Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Very First Darling Girl Cosmetics Order! - Review and Swatches!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great day! I have another "very first order" post to, well, post! I've been super interested in indie cosmetic companies ever since I got my first Glamour Doll Eyes OTM and I placed some orders with a few different companies; specifically with Glamour Doll Eyes, Darling Girl Cosmetics, and Geek Chic Cosmetics.

My Darling Girl Cosmetics order was the last to arrive since it had the longest turn-around-time (TAT) of 18-20 business days, but I'd say it was totally worth it!
Cute pink mailer! Kind of like the Ipsy pink mailers, except this one is matte (the Ipsy ones are more metallic).
Darling Girl Cosmetics was actually the first company I placed an order with, followed by Glamour Doll Eyes and Geek Chic Cosmetics. I found Darling Girl Cosmetics through my August 2014 Glamour Doll Eyes OTM since they included a sample jar of a pigment. I thought it was super cute, and I liked that they included a special color with your $10+ purchase. I like free things. Also, I needed the August Color Of The Month (COTM; acronyms make typing easier!) in my life and you'll see why.
Look at how cute everything is! Out of the three orders I placed, I think Darling Girl Cosmetics had the cutest packaging (followed by Glamour Doll Eyes; Geek Chic Cosmetics was very bare bones and did not have any additional packaging, though that might be different if you order full sized products. I only ordered sample sizes). I ordered the "Blogger Pack", which is in the clear baggie, a pigment and a blush (in the pink paper), and my gift-with-purchase pigment and sample came in the leopard print bag.
I also got a couple of Darling Girl Cosmetics business cards, which are very cute! On the back they have their slogan: "Life is short. Wear more glitter."
In the leopard print baggie, along with my free gwp pigment, I got a sample baggie of Pretty Primrose Innor Glow Blush and a sticker! Yay, stickers!
 And this is the pigment I got! These GWP pigments change on what seems to be a bi-weekly basis and, normally, you can see a preview of the color on the site. When I placed my order, the new color hadn't been posted yet, so I went in blind. Which is fun! This is definitely not a color I would have purchased for myself, but I think I can get some use out of it. Also, free.
It's called Batitbat! Unlike the other pigments and blush I bought, this one didn't come with a sifter. Before, I didn't like sifters since I thought they made it more difficult to get the pigment out and on to your brush, but now that I'm getting better at using them, I think I prefer sifters since they make things a little less messy. What I don't like about this GWP is that there really isn't a color description anywhere (though they do have a picture of it swatched in the preview), nor does it say if it's lip-safe or vegan.
If you have an active blog/vlog, you're allowed a one-time purchase of a special set! For $4, you get four sample baggies and one sample jar of your choice. I went with sample baggies of Basket Case (a "bright purple with turquoise shift and gold sparkles"), My Little Pony ("a pale, pastel lavender with green shift and aqua and pink iridescence, but hold it close to a light source and it takes on a coppery rose color"), Faux Pas (a "dusty lavender with noticeable blue flash and a shift to a red violet"), and Positively Peachy (a "bright peach with gold shift and iridescence") and a sample jar of Coco Loco ("Lightest tan with lavender iridescence"). I picked a couple colors from the "Best Sellers" section because I figure that's as good as any place to start and then I picked some colors I thought looked interesting. My favorite by far is Positively Peachy!
Here's a shot of the inside of Coco Loco; all the pigments with sifters actually came sealed, so they arrived in immaculate condition!
 This is the sample jar of blush I got in the color "Living Dead Gurl". This was more of an impulse buy since I wanted to get my order up to $10 because free things are hard to resist. And I am so glad I got this because it is gorgeous.
It sounds weird ("pinky purple with golden green iridescence/sheen") and it looks weird for a blush color, but trust me, it's amazing sheered out on your cheeks. The more you rub it in, the pinker it gets, too! I'm kind of sad this isn't eye approved since I think it would make a great shadow. But seriously. This is stunning and you should get it.
 Okay, how cute is this? This is the whole reason why I placed this order in the first place. This is the August 2014 Color Of The Month, "I Smiled Once".
Grumpy Cat is basically my spirit animal and this was too cute to not get, especially since it was limited to the month of August ( can't get it anymore unfortunately. There is a new COTM of the Septmeber, though, called Autumn's Kiss and if you're into Fall colors you really should check it out). It's described as a "light taupey brown with silvery blue sheen and blue iridescence" and it's pretty similar to Coco Loco (though it looks a little more on the cool side to me).
And here's everything swatched! I am getting better at swatching pigments (seriously, Glamour Doll Eyes pigments are great and my swatches did not do them justice and I still feel bad about it); these are swatched dry over un-primed bare skin. Left to right is: Living Dead Gurl, I Smiled Once, Batitbat, Pretty Primrose, Coco Loco, Positively Peachy, Faux Pas, My Little Pony, and Basketcase.

Overall, I'm soooo happy with this order! The only downside is the long TAT, but Darling Girl Cosmetics is very explicit about how long it will take to get your order sent out; they even make you check a little box that says you agree to the TAT. Everything was packaged super cute and all the colors I got are awesome! I'd say that Glamour Doll Eyes and Darling Girl cosmetics are tied as my top two indie companies right now (but that's only out of three; I want to find more and try them all!).

Thanks for reading! <3

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