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October 2014 Ipsy Bag - Unbagging and Review!

Hello! We're going to knock out as many blog posts as we can today (...I don't know where this royal "we" thing is coming from) because my desk is getting crazy cluttered and I need to get things organized and cleaned up.
Pink mailer of destiny! ...or surprise makeup and beauty samples. It's like the same thing.
Ipsy! Subscription service! $10 a month! Shipping included! 4-5 products every month, can be full-size or deluxe sample-sized! So-so reward system! Different makeup bag every month! Is that everything? I think so. If you want more detailed info, feel free to ask me, though by this point I kind of assume everyone is at least somewhat familiar with Ipsy.
I really liked the bag this month! For October, it's a vinyl/patent leather-look faux-quilted (mmm, so much fake stuff) teal bag. I love this color of teal and I also love the off-set zipper. It just seems fancier.
Since I don't like spoilers, I avoid the Ipsy website and social media hubs like the plague until I get my bag, so I generally have no idea what the "theme" of the month is until I get the "info" card. Apparently, the theme for October is "Beauty Candy" which could mean a lot of things, but I don't think the themes really have any effect on what products are in that month's line-up. I do really like this picture, though.
Ipsy cards are "faux-info" cards since they don't have any information regarding what you got in the box. They just tell you what the theme is and then how you can share your bag on social media. Some people find fault in this, which I understand, but all the info about the products you got, including discounts and where to purchase, is listed in your Glam Room on the Ipsy website (which you should be visiting anyways so you can earn your points by reviewing your products. They add up slowly, but they do add up). Since I do some research before I make my videos anyways (mostly to calculate product values), I don't mind not having the info on the card.

Now for what I actually got! I ended up with five products, which is pretty typical (one time I got six, and one time I think I got four. That was a sad time). Going in the order they are in my Glam Room, I'll start with...
the City Color Be Matte Lipstick in the color Cappuccino! This is my favorite item from this month's bag; I love the color and texture of this lipstick and it looks great on me! I was really surprised, too, since this is a color I never ever would have picked out for myself.
Everyone who got this product got the same color and it's a matte, nude-peachy color. It's a surprisingly flattering color on me, and even though it's matte, it doesn't feel dry on. It is a little tricky to apply at first since it is a dryer product and you do have to swipe it a few times, but once you get it going, it's great.
If I had to pick my "perfect nude" color, this might be it! I've always struggled with nude colors and could never find one that didn't look bizarre on me, this one is great! The only downside to this lipstick (besides the initial dryness) is that it does smell like crayons...but I like the smell of crayons and you don't smell it when you put it on, so I don't mind. This is a full sized product and it worth $5.
Next is the Figs & Rouge Hand Cream in Mango Mandarin. There were two scents you could have gotten, Mango Mandarin or Rose Berry, and I am sooo happy I got Mango Mandarin because I have a hard time with Rose scents. I've actually tried another product from Figs & Rouge; I got one of their 100% natural lip balm in a Glossybox forever ago, and I wasn't too impressed with it. It was packaged weird (their lip products come in the same style of tube, so you have to apply it with your fingers since there's no applicator or anything. It's better than sticking your fingers in a pot, but not by much). This is a UK brand and one thing I do really like is that these tubes are safety-sealed and they even have expiration dates! I haven't popped off the safety seal yet since I have a thousand other hand creams to go through first, so I don't really have any opinions about the actual product besides "somewhat wary but curious". This is a full size and is worth $6.56 (it's a weird number since this is a UK brand so all the prices are originally in pounds or whatever currency they're using now. European currency baffles me).
And I got more false lashes! I'm attempting to learn how to put on false lashes, but it is a process and I am pretty lazy so I haven't made much progress. This is a brand I've heard of before (if it's the same Kiss that makes those nail kits), but I've never used their lashes before. These are 100% human hair lashes, which is gross and awesome at the same time. There were five different styles you could have gotten; I ended up with 02 Au Naturale. These are full sized (what would a sample size of false lashes be? One?) and are worth $3.
Next is a deluxe sample-size of the ModelCo VolumEyes Extreme Black Mascara! I like the shape of this tube, and that sadly can influence my purchasing decisions, and it has a nylon brush. I haven't opened this yet since I have a ton of other mascaras sitting around waiting to be used so again, I don't really have any opinion on this product beyond I like the tube. Volume is exactly what I need (I don't need any length; my eyelashes touch my eyebrows in the right situations) so I'm curious to give this a try. The full size retails for $20, which is similar to more mid-high end mascaras like Too Faced ones or Urban Decay. I couldn't find a size/weight for the full size, so I'm not 100% sure what this sample is worth, but I'm assuming it's like a third of the size. I figured it was worth about $5 (I got a different ModelCo mascara sample in another box that's about the same size as this and that one ended up being worth $10, so this might be worth more).
And finally, I got a 10-cloth sample pack of the Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths. I was pretty excited to get these since I've been curious about the Skyn Iceland brand, but I'm a little disappointed with them. There's a really good deal on the Skyn Iceland website right now where you can get one full-sized product of your choice for 50% off, and then get 20% off any additional full-sized products with the code IPSYGCC. Not sure how long that will work, but I think it's until the end of October. These are makeup remover/cleansing cloths and they're supposed to be great for sensitive and irritated skin due to the soothing properties of the "glacier water" and other ingredients. I found these sheets to be quite abrasive on my face and I don't feel like they got my skin clean. I still had to wash my face afterwards to get my makeup off. I do like to use these for cleaning up swatches, though. They also have a scent that's really familiar to me, but I can't quite figure out what it is. The full size is 30-cloths for $15, so this 10-cloth sampler pack is worth $5.

Overall, I got five products: three were full-size and two were pretty good sample sizes. The total value of my October 2014 Ipsy bag was $25.55, which is a little on the low end, but still 2.5x what I paid for the box. Which included shipping and a makeup bag, so there. I do really love Ipsy and think it's one of the better subscription services available, especially if you're not looking to spend a lot. It's a cheap thrill for just $10 a month, and it's always fun to get surprises in the mail.

Thanks for reading! <3

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