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Memebox - Superbox #59 Halloween Special - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! We're on a roll here with getting posts, uh, posted! ...I actually needed a break from crocheting so I'm more than happy to work on these posts. I have a craft fair coming up (my first ever!) and I've been making as many things as possible, but it can be very wearing on my body, especially my right arm. It's starting to ache and randomly tingle and...pretty sure that's a bad thing.

I got another Memebox! I ordered this at the same time as my first Memebox, the Thumbs Up! one, but it didn't ship out until October 8th (which was two days sooner than it said it would ship, so that's pretty awesome). I got my box on  the 18th, so ten total days in shipping isn't too bad, especially for cheap shipping from Korea.

I was both excited and...not concerned, but. Hmm. What's a good word? Excited but anxious? No. I don't know how to say it in a succinct manner. I was excited for this box, but I was also kind of worried about what might be in it and how useful the products would be since it's a Halloween box. Overall, I think this box turned out pretty great and useful!
Seriously, how cute are these boxes? There is a product in there that's almost too big for the box! ...it has some pretty intense packaging, which you'll see later on.
Memebox is a Korean "subscription" service that now has a U.S. presence! It's not really a subscription service since you don't subscribe to it; you pick and chose which boxes you want and it's more just like a mystery beauty box service. All the boxes have different themes and there are regular Memeboxes which have both full-size and sample-size products in them and then there are Superboxes which are all full-sized products. The costs of the boxes vary; Superboxes could be cheaper than Memeboxes, it all depends. You do have to pay for shipping, which is $6.99 for standard shipping with can take 10-20 days, or you can shell out for EMS. Memebox runs a ton of specials, though, and you can get "value sets" of two or more boxes (they pick which boxes, though) that ship together with upgraded EMS shipping for only $6.99. Not bad. My only issue with Memebox (besides paying for shipping, but that's a given by this point) is that you order your boxes about a month in advance. I ordered this Halloween box back at the end of August. I'm an impatient person when it comes to ordering things (mmm, delicious instant gratification) so it can be hard for me to wait. It's totally worth it, though. There are some boxes that are shipping now/will ship very soon, but I think those tend to be the less popular ones since they're still in stock. Some boxes sell out stupidly quick, like the "Cute Wishlist" ones, which can be frustrating (but I was totally able to snag one. It just doesn't ship until November...).
All the boxes come shipped in these cute pink bubble mailers! Memeboxes seem to be packaged quite well; all my products have arrived in perfect condition, and all the other unboxings I've watched have as had perfect products as well. Also, there just seems to be something about pink bubble mailers. Something good.
All Memeboxes come with super detailed info cards, which is great since these are all Korean/Asian products and, thus, most of the instructions are in Korean (or other language). There is a little bit of Engrish on these cards, but they're usually well-edited and easy to understand. I got seven products in total and, since this is a Superbox, they're all full-sized! I'm going to in the order the products are on the info card, which is actually different from the order I went in in my video. Craaaazy.
The first five products in this box are all from the same brand: Revecen. This is the Face Control Foundation in the color White.
This is, as the name suggests, a foundation, except this time it's in the color white! It's a very creamy product and it has a great texture and color payoff (which is weird to say for a foundation...). At first I was kind of "meh" about this product since I wasn't sure how much use I'd get out of a white foundation, but the more I thought about it, the more interested I was! Since this is an actual foundation and not just a face paint, you can mix this with other makeup products to lighten them! Very versatile and good to have around. This product is worth $22. Oh! I almost forgot; I paid $30 for this box (sans shipping, but that was about $3.50 since I was able to buy two boxes and only pay shipping once). So already we're almost to the cost of the box.

 Next up is the Revecen Cake Eye Liner in Black. Sorry for any wonkieness here; I really wanted the two pictures to be side-by-side and it took forever to get the image-sizes just right. This is, as the name would suggest, a black cake eye liner. You use a wet brush and it turns into a gel-like eyeliner, which is pretty awesome. This is great, as they suggest on the info card, to use to draw designs on your face. Like a spider. Or stitches. Or anything, really. It says you can use this as an eyeshadow, but I think it works best as a liner.
Swatched on my finger, it comes out super pigmented and dark, but I think that's because it's mixing with my natural oils (scientific and gross!). It doesn't transfer well and it didn't play well with a dry brush (you'll see what I mean when I post the master swatch). You definitely have to use this product with a mixing medium, but that's okay since it technically can't ever dry out because it's already dry! It will also be nice for travel, again due to the fact that it's a dry, pressed powder. This product is worth $8. One thing I've noticed is that there is a lot of variability in the cost of these Revecen products, which is kind of interesting. $22 for a foundation is pretty mid-range, but $8 for a liner is getting to drugstore levels. The next product retails for a whopping $30, which is pushing it to high-end. Weird.
This is the $30 product; the Supra Lining Color in 007 Purple. This is my favorite product out of the whole box! It's pretty much a purple cream color that you can do whatever you want with! You can use it as a cream shadow, a blush, a liner, a lip color; anything! This was a great product to include in a Halloween themed box since it can be used for so many different looks and it's even useful in everyday life. Very, very happy to get this, especially since it apparently sells for $30 and I would likely never pay $30 for a purple cream color (...unless it's OCC and it's on sale which is basically what happened already).
I feel like I have enough eyelashes to build an empire now! At least I have a ton to practice with, though I still need to go pick up some Duo lash glue (and since I'm on a No-Buy-ish type thing not sure when that will be). These are the Revecen Eye Lashes in No.6. There were three different lashes you could have gotten (No.5, No.6, or No.7). I'm very happy I ended up these; No.5 look glittery and No.7 look really intense. I don't think these come with glue, but from the info card I think these may be self adhesive? Not sure, I'll have to play with them and see! These are worth $6.
On to the back of the card! There's one more Revecen item, then two very interesting temporary tattoo-type products!
This is the Revecen Liquid Lipstick Blood. Now, I'm not sure what the actual color of this is supposed to be, or if it is supposed to be a blood-color, but the info card talks about how you can use this instead of fake blood. It just calls this a "newly formulated Liquid Lipstick" in a "blood color". It really is blood-colored, too. Kind of creepy, but pretty awesome. It's a great, vampy fall/winter color, too, if you want to use it beyond it's potential bloodification uses. It has an angled doe-foot applicator and it has a great texture and opacity, at least while swatching. This product retails for $18.
Here are all the Revecen products (sans-lashes) swatched! Top/farthest left is the Black Cake Liner. As I said before, it doesn't work well dry so you really should use this product wet, which is what it's intended for. Next is the Liquid Lipstick in blood color (apparently). It...really does look like blood. It does seem like it will feather if you're not careful so that's something to take into account, especially since it is such a dark color. Next is the Supra Lining Color in 007 Purple and seriously, I love this product! It's super creamy, blends beautifully, and I love the color! I don't know what the longevity is for this product or how smeary/crease-y it will be, but I do think it would need to be powdered and set. And finally, on the bottom/farthest right is the Face Control Foundation in White. Again, this is a very creamy product that felt great on application. You can blend it out (if you're pale enough to use it as a foundation, I could see it working well) or you can build it up and get a pretty nice white base. You know. For clowns. Or something. Vampires? Ghosts? Lots of Halloween applications for a white foundation, but again, I think this will be a great mixer to lighten up other face products-ALSO I JUST HAD THE IDEA THAT YOU COULD MIX THE PURPLE WITH IT AND BE LAVENDER. Brb, lavender time. So yeah, very happy with these four (five with the lashes) Revecen products!
And then things get cray-cray! The packaging on this product is outrageous and awesome! It was the thing that was peeking out of the box in the box-shot. This is  an Elizavecca Lip Tattoo in a color I am unsure of. This is a single-use lip tattoo similar to the Violent Lip tattoos you can (or could, at least. Not sure how available they are now) get here in the U.S. VintageOrTacky on Youtube has a great demo/review of the Violent Lips. You could have gotten one of two colors, #032 Burgundy or #033 Dark Burgundy and I can barely tell the difference between the two in the picture on the info card. I couldn't find the color name on the package (at least in English) so I don't know what color I got.
I have no idea if that is supposed to be a rabbit or what (the "vecca" in the name makes me think it might be a llama but I legit have no idea) but it has lip-shaped sunglasses, which is pretty rad. Honestly, I'm pretty enthralled by the packaging of this set of lip tats; I'm not even sure how much use I'm going to get out of this since you only get one pair (which is not true, I just peeked inside and there are two sets of lips so you kind of get a "practice" one). This is worth $14, which is kind of expensive, though I'm not sure what the Violent Lips retailed for when they were at Sephora. They apparently sell for $10 on their own website, so I guess $14 isn't crazy.
And finally I got some straight up temporary tattoos! I haven't used temporary tattoos in forever (which is slightly untrue since I did put a Twilight Sparkle temporary tattoo on my wrist when I was at work a few months ago, but that was the first, and only, time I've done it in years). There were two different sets of designs yo could get, these random angel wings-on-things and some crosses and crowns. I'm happy I got these since I;m much more likely to wear angel wings than crosses. It's a personal decision. You can put these anywhere on your body, including your face (which I think stands true for regular temporary tattoos. I know I put those bad boys on my face when I was a kid and I didn't die or go blind, so it's probably safe) and they're supposed to look like real tattoos, which I can kind of see since they are a little faded and grey-ish looking, like a real, healed black-line tattoo would look. In both the directions on the info card and the English directions on the actual packing it doesn't say you have to use water, which is a bit of a departure from the temporary tattoos I'm used to. It just says to stick it on and press hard for 20-30 seconds, then powder to set. Neat! These are worth $5 and I think it's just the one sheet. (Yup, just one. I opened it to check. Also, they smell really weird).

And that's my Memebox Superbox #59 Halloween Special! I paid $30 for this box, not including shipping, but I got a deal on that so it was only like $3.50. I got seven full-sized products with a total value of $101! Memeboxes are pretty awesome because they're a surprise, they contain harder-to-get Korean and Asian products, and you get more than you paid for! The only downside is that you basically have to wait forever for them to come. But in the end it's totally worth it!

Thanks for reading! <3

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