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November 2014 Ipsy Bag - Girl Meets Glitter - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! It's another "sunny-but-stupidly-cold" day, but I don't have to leave my house so...I suppose I can deal with it. I took another nap in the sun this morning and it was amazing; if you've never tried it, I highly recommend it. I had a weird dream, though, where I was cuddling with a Charizard and it's tummy was warm and soft and a great place to nap. I love napping with pets; I really miss being able to nap with my kitty. He lived at my parents' house since our apartment doesn't allow pets. Sadly, he passed away in September. He had a stroke which paralyzed his entire left side and left him blind, so we had to put him down. It was very sad, but he was 18 and had had a very happy and love-filled life with me and my parents and that's really all one can ask for.

Sorry, didn't mean to get sad, there. I don't think I talked about it before, though I did mention it in passing in previous posts and I finally feel able to talk about it. So. There's that. ANYWAYS.

Moving on to happier topics; my November 2014 Ipsy bag! My bag got to me pretty late this month; it was supposed to be here on the 14th, but it took an epic journey down to Wichita, KS due to an "incorrect address and/or zip code" according  to USPS but I think they just missorted it. It got to me safe and sound about 5 days later, so it all worked out in the end.
I heard that some people got different colored mailers this month? I was expecting to see something different, but I got the standard metallic pink bubble mailer.
Like always, I made a video! If you don't feel like reading, you can watch it here, otherwise click below to see what I got!
The theme for the November 2014 Ipsy was "Girl Meets Glitter".
Nothing I got in my bag really fits in with a "Glitter" theme (except maybe the eye base), but the bag this month is super glittery, so there's that.
Glitter is fitting for the holidays, though the tagline Ipsy's using has been pretty much done to death. It's cute, and true, but dull. Again, post a picture of your bag on social media, give it the right tags, and you could win a free year of Ipsy.
LOOK AT HOW SHINY THIS BAG IS. My camera couldn't even deal with it. I really love the bag this month; especially since it has hot pink details. I also really appreciate that the glitter is embedded so it's never going to fall off and get all over the place. Glitter is nice, but damn is it hard to clean up.
And it looks like Forever21 made this bag! I'm surprised that Ipsy didn't make a bigger deal about this; though admittedly, they didn't seem to make a big deal when Rebecca Minkoff designed a bag.

One of my products this month didn't fit in the bag. It also happened to be the product I'm most excited about!
I got a tube of It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer! I've never actually tried this concealer before myself, but my mom absolutely loves it and I've heard a lot of great things about it. It's supposed to be highly pigmented, won't crease, and it will "conceal dark circles, bags, redness, hyper-pigmentation, broken capillaries, age spots, and discoloration". If I need concealer anywhere on my face, it's my under eye area. I have deep set eyes with thin skin so I look like I've been punched in the face. On good days.
The example eye is a pretty good representation of what I look like when I'm well-hydrated and had a good night's sleep. Everyone got the same color, neutral medium, which is a little disappointing since I think the light would work better for me, but I'm still going to give it a try.
This is a very small dot, which is more than enough for at least one eye. It's definitely a lighter kind of medium, but it's still slightly darker than my hand, which worries me.
The tube itself is pretty small, but a little of this stuff goes a really long way and it's buildable so you can use less where you need less and more where you need more. I believe you could purchase this size as a "travel size" for $10 from Ulta, but I can't find it on their website so I could be wrong. The full size of this product is 0.28fl oz for $24 making this 0.11fl oz sample/travel size worth $9.43.
This next product/brand I have never heard of before, and I'm warily curious about it. It came in this plastic baggie, so I'm not sure if Ipsy packaged it that way to help prevent leaking or what. I know that people who got the J.Cat Wonder Lip Paint also had it come in a baggie, which makes more sense for that product since if that leaked it would be a really, really big mess.
I got a sample of the SeaRX Micro-Dermabrasion Face & Body Scrub. If you got a product from SeaRX, you might have gotten the Birch Sap Lotion instead (I think I would have preferred the lotion; it sounds more interesting). This is  apparently a scrub you can use all over, face and body, and it has a crystal-blend system so it's a physical exfoliant. The website for this brand feels a little on the cheap side and since I don't know much about it, I'm a little leery about using this product. I probably won't use it on my face, but I might give it a try on my elbows or something. It does have a weird warning on the back that says it's not to be used by children under the age of 18 or pregnant/nursing women, which seems kind of odd for a physical exfoliant. Maybe it's actually pretty strong, or it has other ingredients in it. Not sure. The full size is 100g for $32, so this 8.5g sample (I had to use Google to do some conversions so that might not be 100% accurate) is worth about $2.72.
Next up is another Be A Bomshell product; this is an Eye Base (it's like a cream eyeshadow, similar to a MAC Paint Pot or a Maybelline Color Tattoo) in the color Submissive.
It's an interesting name for a neutrally bronze/gold shade. Everyone who got this product in their Ipsy bag got the same color, which makes sense since it is such a neutral/everyday type of color that would work well with pretty much every skin tone.
It reminds me of the Bad To The Bronze Color Tattoo, which I surprisingly don't own (...mostly because it hasn't gone on clearance for obvious reasons). It's okay; it was kind of patchy at first, but that might have been because it was a little cold from being in the mail. Personally, I'm kind of "meh" about the Be A Bombshell brand; they seem to have at least one product in every Ipsy bag and they're usually full sized which is neat, but I feel like Be A Bombshell charges too much for their products. They're charging mid-tier prices for what I feel are drugstore-tier quality products. This is the full size and it sells for $14, but I would never pay that. I would either buy a Maybelline Color Tattoo for $7ish or a MAC Paint Pot for $21. Not a bad product or anything, but there are better options out there.
These final two products are both kind of let-downs (I didn't intend to end this post on such a low note...). First is the Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Spray. As the name implies, it is an argan oil infused hairspray that provides volume, shine, and hold. It touts itself as being a non-water based formula and that it's super fast drying...which implies that it's alcohol based. There is some debate as to whether alcohol is damaging to your skin/hair (and how much if it is), but to me, alcohol = drying = not good for skin and hair so having an alcohol-based product is not a perk. It does say it provides UV protection, so that's one positive going for it. I'm also kind of over the whole "argan oil" thing; partly because I am allergic to it, but also because there are a bunch of other innovations out there and I feel like argan oil has been done to it's fullest potential. Even if this hairpray didn't have argan oil in, I would have given it to my mom. I have a lot of travel/sample sizes of hairsprays and I really don't need another. It also seems like a ton of people got this in their bags; admittedly, I'm only basing that on Instagram posts, but it was everywhere. The full size is 9fl oz for $8.29, making this 1.5fl oz sample worth $1.38.
Finally, I got a sample of a Starlooks lip gloss in the color Guilty Pleasure.
Everyone got the same shade, which is kind of a neutral rose color. It's actually quite pretty and very flattering! Starlooks describes this as a non-sticky lip gloss and it is available in 47 other colors. And...that's all the info on I have on it. I said above that these last two products were the most disappointing and, while this is a very pretty color and product-wise it's nice (I wore this at work yesterday), I'm not too keen on the Starlooks brand. Starlooks has had other products in Ipsy bags and other subscription boxes, and they also have their own subscription box where all you get is Starlooks brand products.
To me, Starlooks just seems kind of...sketchy, I suppose. They say they have a chemist who previously worked for MAC tweak their products to make them better, but I'm not too sure about that (I think it's generally known that Starlooks purchases their cosmetics from a factory and then just put their name on the packaging). When I went to the website to find out more info, there wasn't a lot on there; I tried to check the ingredients and it sent me to the FAQ, but none of the questions were clickable (so no answers) and in the "Ingredients" info section it just said "Ingredients Info". Which...isn't helpful. I don't know. I did like this product when I used it and it does have a pleasant vanilla-scent to it, but. Starlooks. Hmm. Full size is $13, but I couldn't really figure out how much this sample is worth since I couldn't find any info on how much product is in the full size. I'm figuring this is about a third of the full size so I said it was worth about $4.

Overall, I got five products; four of them were sample size (though you could argue that the Bye Bye Under Eye is a travel size) and one was full sized. My bag's total value was $31.53, which is 3x what I paid, shipping and cute bag included, so once again, Ipsy was a great deal!

Thanks for reading! <3

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