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Memebox #52 Thumbs Up! Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Do you love mysteries and surprises? Asian beauty products? Getting things in the mail? Then have I got something perfect for you! Actually, I'd be surprised if you like those things and haven't heard of Memebox yet.

Memebox is a Korean "kind-of-subscription" service that has an English website and ships globally! People call it a subscription service, but it's not really since you don't actually subscribe to it; you pick and chose which boxes you want to purchase and there's no monthly fee or anything. I've been interested in getting a Memebox for a while now (ever since I watched Allura Beauty do an unboxing) but the way Memebox works is that you purchase a box waaaaay in advance and then you have to wait for it to ship to you from Korea (unless you splurge/get a deal on EMS shipping). I'm a very impatient person, and I hate paying for and waiting for things to ship, so I put it off for a while. Then, at the end of August, they had a special where you can order any two boxes and pay shipping just for one so I decided to go for it. They actually do offer value sets where you can purchase two, three, four Memeboxes at once (though you can't choose, they only offer pre-made sets) and just pay for shipping once. Also, you get a free upgrade to express shipping with the value sets. But I wanted to make my own set, so I purchased the #52 Thumbs Up! Beauty Box and the #59 Halloween Special. I just got my Thumbs Up! box, but the Halloween one isn't shipping until October 10th so...the wait continues.
Man, everyone apparently uses pink bubble mailers!
There are two different general types of Memeboxes: there are regular Memeboxes that are mixtures of samples and full-size products and there are Superboxes which are nothing but full-size products. There's a lot of variability of amount of products and total box values (different boxes cost different amounts; there are Memeboxes that cost more than Superboxes!), but that one rule always holds true. Both boxes I purchased are Superboxes, but that's only because I was attracted to the theme of the box (boxes are "themed" so that, even though the actual products you get are a mystery, you still can pick what is best suited to your wants and needs), not that they're any "better" than getting a normal Memebox.
All boxes come in these cute, bright pink boxes! They've very sturdy, too, so I'm going to hang on to mine to reuse it.
My Thumbs Up! Beauty Box was packed! I got a total of seven full sized products! Unless they restock this box (which is unlikely), you unfortunately won't be able to get this same assortment of products, but I believe everything is available to purchase individually from the Memebox store and they just released a Thumbs Up! Beauty Box Ver. 2 that you can try! This was a little more on the expensive side at $32, but I definitely got my money's worth.
Because these are Korean/Asian products, most of the descriptions and instructions on the packages is in Korean. So Memebox includes this handy-dandy info card! It includes product descriptions, usage instructions, and what the product retails for. There are some translation hiccups, but overall it's very useful and informative.
This is the backside, with the rest of the products. Per usual, I'm going to go in the order the products are listed on the card.
Which means the first product is the Hope Girl 3D Powder Blusher in the color 01 Sexy Rose! Hope Girl is a brand I see featured a lot in Memebox (there's a "Back To School" box available now that I believe is all Hope Girl products). I love the leopard print packaging; this product walks the fine line between "cute" and "edgy", very Gyaru-fashion appropriate.
This is a very purse-friendly blush since you have everything you need, including a little mirror on the cap, to apply it! You just pounce the puff on your face to deposit the blush.
I really like the color of this blush; it's like a mauve-rose, but it's really really glittery. Like. Super glittery. I don't know if it shows up well in the swatch, but while the color is sheer and build-able, there is glitter all over the place! This product is worth $18 (since this is a Superbox, everything is full sized).
Really excited about this product; this is a 2-pack of the Kocostar Nail Therapy nail masks! I believe these are similar to the Julep nail masks in that they are individual "sleeves" that you put over your nails, though instead of just 15-20 minutes, you wear these for 30 minutes up to an hour! These retail for $7 each and you get two sets.
This is the graphic on the back of the package. I just thought it was cute.
Next is a Real Beauty Serum! There were four different ones you could have gotten: Morning Dew Bamboo, Ultra Waterful, Moist Soothing Rose, or Bouncy Firming. They all do about the same thing, which is hydrate and plump your skin to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging. I ended up with the Ultra Waterful Serum, which is great since winter is coming ( o_o ) and I'm going to need all the hydration my poor skin can get. This product is worth $22.
This is the RiveCowe (no clue how to pronounce that) Sebum Control Convenient Compact.
Is it weird that I'm kind of sad the compact itself isn't as cute as the box? I wish they had put the same design that's on the box on the compact itself. This is basically a touch-up powder that you can put on throughout the day to keep your skin matte and oil-free. Apparently, this product is supposed to keep you matte for up to 8 hours and it also reduces the appearance of fine lines and blemishes.
I can't tell if this is supposed to be a translucent powder or if it is tinted. It does have a tint in the compact, but not sure how pigmented it is. Luckily, it's close to my skin tone so if it is tinted it should still work for me, though if you're darker, not sure how it will look on you. Probably the biggest issue people have with Korean/Asian skincare and makeup is the limited color selection and this may apply in this case. This is worth $17.
This is another brand I have no idea how to pronounce! I think it's "O And" but I'm not sure. This is O& Soap Berry Cleanser! It's a foaming face cleanser with "frothy, fine, and creamy foam"; I was unaware there were different degrees of foaming, but actually, now that I think about it, I do have different foaming products that have different textures, and I do in fact prefer the ones that feel "creamier". Weird. This cleanser has soap berry (according to Wikipedia: "Plants in the genus Sapindus , native to warm temperate to tropical regions, in both the Old World and the New World. The berries of these plants contain a natural, low-sudsing detergent called saponin.") and carbonated water to help remove dirt and makeup. This product retails for $13.
I've actually heard about this product before I got it in this box (...because I saw it in another Memebox unboxing...)! This is the Miguhara B.P. Cream; it's apparently a combination of a primer and a B.B. cream, which is intriguing (though I feel like that's what C.C. creams are, super-charged primers). It is tinted, but it blends into my skin nicely, though it feels like it has silicons in it, which don't really agree with my skin.
It's oil-free and is supposed to control excess sebum production. Also this little paragraph of English on the tube (it's on the box, too) amused me. This product is worth $37.
And finally we have the Herbclinic Rice Bran Powder. When I first opened my bx, I thought this was a dietary supplement (actually, are there ever any edibles in Memeboxes? I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen anything, and I don't think so). This is actually a powdered face mask! It's 100% raw rice bran powder and you mix it with milk/honey/yogurt/other natural face mask bases in order to create a fresh mask! Fortune Cookie Soap has similar powdered face masks; I like this concept since it significantly increases the shelf-life of your face mask without having to add any preservatives. You also get a perfectly fresh mask every single time and you can change it up by using different bases. Very cool! This retails for $10.

So overall, in my Memebox #52 Thumbs Up! Beauty Box, I received seven full sized products that added up to a total value of  $131! I only paid $32 for this box (plus $7 shipping, but since I got it during a deal where I only had to pay shipping once, I technically split shipping costs between two boxes so it's only $3.50) so I think I got a good deal! I also like the convenience of these boxes; it can be difficult to get Korean/Asian beauty products in the U.S. (especially without having to pay for mark-up and shipping) and Memebox says that they test their products for a couple weeks before they even agree to sell them in their store. If you're interested in Korean/Asian beauty products, or even if you just like surprises, check out Memebox!

<3 Thanks for reading!

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