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My First Shiro Cosmetics Order! - Review and Swatches!

Hello! Hope you guys are having a good weekend! I have some really exciting things to share with you guys, one of which is my very first Shiro Cosmetics order!

I've been super into indie cosmetics companies lately (ever since my first Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month!) and have made it a sort-of goal to try as many as possible! ...the problem with this being that I end up with a ton of loose eyeshadow/pigments that I will probably never, ever make it through in my lifetime, so I think I'm going to start just ordering sample baggies unless there's a color I really, really like (or I can't get it in a sample size).

Which is what I did with Shiro Cosmetics! In the same vein as Geek Chic, Shrio Cosmetics makes shadows/face products/lip products themed on geek/nerd and pop culture. They have a very professional and easy to navigate website and overall I am very pleased with this company and highly recommend that you check them out!
I love getting mail!
I think the thing that bugs me about just ordering sample baggies is that I hate paying shipping and I don't feel "justified" in paying $3ish to have a bunch of plastic baggies shipped to me. It's silly, I know, since it's not like the postal service is going to be "oh hey, that clearly is easy for us to get to you so we're just gonna let you do it for free", but it's the mental thing, you know? I also find baggies a little more difficult to work with, but they are way easier to store and, like I said, I really doubt I'll ever be able to go through all the pigments I now have.

Back to Shiro Cosmetics! They have a middle-of-the-road turn around time (TAT) so it's less than Darling Girl, but more than Glamour Doll Eyes (which apparently are my TAT standards). After my pigments shipped, they got to me crazy fast! Like, two days fast. Impressive!

All my sample baggies, including my two free ones, came nicely wrapped in a white bag sealed with a logo sticker. All orders also get candy! I got a butterscotch disk and a mini cherry Tootsie Pop. I love candy.
And here are all my pigments in all their glory! There were so many gorgeous colors that I had a really hard time narrowing things down to an approximately $10 order (I like to try to keep my orders around $10; it doesn't feel like I'm spending much, but I feel like I'm spending enough to justify an order. Again, weird mental things).
 Here's a close-up of their business card. It's one of the more plain ones, but I like it's simplicity. I really like it when companies have business cards; it just adds to their credibility. I was kind of disappointed when my Geek Chic Order did not include one. I also got an invoice with this order and they had hand written a nice thank you message on it!

Now for the pigments! I'll show each one individually including the color description provided on the website, and then I will show collective swatches at the end.
I'll start with my two samples, since they were the ones I didn't pick. This is Scar, from the sub-line Detrivore Cosmetics (it's on the Shiro Cosmetics website, but I believe it's made by a different person. Also, it's not vegan). Scar is described as a "pale taupe with a violet shift". It looks a bit darker in real life than it does online, but it still works as a good "not-quite-neutral" color.
The other sample I got was Kokiri Emerald, from the Legend of Zelda collection. It's a "muted green-gold with light shimmer" and it definitely makes me think of the Great Deku Tree and the Kokiri Forest!

And now for the eleven colors I picked out! There wasn't any rhyme or reason to what I chose; I just clicked through all the pigments and if any caught my eye I opened it up in a separate window. Then I went through and edited my choices down to about $10 worth.
I'm...going to go in alphabetical order since that's how I have the item descriptions opened up in my browser. So I'll start with Alkahestry! This is from the Full Metal Alchemist collection (which is an excellent anime, by the way) and it's described as a "sheer-ish pale violet with a brilliant blue-sparkle base". The gorgeous swatch online is very accurate; it's sheer, but the blue-sparkle is intense. Very unique and pretty.
Next is Baker's Boy, from the Hunger Games. It's a "shimmery light golden brown with blue sparks" and I thought it would make a good "not-quite-neutral" color. I can see this being very pretty as a "one-and-done" kind of color.
This is Chimera, another from the Full Metal Alchemist collection. This is a very interesting color; it's "a complex and unique blend – looks coppery in the jar, then applies as tarnished gold and silver shimmer over a blackened background". It looks pretty dull in the bag, but when you swatch it it's quite intriguing. I don't really have anything like it.
Next is Ditto! Ditto is a Pokemon; a very strange Pokemon. And Ditto the color is "a medium soft pink with a satin finish". I loved the bright pink, but I also just have a soft spot for Ditto; my favorite episode of the Pokemon anime is the one where they meet Duplica and her Ditto.
Also from the Pokemon collection is Elite Four! This is a "shimmering medium indigo with golden sparks" and is a very appropriately named color; you fight the Elite Four at the Indigo Plateau!
This is the longest named pigment I got, Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist, which is named after Iron Man so I pretty much had to get it. Because Iron Man. It's a "metallic copper-tinted gold with a subtle red shift". I'm kind of glad they didn't go with a straight red for the "Iron Man color", as that would have been taking the easy way out. I love these peachy/orangey/coppery kinds of colors, especially with my blue eyes.
So. Confession time. I have never ever not once watched Game of Thrones. I actually started to read the book series once, but I didn't like it so I stopped. My husband and I even own the first season on BluRay and...we've just never watched it. Weird, I know, since I love stuff like that. This is I Loved a Maid, which is from the Game of Thrones collection and is based on a reference that I don't get. But this color was so unique and pretty that I had to get it! It's a "green-shifting gold shining out over a base of softened Lannister crimson" and it is such an interesting color.
Another Legend of Zelda pigment, this is Master Sword. I have been into gold all the things lately, but I'm getting a little burnt out of pure gold. This color is described as a "sheer, extra-sparkly pale taupe", but to me it's almost like an antique, taupe-y gold. It's also not as sheer as I expected, which is a good thing!
This is Second Kira. I have no idea what this is from or what it is a reference to. I actually just got it because it was a discontinued color that was on sale (so instead of a $1, this baggie was $0.80). I didn't actually pay close attention to what kind of color it was (sales compel me...), but it's a "charcoal with bright golden sparks". It's simple, but sometimes that's even better than overly complex.
I actually got one face product, but I picked it up because it's eye and lip safe! This is Shine Sprite and it's a "lightly metallic medium bronze", uh, bronzer. Again, gold all the things. Also, I really love to play Super Mario Sunshine in the middle of winter because everything is sunny and warm and tropical and it makes me less depressed about how cold and dark it is outside.
Finally, this is Sheogorath, another color from the Detrivore Cosmetics sub-line. It's a "faded yellow-toned grass green with fine red sparkle" and it really reminds me of a kind of Lovcraftian horror color. Actually, I assumed the name was based on Lovecraft stuff, but it's actually from the Elder Scrolls. Which I have never played. Sad.
Now for swatches! I did a full arm swatch, but there were so many it was kind of hard to see the colors, so I'm going to do it in chunks. Left to right is Shine Sprite, Elite Four, I Loved A Maid, Scar, and Kokiri Emerald.
Continuing left to right: Kokiri Emerald, Ditto, Alkahestry, Baker's Boy, and Sheogorath.
Finally, left to right: Sheogorath, Master Sword, Second Kira, Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist, and Chimera.

If you're into geek/nerd/pop culture, and you want your makeup to themed as such, please check out Shiro Cosmetics! Honestly, I think I prefer them over Geek Chic Cosmetics; they're very professional and all the pigments performed beautifully and are high quality. Geek Chic, while nice, left something to be desired in regards to "professionalism" (bare-bones packaging, no business card) and some of the pigments I received looked significantly different in real life than they did online. When it comes to indie cosmetics, you do need to be careful since these are products you're putting on your face and there is a level of trust involved when it comes to sanitation and safety.

Thanks for reading! <3

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