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Haul Time! - Ulta, Kohl's, Mally, and More!

Hello! One final post for today and my desk area will be clean and everything will be put away! Well, except for the nail polish I just's a never-ending cycle.

This is actually a smaller haul; I got a couple orders from Ulta in because they said I could have free shipping and you better believe I took advantage of that and...I think everything else I actually got on sale. Hmm. I like sales.
This is the only bag/box shot I have, so I'll start with what I got from Mally Beauty!
Totally random, I know. This is one of the only things I've ever gotten from Mally Beauty, and it's the only thing I've ever actually purchased (I got an eyeliner in a subscription box once). Mally is pretty pricey, but recently there was a coupon code for $10 off any purchase from their website and they a special free shipping promo for one day only so I was all over that.
They also included this little thank you note thing, which is kind of cute. I don't really like Mally Beauty products, but only from an aesthetic standpoint. I don't like the pistachio/pink color scheme; it feels a little childish to me.
I ended up getting the Lip Fence, a. because I don't have anything like this (it's a clear lip liner to help stop your lipstick/lip gloss from feathering) and b. it was the cheapest thing on the site and, while I did want to get something, I didn't want to spend too much. Budgeting and all that. After the $10 off coupon and free shipping, this only cost me $2.50 so...totally worth it. I told my mom about the deal and she ended up getting this, too!

And then I got a bunch of SinfulColors nail polishes because they were on sale for $0.99 at Walgreens and they are by far my favorite inexpensive nail polish brand. Incidentally, I just read in my Nail It! magazine that Consumer Reports tested a bunch of nail polishes and found that SinfulColors had the longest wear time. Neat. I got six polishes in total, two of which are from the Halloween collection.
Going in no particular order, I'll start with Ice Dream. I've had my eye on this polish for a while, so for a dollar I thought why not. It's a heavy silver glitter with bigger pieces of light blue glitter mixed in. Very pretty. And shiny.
 Next is Let Me Go. This is another polish I had my eye on, though I have a couple OPI polishes in my collection that are similar. I just really love iridescent purple. I was afraid it would be a dupe for my Significant Other Color polish by OPI, but they're different enough in tone that I feel justified in owning both.
 ...I think I really like blue glitter polish. This is Nail Junkie and...I kind of bought it on name alone. It's a teal-blue glitter with a ton of iridescence and I'm pretty sure I have a bunch of other colors exactly like it (I mean, I can't imagine that I wouldn't, this color is gorgeous). But it was $1. Yay.
 This is Starry Night! It was in the Halloween display, but from what I've read online it's not a Halloween exclusive polish. It's a black creally with iridescent glitter and what looks like random chunks of gold. My husband likes darker polishes, which is the main reason why I got this one. Also shiny. Shiny is a big selling point for me.
And then the two Halloween limited editions! This is Splatter Spell and it's an orange shard glitter with smaller pieces of black mixed throughout. There's also a green version of this called Cauldron Couture but I liked the orange one better.
 And finally this is Mystery Moonshine! ...sorry for that creepy picture; I didn't realize the lighting would look so odd when I rotated it. This is similar to Splatter Spell and Cauldron Couture but it doesn't have any of the black glitter; instead it has purple shards as well as green and orange. Very pretty topper; I'm actually waiting for my Julep Maven box to come since I got the intense white polish and I want to put this one on top!
 Here they are swatched. Mystery Moonshine gets it's own, big swatch picture because I forgot to do it with the rest... Left to right is Ice Dream, Let Me Go, Nail Junkie, Starry Night, Splatter Spell, and Mystery Moonshine. All these colors are great, though I think Let Me Go is going to be on the sheer side when applied to nail (which I expected; Significant Other Color is kind of sheer, too). Even at the full price of $1.99-$2.19, I really think SinfulColors polishes are totally worth it.

The nail polish hauling doesn't end there! Even with my Ulta purchases I got a bunch. I made two separate online orders (so I could use my $3.50 off of $10 coupon twice) and then I got some more stuff on sale in store.
Because I placed two online orders, I got two sets of variety sample packs! Some fun things to try, except not really since I can't use the Eva NYC products because they both have argan oil and I don't like Smashbox's primers. But the other three samples are great!

In my first order, I got more of these face masks because they were still "buy 2 get 1 free" and I really want to try as many of these out as possible. And seriously. I can't get over the graphics on these masks. I wonder if the women knew what their pictures were going to be used for or if they're just random stock photos.
 I also picked up another of the NYX Macaron Lippies, this time in the color Chambord. These are great lipsticks if you're looking for something different; they're also great for layering under/over your existing lip products to create whole new custom colors. I hate buying these in store because NYX doesn't seal their lip products and people are disgusting. All NYX products are currently on sale for 40% off, so if you're interested in giving one of these a try, this a great time to get a bunch!
I figured a black would be a good color to have around for Halloween; plus this one sells out a bunch because finding a good, inexpensive black lipstick can be a struggle.
And then I got some sale OPI polish! This is Muir Muir On The Wall from the Fall 2013 San Francisco collection. This is a very interesting polish; it;s like a brown/purple with almost a hint of olive to it. It's not exactly a duochrome, but there's a depth to it.
I also got Oy-Another Polish Joke! from the Euro Centrale collection. I think the name on this one is super clever; I've heard people say "Polish" as in the people/things from Poland, but you could always say it's "polish" as in nail polish. It works on so many levels. Also it's gold and I love gold.
Here they are swatched! Oy-Another on the left and Muir Muir on the right. Oy-Another works best as a top coat since even after a few coats your natural nail color (or whatever color you have on underneath) will show through. Though if you were going for a subtle look, one coat of Oy-Another would give a nice, soft sparkle to your nails. Muir Muir looks more brown here, but in real life it's definitely more purple.
 In my other Ulta order, I got another Mario Badescu product because the line interests me. This is the facial spray, though I picked it up since you can use it in your hair and I thought it might be a less expensive version of the Ouidad Botanical Boost mist. I do like the Ouidad mist, but it doesn't do enough to justify the price. I was concerned that the rosewater might be too much for me since I really hate the scent of roses, but when it's diluted and mixed with other things I can usually deal. Unfortunately, that might not be the case here; I've sprayed this on my hair/face a few times now and I can definitely smell the rosewater and it kind of bugs me. This was only $7, so if I end up being unable to get past the scent, I won't feel bad giving this my mom or a co-worker. I also got another GWP eye cream sample.
And then I got some Maybelline Color Tattoos! Maybelline eye products were "buy 1, get 1 50% off" online (not in store, though, which was frustrating), so after using my $3.50 coupon I basically got one for free. I do really like these, especially as eyeshadow bases. I got Edgy Emerald...
And Inked In Pink!
Tattoo puns.
Here they are swatched on the back of my hand; Inked In Pink is on top, Edgy Emerald on the bottom. Inked In Pink applied beautifully, buy Edgy Emerald was a little stiff and hard to blend. I feel like the less metallic pigment these have, the stiffer they are.

Then, because apparently just ordering things online isn't enough, I also got some things in store at Ulta.
...yup. Got more of these at the "buy 2 get 1 free" deal. I needed a little extra to get my purchase up to $10 so I could use my coupon and, since I don't really need any more makeup, I figure these would be good to pick up. I've only tried one mask from this brand, the Glacial Cloud Berry (which I've even tried twice now...), but these generally have good reviews and I seriously just love the packaging.
 AND THEN THERE WERE SOME ZOYA POLISHES ON SALE FOR $2.50 EACH. I can't let a deal like that go! This Belinda, which Zoya describes as a "cosmic purple metallic (Originally designed for designer Zang Toi / AW2013)" so that's pretty cool. I actually didn't pay too much attention to the colors...I just wanted sale polish.
 This is Cassedy; I'm actually really happy I got this one! It's a really cool silver sage-y green. Zoya calls it a "celestial pewter metallic" but...I really see hints of green in this polish. Maybe it's just me.
 And then this is Seraphina, a "Polaris silver metallic". This is a very, very bright, pale silver (it looks pretty much white to me).
Here they are swatched: left to right is Seraphina, Cassedy, and Belinda. Do you see the green in Cassedy? I swear it's there in real life, too. Also I'm kind of surprised at the intensity of these swatches; I didn't do anything different with my lighting and I always use the same camera; maybe they're just that shimmery!

Finally, I got some sale things at Kohl's because I had another of those magical $10 off anything coupons that I get in the mail every now and then. I usually like to get clothes, but, like last time, they still just had a bunch of crappy summer leftovers so I browsed the beauty/jewelry section instead.
There were a bunch of Eylure false lashes on sale (though there were technically only four different types on sale; I got three out of the four) and, since I do really want to get better at putting on false lashes, I figured it would be a good way to get some practice in without worrying at ruining more expensive ones. These are the "Evening Wear" lashes...

 These are "Super Full"...
And these are "Intense"! There were also "Lengthening" ones, but I don't need length; my lashes lack volume.
And because I needed to get my purchase up to $10 in order to use my coupon, I got these random dangle earrings on sale. I have nothing like these in my collection and these just kind of spoke to me.

That's everything! Not a whole bunch, but it will be nice to get it all put away and my desk all cleaned up again.

Thanks for reading! <3

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