Friday, October 10, 2014

Mini Haul! - Sally Beauty Supply and Fortune Cookie Soap!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! I have a super, duper mini-haul for this post! It's so small, in face, that I am considering not even doing a jump cut (during a journey back through my blog, I've decided that it does, indeed, warrant a jump cut). In a video I made about this haul, I talk about possibly going on a No-Buy due to a career transition and a desire to save some money. After all, I don't really need most of the things I buy. ...or do it?

I'll start with what I got at Sally Beauty Supply!
Normally, I'm not a fan of China Glaze nail polish; the formula just doesn't agree with me.
Lots of people love China Glaze, though, and it's not a bad polish or anything, just not for me. But their Halloween collection this year is amazing and I had to get some colors! I got two, Don't Let The Dead Bite, a nude/milky jelly base with red glitter, and But Of Corpse, a swamp/poison green with black glitter the dries to a textured finish.

Don't Let The Dead Bite is my favorite by far; it looks gross and like blood splatter on your nails. Except my husband says it looks like the frosting on a strawberry poptart. So there's that.
Here they are swatched: left is Don't Let The Dead Bite (love it!) and right is But Of Corpse (also love!). I love how this collection is more "gross" than "glamorous"!
For some reason you got a pair of Ardell false lashes for free with the purchase of two China Glaze polishes. Yay!

 And then I realized it would probably better to put a jumpcut in this post, so if you want to see what else I got at Sally's, along with what I got from Fortune Cookie Soap, click to keep reading!

To continue with my nail-centric purchases (these were made on a different day, though), I got the inm Out The Door top coat.
I've heard a lot about this top coat, much of it being very positive, and I thought I'd try it for myself! It's pretty inexpensive and, if it's as good as people say it is, I could see myself repurchasing it (I haven't even used it once yet, though, so I have no clue how well it performs).
Tucked away in the acrylic section, I found this Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Corrector Pen! I have a similar product from OPI (the Correct & Clean Up Refillable Corrector Pen), but it was 4x as expensive as this one! The main differences between the two (at least up to now; I haven't used the Beauty Secrets one yet) are that the OPI one is refillable and the Beauty Secrets one is not (though it's kind of annoying to do since you need a funnel) and the OPI one comes with an extra nib and the Beauty Secrets one feels more like it's meant to be disposable. If the Beauty Secrets pen works just as well as my OPI one, I would much prefer to pay the $2 for it, instead of the $8 for the OPI pen.
Finally, I got a medium-sized bottle of the Beauty Secrets Acetone nail polish remover. I've heard a lot of good things about the Beauty Secrets line of removers, especially since they're so inexpensive. For this 8fl oz bottle, I only paid $2! There are a couple different formulations (included 100% acetone for soaking off gel nails; I went with the acetone-based remover since, while it's more drying than non-acetone remover, it takes off my polish much faster and I feel like I have to leave it on my skin and nails for less time, so it evens out) and a bunch of different sizes available so, again, if this product performs well, I'll likely repurchase it.

Fortune Cookie Soap also came out with their Halloween collection this month - "Third Time's The Charm" - and it's Beetlejuice-themed and...I had to get something from it. All the scents are so weird and boarder on being disgusting; I love it! I have a ton of bath/body products already, and I'm trying to not buy anything in excess, so I just got two things.
This is the Day-O OCD Hand Sanitizer. I am a germaphobe so. All the hand sanitizer all the time. The scent of this is described as "a fragrant song of rotting banana and fluffy, pink bubblegum, with high notes of oozing strawberry & citrus, and base notes of dark vanilla and coconut." and it verges on being off-putting (which is a good thing in this case!). There's also a plastic spider in it!
And this is the Girls Girls lip scrub. I love these types of lip scrubs (partly because you can lick them off when you're done!) and the flavor: "Scattered kernels of popcorn with a dash of salt and creamy butter, swirled into ooey gooey marshmallow for a flavor that is out of this world." sounded amazing. I love my popcorn-flavored LUSH lip scrub so the addition of marshmallow is probably going to be the best thing ever. FCS made these in green and purple and the color you got was random: I ended up with purple! Unfortunately, the whole collection (except for the bath melts) is completely sold out and I'm not sure if/when FCS is going to restock it. Hopefully they do so before Halloween, but if you're interested in anything in this collection, I would recommend signed up to be notified via e-mail when things come back in stock because when they do, they'll likely sell out fast.
I also got a sample bath bomb in There's No Place Like Home from the Witch, Please! Fall collection. Weird, this smells like pumpkin to me, but apparently it's apple-based. The full size of this is in the shape of a ruby pump!

And that's my super teeny weeny haul! Not sure what the future holds for me haul-wise. I'm trying very hard to not buy anything and to just use what I already have (which is more than enough). I will continue with my subscription services (at least, the ones I chose to not unsubscribe to...); maybe I'll try some different kinds of posts/videos in the meantime!

Thanks for reading! <3

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