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October 2014 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month! - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! It...has been a while. Haha, I don't even think I have any good excuses anymore, though I have been super busy crocheting like mad in preparation for a craft fair this weekend! I'm very excited for it since this will be my first actual craft fair (and not an Artist Alley, which I feel is a whole different animal). The sale is to benefit a non-profit organization, and specifically to raise money to build a new dog park! I love animals and anything I can do to help support them (...and myself; my vendor fee for this event is considered a donation towards the park, but I still get to sell things and make money) is awesome! I always more than willing to donate money towards things that will benefit animals or libraries. Priorities.

ANYWAYS. For this post, I'm going to show you guys what I got in my October 2014 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month (OTM from here on out)! This was another awesome month, though I am a little depressed that this was the last month of my subscription so, come November 8th (actually, it looks like it will be November 7th since the 8th is a Saturday), well, let the games begin.
Spooky black mailer for a spooky month!
Should I do a quick rundown of Glamour Doll Eyes OTM? I suppose I should! The OTM is a monthly subscription where you get a special full-sized pigment every month that no one else except for OTM subscribers can get (sort of; I've seen some older OTMs up for sale in the regular Glamour Doll Eyes line, but that's only because they were so popular and people asked for it). You also get candy! And most of the time, extras! Not every month is guaranteed to be an "extras" month, but all three months I've gotten have been extras months. Unfortunately, there are only 120 OTM slots open and you can only sign up one day a month (the 8th, or the Friday before if it falls on a weekend) around 2pm Central time. You buy months in advanced and, when your subscription is up, it's up. There's no recurring billing. You can buy one month at a time, or multiple months, depending what's on offer. I really want to get a year's subscription, but so does everyone and I think you can only do so in January. Scary. This subscription is about $6 a month, plus shipping, and it can vary depending on how many months you buy at a time. For me, it ended up being $21 after shipping for a three month subscription, so $7 a month. Not bad considering a single full-size Glamour Doll Eyes pigment costs $6 on it's own (and you have to buy $10 worth of stuff to even be able to checkout, at least at the main website. Not sure about the Store Envy one because I hate Paypal and refuse to use it).
Everything came in a cute, orange organza bag! All the OTMs I've gotten came in bags like this, though it looks like the November one will come in a box (all the more reason why I need it).
Like other months, Vee (the person who owns and operates Glamour Doll Eyes) included a few of her business cards. No Sedona Lace card this month, and no card from the other company that included a product.
And there is always candy! I thought for sure we would get candy corn (and I love candy corn so the more the merrier) but we got Red Hot Necco Bat Wing Wafers! I'm a weirdo so I like Necco wafers to begin with, and these are tasty AND festive! They're not really bat "wings", they're just little bat punch outs. Still delicious.
I love these little info cards! I like tiny things (again, weirdo) and I love how well these are designed. Okay. This blog is everything that makes me weird, apparently. The OTM pigment for October 2014 is Mausoleum (which I could never spell without the card and spell check)!
But first, how awesome are these totally metal labels? Pretty awesome.
Mausoleum is described as a "medium grey with a red and orange duochrome & purple and blue sparkle".
It's also lip safe and vegan!
AND NOW ON TO EXTRAS! Well, technically, this isn't counted as an extra, but it's an extra for me! This is a product included by another indie company, The Chequered Lily Apothecary! You can find them on etsy if you're interested and checking out what else they offer.
For the October OTM, they included a glitter mix called Wicked Jack. It's very glittery (I mean, it's glitter, so...) and pretty!
Wicked Jack is described as a "fiery, semi-sheer mix of copper and burnt orange glitters with pops of bright gold and a shifting fuchsia-violet glow". Pretty.
I don't know how well you can read the back of the info card (you probably have to click it to make it bigger to really see), but I was surprised and super excited to see that Victoria Donelda actually curated a color this month! I just recently started watching her on Youtube and she is hilarious (...I'm actually have one of her videos playing in the background right now).
Her color is called Bat Queen! It's appropriate for Halloween and she calls her subscribers "Fruit Bats" so it's doubly relevant.
Bat Queen is described as a "matte orange base with a copper sheen and an intensive red and copper shimmer" and I love this color! I love orange-copper based shadows in general since they make my blue eyes pop but this is super shimmery and orangey and coppery. My only issue with this pigment is that it is FULL of glitter and, if you use it dry, there's a lot of fallout.
MORE EXTRAS! Everyone got some sample baggies in their OTMs, but these aren't just any sample baggies...
They're samples of the Glamour Doll Eyes Halloween 2014 collection! I believe it was random what samples you got and I ended up with Buried Alive and Elm Street Nightmare! Unfortunately, the Halloween collection has already been released and (I'm pretty sure) totally sold out. So. Yeah. I really wanted to get some pigments from this collection, because they're all gorgeous, but I ended up not getting any. Which was sad, but I placed an order anyways. I really wanted to try the Foil Me mixing medium and it just happened to release/restock the same day as the Halloween collection. I ended up placing an order for it a few days later, along with a couple other pigments I've been interested in.
And here's everything swatched! These are dry on bare, unprimed inner arm flesh. "Flesh" is a fun and slightly gross word. Left to right is: Buried Alive, Elm Street Nightmare, Mausoleum, Bat Queen (ooooooorange), and Wicked Jack. I'm was really impressed with the performance of Wicked Jack; for a glitter, it applied easily and stuck on my skin, even without any kind of base (though I would probably never try to actually wear it on my eye bare).

I really, really love this subscription! And I am deeply depressed that, for now, I have no more on the way. Even though I'm on a No-Buy (not sure if I ever talked about this on the blog, but I talk about it in my recent videos), I'm still going to try and get at least another few months. Glamour Doll Eyes is definitely an addiction.

Thanks for reading! <3

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