Monday, November 17, 2014

October 2014 Glamour Doll Eyes Order!

Hello! It has been a minute! A very, very, weeks long minute. At least I think it's been a couple weeks; I might be exaggerating that in my head. Time is pretty relative. With my No-Buy and the lull in subscription boxes, I haven't had much to talk about! Well, I have had a lot to talk about, but nothing really blog-related.

So it's time to get back into things and finally get my desk cleared up again! (FINALLY). Even though I've been on a No-Buy, I knew I was going to try and buy some of the limited edition pigments from the Glamour Doll Eyes Halloween collection for 2014. I wasn't able to get any of the Halloween collection, but I did get something else I was waiting for that just happened to come back in stock at the same time!

I'm going to experimentally try and embed my video. I do apologize if this causes any unnecessary sluggishness for those on their phones or other slower internet connection.
Haha, wow, I forgot that my Youtube account was connected to my Google+, which in turn is connected to my Blogger account. And I just had to click one button to embed it. Nice.
So many fun things!
I'll start with the business cards. I love indie companies with super professional business cards. Or just business cards in general. I think it's a great investment and makes your business/company/brand feel very professional.

I think this picture is blurry... Anyways! I got a couple of the Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE from here on out) cards and an instruction card for the Foil Me.
Back of the cards; the business card has the same picture from before (though I think she's making new ones) and more instructions on how to use Foil Me. There was only the dropper bottle available, but it looks like it did/will come in a tube and a sampler jar. Foil Me was the item I was waiting for and the reason why I still placed an order, even though I couldn't get the Halloween colors.
I got two samples as well; Celestial Crow (a "blackened blue with intense green shimmer"; similar to the color a Grackle is. You know, I don't know if that's even the real name for that bird. My grandma calls them "Grackles" and they're a little different from crows. I wonder if they're Ravens...) and Behind The Scenes ( a "metallic-ish brown with gold and bronze sparkle"). I was interested in trying Celestial Crow so I'm happy I got a sample of it and Behind The Scenes is a nice neutral color.
And here's the star of my order, Foil Me! This is a mixing medium you can use with your pigments to give them more vibrancy and sticking power. It's similar to Glitter Fix, though it's more of a liquid and not quite as tacky (though Glitter Fix does serve a similar purpose). There are a lot of mixing mediums out there (you can even use contact lens solution! I wouldn't recommend using water since it contains minerals and other impurities), but many of the swatches on GDE are done using Foil Me, so it only feels right to use it. GDE does not actually make this product, it's just repackaged, but she sells it almost at cost. Surprisingly, I haven't even used this yet. This is what happens when I let things stagnant on my desk.
On to the pigments! I picked up a sample baggie of FrankenGlamour. This is from the 2010 Halloween collection, and I got it because it's an interesting color and I wanted to get something Halloween related. It's an "almost lime green with gold undertone". It's definitely a fun color! I do regret just getting the sample baggie and not the sample jar. I think from now on I'm only going to get the jars (though I got a bunch of little ones and have repotted all my samples into jars). The little card next to it just explains that if you purchase a sample of a color and you love it so much you buy the full size, you'll be able to take the price of the sample off the price of the full sized one! You just have to e-mail Vee to get a coupon code.
I also got Graves In May! I saw this color in a review/swatch video by Victoria Donelda and loved it so much I had to get my own. This is a "grey with pink undertones and multi colored shimmer" and it's very pretty!
I love the softness of this color; it's almost like a dusty lavender color.
I also got Bunny Heart! This is a "perfect rose gold with a beautiful gold sheen and subtle copper sparkle". It was part of the 2014 Easter GWP and people liked it so much it was made into a permanent shade. There are a few pigments very similar to this one and I had a touch time deciding between Bunny Heart and Heedless Heart.
I feel like I made the right decision!
And finally I got my October GWP pigment, Killing Jar. This is a "midnight blue with a bright turquoise and purple shimmer overlay" and if you missed out on it as a GWP, you can purchase it in full-size!
This isn't really a color I would have bought on my own since it's more on the dark side, but I'm very happy I got since it is so pretty!
And here's probably what you've been waiting for: swatches! Left to right is Celestial Crow, Behind The Scenes, FrankenGlamour, Graves In May (soooo pretty), Bunny Heart (I love how this looks with Graves In May), and Killing Jar (which looks a lot darker on than it does in the jar). Another great GDE order! I love GDE; if you're interested in indie makeup, or want to give it a try, I highly suggest checking out GDE.

Thanks for reading! <3

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