Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 2014 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month!

Hello! I'm on a roll today with two posts! This is will get everything "old" cleared out from my around my desk; it always feel good to have a clean space.

This post is going to be all about my September 2014 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month (from here referred to as "OTM" due to laziness)!

If you don't know, the Glamour Doll Eyes OTM is a monthly subscription from the indie cosmetic company Glamour Doll Eyes that you can purchase in different increments. It is not a recurring subscription, however, so if you only choose to sign up for one month, you'll have to fight for it again the next. And you will have to fight for it. There are only 120 spots available and there are very few individual bags (most people sign up for a few months; I really wanted to get a year's subscription, but I have to wait until January. I could only get a three month, which means October will be my last month and I will have to fight for it in November). You can sign up to be notified when the window to purchase a subscription opens up and they sell out within the hour. You get a different, exclusive pigment every month, along with some candy and maybe even some extras! Vee, the owner of Glamour Doll Eyes says she wants to try and make every month an "extras month", which makes this subscription even more awesome.
Every month comes in a pretty bag (it actually gets mailed in a white bubble mailer to keep things safe, but that's kind of boring)!
Every month, you get a couple Glamour Doll Eyes business cards, along with one for Sedona Lace brushes because they're besties.
You also get business cards if another company provided an item for the month's bag, but this time all the items (excluding the candy) are from Glamour Doll Eyes (which I'm going to call "GDE" now because, again, lazy).
The candy this month is some super magical, sweet and fruity unicorn candy! Apparently these come in star, rainbow, and unicorn shapes and taste like Sweetarts (I haven't eaten mine yet, I've just watched some Youtube videos). Magical.
You also get a handy little info card that talks about the pigment for the month and then gives information about any of the extras. As you can see, we got two extras this month!
This is the first extra: a mini tube of GDE new Glitter Fix glitter adhesive! The only other glitter adhesive product I own is the e.l.f. glitter primer, so I'm really excited to give this a try! On the back of the info card it has instructions on how to use it; you can also use it to give your pigments a foiled effect. I really love the graphic they went with for this product and I really hope they use it on the full size; something about "puffy" art just looks so cute and seductive to me (Lilo and Stitch is the puffiest movie ever and I love it).
To go with our Glitter Fix, we got a Glitter Tube! This is just a tube of straight up glitter.
It's aptly named Unicorn Tears and it's a mixture of silver, pink, purple, and a smidge of blue glitter. It's technically not for cosmetic use and has not been approved by the FDA for such usage, so "use at your own risk". The two main reasons why this product would not be FDA approved is that a. the FDA has not tested it for cosmetic usage (this is the thing that kind of damns the US when it comes to neon pigments; they're safe for use based on standards in the UK, but not for here) and b. the glitter size is too big and may cause irritation/scratches/trauma if they get into your eyes. Lots of people use glitters safely, and lots of people also don't, so please be safe, do your research, and make informed decisions about your body. I also didn't swatch this because I have no idea how to work with glitters and I really didn't want to make a mess because glitter messes are the worst kind of messes.
And this is the star of the show this month: Never Be Royals! Obviously named after the Lordes song. It's a "light blue with a sheer orange overlay/duochrome" and it's very pretty!
Not lip safe, though, which is sad. I want periwinkle blue lips. I mean, cosmetically. I think if my lips were blue actually I'd be dying and that's not cool. It's so weird, but interesting, that makeup is basically just crushed up metals we put on our faces.
Here it is swatched dry over bare, un-primed skin. I'm really happy GDE decided to go for a color like this instead of a more typical Fall color; it's not a jewel-tone or dark and umbery, but it still has that "weather turning towards cool" kind of feeling. Nice.

And that was my September 2014 GDE OTM! I really, really love this subscription service and I'm super sad that next month is going to be my last. I hope that I'll be able to snag another 3ish months (I want to go through the end of the year, then try to get a full year subscription when they become available again) when they go up in November. I've tasted the magic that is the GDE OTM and now I need it forever.

Thanks for reading! <3

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