Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Super-Duper Little Ulta and Sephora, Uh, Haul!

Hello! It always feel so good to get my desk clutter picked up! If you've been following my vlog, you'll know that I've been on a NoBuy for about a month now due to my changing jobs and needed to scale back my spending on pretty much everything. I have a good "nest egg" of makeup, so I had no need what-so-ever to purchase any more. I thought it would be harder to be on a NoBuy, especially with all the holiday goodies and deals, but it's been pretty smooth sailing. If I see something I like, all I have to do is think about the one (or two or even three) things I have that are basically the same.

That being said, I did make a few purchases. So I guess I technically failed my NoBuy, but I'm okay with that since I feel like I made good choices and I didn't completely blow things out of proportion. With discounts, coupons, points, etc, this whole haul was about $20. It's pretty little, but I did want to show you guys because otherwise I don't really have anything to talk about. Which is kind of sad, actually.
Also, I am seriously loving how easy it is to embed videos. Normally, I hate when my accounts are all connected, but this makes things really convenient.
For this super little haul (haulette?) I ended up placing two orders with Sephora and buying two nail polishes in-store from Ulta. In the month of October, Sephora had a special going where you could play a mini match-making game and get prizes. I think you could try every day, but I wasn't very good at remembering to do it. There were three different types of prizes: a free deluxe-sized sample, 10%, or (and the best prize) 150 bonus points with any order. I ended up getting the 150 bonus points prize three times, though I wasn't able to get the code for the third time due to some annoying things with my web browser and human error. BUT. I was able to take advantage of the offer twice and, since I'm a VIB Rouge, I got free shipping so I bought the cheapest things I could.
In my first order, I bought this! This is a Sephora-brand glitter eyeliner/mascara combo in the color Sunset Copper.
It's a lot more pigmented than I expected; I thought it would be more glittery and less actual color. But the extra opacity is a good thing! There were a few other colors available, but I went with Sunset Copper since I love gold/bronze colors and they look good with my blue eyes.
Here you can see what I'm talking about with it actually having color and not just glitter. I will say it works much better as an eyeliner than a mascara. I don't have a picture of the brush, but I think I show it in the video; it's like a stumpy plastic-bristled mascara wand with a brush on the end. The eyeliner brush works great, but I have a hard time using the mascara wand part without getting it everywhere. I tend to use the end of my mascaras since it's easier for me to get into the inner and outer lashes that way but with the brush on the end I can't really do that. But that's fine with me since this product is pretty underwhelming as a mascara. It really is a great glitter eyeliner, though. This product originally was $14, which is a little steep, but I got it on sale for $5, which I think is a great deal.
Along with my eyeliner/mascara, I got my three free samples! I've tried all these products before and I think I went with them because the other samples were probably fragrances (...it was a bit ago and I don't really remember).

For my second order, I used a couple hundred of my free points to get mascaras! Because I need more mascara. Except not really. But they were free and I had never tried them before.
I got the Marc Jacobs O!Mega Lash because I'm curious about the Marc Jacobs line but can't afford anything from it...
and the Givenchy Noir Couture Volume mascara for similar reasons. I really love how Givenchy packages their products; even their samples are luxe and fancy! Look at that studded tube!
I again got three free samples, but this time I got two new products! I've been intrigued by the Replica fragrance line and haven't been out to an actual store to be able to smell them in person (well, I have, but I forgot about it...) so I wanted to get my own little sample. I'm also curious about the new Soap&Glory skincare line (is it new!new or just new in the US?) so I got a sample of a serum.
And this is the thing I actually paid money for. In my continuing quest to figure out the ballerina/sock bun, I'm always looking for new tools. This is a Sephora brand "bunette" in the blonde/light color (there's a darker one that's a black/brown color); it's like a padded foam, uh, thing, with a bendable wire-frame. You slip your hair through the split in the center, then roll your hair up and twist it into a doughnut. My biggest struggle with the sock bun tools is getting the ends of my hair to behave. I don't seem to have to coordination to get them cleanly and neatly tucked in. I thought this would be easier for me to use since I feel like it gives you more control. I have something similar to this from Urban Outfitters, but it's a lot more flimsy and can't hold my hair well. This is a lot stronger and from the few times I've played with it, I think it does a good job. I forget how much this originally sold for, but I got it for $3. With free shipping.

For Sephora, I only spent $8 on both orders (plus some tax), got free shipping, 300 bonus points, and a bunch of samples. So, even though I was on a NoBuy, I think that's acceptable!

And then I got some Zoya nail polish from Ulta because I love Zoya nail polish. And I had a bunch of points to spend.
My Ulta is always behind getting new collections in, but they got the Zoya Winter 2014 collection is right away! I think they even had it out before the preorder went up on the Zoya website (at the very least, they were on sale during the preorder). I picked up two of the new PixieDusts because I love PixieDusts. This is Imogen.
Not sure how well you can read the name, but it's there! Imogen is described by Zoya as a "black crystal Magical Pixie Dust with holographic hex glitter". I don't normally go for dark colors like this, but ever since my husband said he liked darker colors, I've been building a nice collection. It's quite pretty and with the hologlitter, it has a lot of dimension.
And because I couldn't pick just one, I got Nori as well!
Nori is a "sapphire blue Magical Pixie Dust with holographic hex glitter" and it is gorgeous. I love this type of blue; it's dark enough to be bold, but it's not too dark. It's hard to explain, but I think calling this a "sapphire" blue is very accurate.
Here they are swatched: left is Imogen, right is Nori. Look at that blue! I know texture is gimmicky when it comes to nail polish, but I love it! If you get one textured nail polish, get a Zoya PixieDust!

And that's my super-mini haulette! Not much, but that's okay! I'm very happy with the things I got and, like I said, I think it was worth "failing" my NoBuy to get them!

Thanks for reading! <3

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