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My Very First Geek Chic Cosmetics Order! - Review and Swatches!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great start to the weekend! I touched up my hair color and took a super long shower, so I'm feeling pretty good! Unfortunately, it's already getting cold here and, while it makes it a little nicer walking to work (at least near the end; in the beginning it's cold and annoying), I hate the cold and am not looking forward to winter (especially after how hard last winter was).

For this post, I want to show you guys my very first Geek Chic Cosmetics order! I've been on an indie cosmetics kick and have been exploring what's out there, so I ordered from a couple different companies! I found Geek Chic Cosmetics through Instagram (which is addicting, especially if you find just the right tag to explore) and thought it would be fun to get some pigments based on the nerdy things I like.
Mysterious, poorly color-balanced manilla bubble mailer!
Ever since I got my first Glamour Doll Eyes OTM in August, I've been in love with indie cosmetics. So much so that I placed an order with GDE, which came first, Darling Girl Cosmetics, which had the longest turn-around-time (TAT) and came last, and Geek Chic Cosmetics, which was in the middle! As I said, I found Geek Chic Cosmetics while I was browsing the #indiecosmetics tag on Instagram and I really liked the idea of makeup based on shows/books/movies I like! They had a lot of really interesting colors that I wanted to try, but I restrained myself and kept my purchase to $10. I ordered eight sample sizes; unlike the other indie companies I've looked at who offer three sizes, Geek Chic Cosmetics (GCC because I am lazy) offer two sizes - full and sample. The sample sizes are in little clamshell cases and seem to be an amount in-between what you'd get in a sample baggie versus a sample jar in other brands. At first, I thought I'd really like the clamshell cases over the sample baggies, but as I play with my pigments more, I'm leaning more towards the baggies now.

GCC has a middle of the road TAT of 10-14 business days, sometimes a little longer depending on what's going on in the owners lives, but they say they will let you know if there's going to be any delay. They have a great selection of colors/fandoms and they have products for eyes, lips, face, and nails, though I only ordered eye pigments. Out of the three companies I've ordered from, GCC is the most "bare bones" when it comes to packaging and extras. There wasn't any fancy or extra wrapping on my shadows (wait until you see how cute my Darling Girl Cosmetics order is!) and they didn't include any extras. They do have a "Color Of The Month" that, obviously, changes monthly, but it's only available in a full size and you have to purchase it.

Let's get to the eight pigment samples I got!
In no particular order, I'll start with "Katamarai King". I like how the labels say what collection the pigment is from (this is from the "Single Player" collection, which is where pigments go that don't really fit anywhere else. Either their collection was discontinued and they're left overs, or they were so popular that, even though the collection is gone, GCC still makes the shade) and whether or not the pigment is lip-safe and/or vegan.
I took pictures of these pigments open on a piece of paper to a. give you a better idea of the color without the weird brown/peach/tan/I don't know color of my carpet messing things up and b. prevent pigment getting all over said carpet. These clamshells can get messy! "Katamari King" is described as a pastel purple with tons of sparkle. And it is. And I love it!
Next up is "Princess In Distress". The label says it's from the "Mushroom Kingdom" collection, but that collection is no more and you can find this shade in the "Single Player" section.
This color looks a lot different in person than it does online. Almost to the point where I question whether this actually is "Princess In Distress". It's described as a "soft, feminine pink that is chock full of rainbow and pink sparkle" and it looks much, much pinker online. It does swatch a bit pinker, though.
This is "Luck Dragon"! The label says it's from the "Single Player" section, but the Never Ending Story themed collection, Auryn, is still up so...weird. "Luck Dragon" is named after Falkor, the Luck Dragon. He kind of looks like a really long canine-ish dragon. Thing. He's awesome.
I really like this color and think it's very fitting for Falkor (he's kind of pinkish white; also, I was Googling pics of him and there was one comparing his face to Victoria Beckham's and it made me laugh). It's described as a "warm coraly-pink (think cotton candy) with intense turquoise duochrome and stuffed to the scales with every color of pastel shimmer and iridescent glitter", which is pretty accurate.
I couldn't not get a shadow from the Dr. Who collection, so I got "Sexy In Suspenders". This is another shadow that looks a lot different in real life.
This is described as a "pale fawny satin with a bright, unlikely blue highlight and choc full of blue and purple sparkles". I feel like it's a little more warm and brown than a pale fawn. I really don't know if this is a matter of monitor differences, but I feel like the shadow I got is different from even the written description. I think it's still very pretty, I just think it's odd it's so different (and I'm just noticing it now that I'm going back and looking at pictures and color descriptions again).
 I'm going to do a two-for-one here since these colors aren't available anymore. Over Labor Day, GCC had a sale to get rid of a bunch of pigments from collections that were being discontinued, the Portal collection being one of them. This is Portal Blue and Portal Orange and they're both fairly accurate to the colors of the portals in the game Portal (Portalportalportalportal).
My Portal Orange picture is different from all the others because it was the first one I took to test the "white paper as background" and I apparently just didn't go back and retake it. Portal Blue is a bright blue with shimmer and Portal Orange is a bright orange with shimmer. Texture-wise, these feel like matte bases with added glitter, so they have an interesting texture.
This is my favorite pigment out of the ones I got because gold. All the things. This is "One Ring" from the, what else, Fellowship collection, which is based on Lord Of The Rings.
BAM SHINY. Seriously. This picture doesn't do this pigment justice. It is chock full of glitter and gold and it is beautiful, if a little messy to work with. This is described as a "true gold, full of golden sparkle and shimmer". Gooooold.
Finally, this is "Lady Of The Golden Wood", also from the Fellowship collection. This pigment is based on the character Galadriel, who is my favorite character from the Lord of the Rings and so I had to get it. Seriously. She is the best. And I totally went as her for Halloween. My friend went as Legolas. It was awesome. Also those movies came out forever ago because that was like...when I was in middle school/high school.
It looks like an ivory/eggshell in the clamshell, but it has a lot going on when you swatch it. It's described as a "deceptively complex pearly white, with golden hi-lights and flares of red and violet"and while dry swatched it's not as intense as I was expecting, I assume that foiling it will bring out more characteristics.
And here's everything swatched! Left to right: Portal Orange, Portal Blue, One Ring, Lady of the Golden Wood, Princess in Distress (I'm 90% sure of that, otherwise it's Luck Dragon), Luck Dragon (again, 90% sure, could be Princess in Distress...), Katamari King, and Sexy in Suspenders. These are swatched dry over un-primed bare skin, so with a primer and applying them using a foiling medium you will get a much more intense color.

Overall, I'm happy with my Geek Chic Cosmetics order. $1.25 per clamshell is a good price, especially since it seems like you get a little more than in other companies' sample baggies. It is very bare bones packaging-wise, and I didn't get any extras, which is kind of disappointing, but they didn't promise me anything extra so I have no reason to expect anything extra. I am a little concerned that two of my colors, Princess in Distress and Sexy in Suspenders are very different both visually and description-wise from what I was promised on the website, but these are handmade, so I assume there would be some slight variation. I really like the fact that Geek Chic Cosmetics has collections and cosmetics based on pop-culture things I like; I can be heavily influenced by the name of a product (I actually thought about this; I'm much more likely to buy a color called "Kitten" than I am one called "Champagne"). I would say give Geek Chic Cosmetics a look if you're into pop-culture/nerd culture; though I'd be curious to see if other people got pigments that were very different from the pictures/descriptions online....

Thanks for reading! <3

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