Friday, October 10, 2014

October 2014 Julep Maven - It Girl - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great day! It's nice and sunny out here, but it's getting colder every day, so the sun kind of feels like a cruel joke...I am not prepared for winter. Never am, never will be.

For this post, I want to show you guys what I got in my October 2014 Julep Maven box! I went with the It Girl box this month because the product on offer were two different colors of lip gloss and...I don't need any more lip gloss. Ever. Because I am stubborn and am still a "classic" Maven, I pay $19.99 a month for an uncustomizable box, instead of the $24.99 for the customizable one. I just can't bring myself to pay the extra $5 for an already fairly pricey, nail polish-centric subscription box.
 For October, Julep came out with the Black Magic collection! All the polishes in this collection, with the exception of the white one, are on the darker, smokier side. I know I always talk about how I'm really not into dark nail polishes and that I think they make my hands look old, but ever since my husband commented that he likes the darker polish look, I've been more open to wearing them. I'm still not 100% sold on them, again because I think they make my hands look old and because I'm kind of bad at applying polish, but as long as I keep my nails shorter, I think it works.
The new product for October, besides the two new lip gloss colors, is the Night Shift Sleeping Mask. Unfortunately, this was not included as part of the regular boxes and, since I don't have a customizable subscription, I could only get it as an add-on. It's also quite expensive at retail price ($34, $27.20 Maven price) so I'm not sure if I'll get to try it, unless it makes its way into a mystery box.
There is a 30% off coupon code (SLEEP30), though, so if you're interested in picking it up, feel free to use it!
There was also a sneak peek of the product for November and it's mascara. Not sure how I feel about it; Julep has had mascara in the past and it never really appealed to me. Even the application swatches on looked pretty clumpy and terrible. I am intrigued by the shape of the "Go Big" wand, though.
I also got another coupon code for a free polish with any $15+ order (again, feel free to use!) and the quote this month is from Edgar Allan Poe. Are the coupon codes always the same in Maven boxes, or do people get different codes based on what box they get? Hmmm. I must research this.
AND THEN THE CANDY THIS MONTH IS CANDY CORN AND THAT'S PRETTY NEAT. I love candy corn; it almost makes Fall worth it. Almost.
I also added on some kitty stickers! They were kind of expensive at $2-3 for one sheet of 20; I was hoping there'd be couple sheets or something. Cats are awesome, though, and I'm glad I got them.
And now for the nail polish! Since this is It Girl, I got three polishes. This is Shailene, and I have no idea how to say that.
It kind of sounds like an Irish name to me (Julep polishes are, generally, named after women). It's described as a "bewitched purple with gold flecks (iridescence)". I have a few polishes that are similar to this one (purple with gold shimmer in it isn't a new concept), but this polish has a lot more depth and darkness to it.
This is Ledi! It looks like a boring black, but it's not!
Also, Ledi is a cute name. This polish is described as a "black pearl shimmer" and it's oddly unique to my collection. Since I don't like dark colors, I don't have many and I only have 3-4 blacks; one cream (Liquid Leather by China Glaze), one matte (Cleopatra from Julep), two with rainbow iridescence (Estelle by Julep and Starry Night by SinfulColors) and maybe one more that I can't think of. I like the subtly of the shimmer in this polish; it's enough that it looks different from a straight black cream, but it doesn't look like you have glittery nails.
And this is Dana, the polish that I was most intrigued with.
Dana. Julep describes it as a "white with electric blue sheen (black light reactive)". It's the "electric blue sheen" that caught my attention.
Can you see it? Blue! I have a couple whites (Snow Me White by SinfulColors and Bunny from Julep) and I thought the extreme "whiteness" of this polish was pretty unique (the blue sheen makes it look even whiter in my opinion). The only thing I take issue with with this polish is that Julep labels it as being a special "black light reactive" polish...but I'm pretty sure anything white is going to be black light reactive. Because it's white. And that's how light works.
Here they are swatched! Left to right we have Shailene, Ledi, and Dana.

Overall, I'm happy with the colors I got; the only other colors I would have wanted are Nancy (Bombshell), a really pretty metallic silver sage and Tia (BohoGlam, but only available as an add-on), a black jelly with gold and copper glitter.

Thanks for reading! <3

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