the 8th of the month (or the Friday before if the 8th falls on a weekend). They sell out super quick, so it's pretty exciting if you manage to get one! There are 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions available, depending on the time of year (so you can only get 12-month subs in January, 6-month subs June and before, 3-month subs October and before, and 1-month subs all the time).
The December 2014 OTM was a little more expense ($10 including shipping, I think) since there was a ton a stuff in it; and it was totally worth it! Again, I am super happy I was able to get one.
Vee also includes candy with the OTMs and this month, appropriately enough, we got a mini candy cane! I broke this, then ate it. It was good.
Not sure where to start with this OTM since there is so much stuff, so we'll do business/info cards first. GDE always includes their business cards, along with the business cards of anyone they partnered with. We got an accessory from Kawaii Power Up, so we got their business card, too! I love how Vee makes and includes instructional cards with many of her products, so the middle card is a bit of a spoiler for one of the items in the bag (I actually saw a review of this before I ordered mine, so I already knew what was in it).
Here's the back of the Shimmer Me info card and the Kawaii Power Up card. Yay, discounts!
Along with business/special info cards, we get a general info card about all the products in the OTM! Like I said, this month was full of goodies; on the front alone you can see we got two pigments, a lip balm from Coastal Scents, and an accessory!
And here's the back; we also got a travel brush, an Indie Love Pack (which is the coolest thing ever) and a special preview of a brand new GDE product!
I'll start with the accessory, since that's the first thing you see (kind of; the Indie Love Pack doesn't fit in the stocking so it was loose in the bag). You could have gotten a heart or a star and I obviously ended up with a heart! There's a little heart stamped in the upper left and it's made out of a super sparkly holo-silver resin. I apparently don't know how to make these work since I've been having a hard time wearing it and having it look good, but it's super cute.
I'll do the pigments next since they're the whole point of the OTM! The main color this month is Fade To Fall.
Fade To Fall is described as a "mauve pink with a copper shift and a green to gold sparkle". Also ignore that random red string. Hmm.
We also got another pigment, called Vintage Cardigan.
Vintage Cardigan is described as a "muted blue with a golden sheen and copper sparkles". I think I like this one more than Fade To Fall, actually.
Here they are swatched; Fade To Fall on the left, Vintage Cardigan on the right. These are dry swatches over bare skin. I love the combo of these colors; they feel very warm and cozy (Vintage Cardigan is the perfect name!) and I think they look beautiful together.
I'm just going to follow the info card, so the second (third?) extra this month is a Lip Affection Lip Balm from Coastal Scents! It is SPF 15, which is great for winter, and I ended up with Original Obsession (not sure if people did get different scents/flavors, but there are three different ones pictured on the info card). I was a little surprised to see that a company as big as Coastal Scents paired with GDE, but I suppose it makes sense since GDE is besties with Sedona Lace, another larger company.
Speaking of Sedona Lace...we got a travel sized blending brush (the EB09)! This is my first Sedona Lace brush (I think...I'm pretty sure) and I'm excited to give it a try. We also got a code, GLAMOURDOLL for $4 off an order. Yay!
I'm going to skip the Indie Love Pack since I want to do that last (I also skipped the Kawaii Power Up accessory since I did that first), so next is a special full-sized Shimmer Me, a brand new product that will be available on February 18th (tentatively). It's a gel-consistency shimmer/glitter product that you mix with your shadows, use as a topper, use as a highlight; pretty much anything you can think of! Nice. There were a bunch of different colors and I got...
Queen B! It's safe for eyes, lips, and face (I am totes using this as a lip gloss), though it isn't vegan. Queen B is a cooler pink with gold sparkle and it's gorgeous.
So pretty! You really get the gold shimmer in this picture and I had a hard time really capturing the color shifts of this product. It's not always this intensely gold; it's a bit more subtle. This product really reminds me of the NARS Illuminator that I have in consistency and color payoff (though the color is a bit more on the cool side). Very awesome product; I hope the launch goes well!
And now for, what I think, is the best part of this OTM: The Indie Love Pack! This is a pack of six random samples from six random indie companies, out of a pool of eleven. I've heard of some of these companies before, but some I've never ever heard of! I love indie cosmetics, but it can be hard to know who to buy from, and this kind of thing is super helpful!
I ended up with samples that were all kind of in the same color scheme: burgundy and gold. Which is kind of cool, but I think I would have liked a little more variety (though I do love golds!). Going left to right, top to bottom, I got samples of: Kiss My Sass Snow Bunny Cream Highlighter, BFTE Cosmetics Wine Country pigment, Femme Fatale Cosmetics Crimson Fury pigment from the Queen Of Life collection, Chinovi Cosmetics (which I want to purchase from but can't due to Paypal issues) Business pigment, Brija Cosmetics Consulting Detective pigment from the Sherlock Duo (there's also a code, GLAMOUR, for 15% off until Feb.1, 2015 on the back!), and innocent + twisted alchemy Noor pigment. I haven't purchased anything from any of these companies (though there are a few I want to!), so again, really excited to be able to sample some pigments!
Here they are all swatched: left to right is Wine Country, Snow Bunny, Consulting Detective, Noor, Crimson Fury, and Business. I like them all, though Snow Bunny, Noor, Crimson Fury, and Business are my favorites (I also had to write down the order after I swatched them or I knew I would have forgotten which was which...).

And that was the December 2014 Of The Month from Glamour Doll Eyes! Really awesome OTM, well worth the money, and a great way to end the year on a high note! I love this subscription service, though I wish it wasn't so difficult to get in on it. Glamour Doll Eyes is definitely one of my favorite indie cosmetic companies (in fact, it's one of my favorite cosmetics companies in general!) and again, I highly, highly recommend that you check them out!

Thanks for reading! <3

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