Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Haul! - LORAC, Bath & Body Works, and Sally Beauty Supply!

Hello! Hope you're all doing well; I actually stayed home rather ill today. Not fun. I really don't like staying home from's nice to be able to rest and recover and not have to do anything, but I can't shake the feeling I'm doing something I'm not supposed to and it just feels "wrong" and then I have to go back to work the next day so what is even the point?

The point is is that I worry way, way too much. But I'm an anxious person by nature. One of the reasons why I hate traveling is that all I do while I'm away is think about everything I'm going to have to do when I get home...

In this post, I'm going to show you guys some neat (is it ever not neat? If I didn't like the things I bought...I probably wouldn't be buying them. Hmm. I seem to be going in odd directions tonight) stuff I got! I got two online orders, than I picked up a couple things on a quick trip to Sally Beauty Supply (and Marshalls).
 How cute is this shipping box? 'Cause...I think it's pretty cute!
Obviously, I'm starting with my Bath & Body Works order! This is the first time I've ever ordered anything from their online store, and I have to say, I'm impressed with their packaging! I love how it has their blue gingham pattern on the inside! I'm also pretty impressed with the way they keep their candles safe in shipping, though since they are mainly a candle store (you could argue that they are a bath and body store first, especially since that's their name..., but to me I feel like it's their candles and home products that really shine) it only makes sense that they would come up with an effective way to ship their products.
I ordered three candles since they were having a special where their 3-wicks were on sale for $10-$11 each (not the normal "2 for $22" promo, but just straight up 40%-50% off individually) and since I had a coupon for $10 off a $30+ purchase, I figured it would be a great time to order some Fall scents (that's about the only thing I like about Fall are the scents; I'm big into food scents and a lot of Fall is pumpkin, vanilla, bakery, etc. type of fragrances. Winter has some good foodie scents, too, but there's a lot of peppermint and I really don't like mint/peppermint home scents). There was also a $1 shipping promo running, but I ended up saving more with my coupon than with $1 shipping (and you can only use one coupon at a time). I ended up paying around $34 for three candles, which is a little bit more than if I had bought them in store on a promo (for the "2 for $22", once you buy the two, any additional candle you buy will ring down to the promo price. So don't feel obligated to buy only in even numbers) but this way I got a package! I love getting packages.

I knew I wanted to get three candles, specifically from the new Fall scents. I picked out two that I really liked (or assumed I would like) and I let my husband pick out the third, with the stipulation that it had to be from the pumpkin line. Because pumpkin is the best part of Fall.
He went with one that I wouldn't have picked out, but I'm kind of glad he did since it is an interesting scent.
Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun! He also said Pumpkin Sugared Doughnut would be fine, too, but since we already have Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut, I wanted to get something a little different. I was worried it would be too "cinnamony" and "dry" (that one's hard to explain; I don't like cinnamon rolls unless they are absolutely drenched in icing. I have terrible memories of the cinnamon rolls they'd have for breakfast at school that were super dry and crumbly and tasteless and I just can't get over it), but it smells like it might actually be pleasant.
One thing I really like about BBW (too lazy to type it out, though the acronym makes me giggle) candles, and one of the reasons why I really do think they make some of the best candles, is that they have scent descriptions on the labels! If this candle just pumpkin and cinnamon I might not have liked it, but I think the addition of the vanilla icing tones down the cinnamon and makes it much smoother. If that makes sense.

The other two candles I got are new in the home line for Fall!
They have some interesting scents out right now, some of which I never would have thought of such as "cayenne caramel" and "wasabi apple".Sea salt and maple popcorn sounded interesting and good (not that the cayenne caramel or wasabi apple aren't good; they just didn't appeal to me. At all) so I thought I'd give it a try!
It's just salty, mapley, corny goodness. It basically smells like the Summer Boardwalk candle we have, minus the apple notes, which is what I didn't like about it. I'm excited to give this a burn!

But the candle I was most excited for was...
!!! I love chai tea. Love. It. When I was in college, I would get soy vanilla chai teas all the time from Starbucks. Or Caribou. Or whatever coffee shop I found myself in (there was an independent cafe that actually put marshmallow fluff in and it was the best thing I've ever drank).
This candle smells like everything I love about the drink (minus the calories and paying like $4+ for a small...) and it smells spice-y and creamy and vanilla-y and just the most amazing. I'm so happy BBW came out with a scent like this!

I also order from a another place I've never ordered from before! This is a haul of exciting new experiences, apparently!
Did you know that LORAC offers free shipping on anything you buy from their website? And they have a really neat sale section? Because they do and you should totally check it out. One thing I will say is that LORAC has some pretty "meh" customer service. When I placed my order, I declined making an account. I never got a confirmation e-mail which kind of worried me and, since I didn't have an account, I couldn't check the status of my order on the site so I contacted customer service (which is what they say to do in FAQs). You can send them an email or you can give them a call, but they're only open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm (or something like that) EST. I sent an e-mail because I'm socially awkward like that, but after not getting a response after about a day (I didn't even get an auto-generated e-mail letting me know they eye got my e-mail in the first place. I'm perfectly fine waiting a few days for a response, but only if I know you got my message) I decided to call. I made sure to call during business hours and it rang a few times before I got a message saying all the customer service reps were busy and that if I left a message with my name, number, and issue and that they would get back to me. I thought that was kind of weird; why not just put me on hold? but I left a message anyways. I got an e-mail response the next day saying that my order did go through and that I would be receiving my shipping confirmation shortly (which I did), so I just assumed that my problem was taken care of and they wouldn't be calling me back. Imagine my surprise when, about three days later, I got a call from a number I didn't know in California and that, after listening to the message they left me, I realized it was LORAC calling me back! Why did it take three days? I don't get it. I'm happy I got my order without any real hiccups, and the e-mail response turnaround was pretty average, it just felt kind of...threadbare. Like it was all an afterthought.
They did send me a little thank you card and a free sample, though! I'm not a big fan of primers unless they're more mineral based (my skin hates silicone) so I'm going to give this to my mom, but it's still nice to get free extras!
They have a lot of neat stuff in the sale section, but I was immediately drawn to the Mint Edition palettes! Both the Sephora exclusive and the Ulta exclusive palettes are available (so...they're not exclusive? They also had the Kohl's exclusive and Ulta exclusive summer ___Glo palettes on sale) and both are only $15! I actually thought about buying one of the Mint Edition palettes when they first came out because I love the color mint, but decided to pass at the time. I was initially going to get the Sephora edition since the palette is more luxe feeling (it's padded and fancy looking) and has more colors, but after watching some videos and looking at swatches, I ended up like the colors in the Ulta version better. There are some dupes between the palettes; obviously the mint is the same, but so is the blush and the lightest matte shade, but I really liked the other shimmer colors in the Ulta palette.
This is just a shot of the back of the box and the side with a couple examples of eye looks you can do. I wish more people documented the packaging of the things they purchase, I just find it interesting.
In the Ulta set, you also get this little wristlet/pouch thingy. It's kind of cheap-feeling, but I like the mint and silver and this would be nice if you wanted a fancier looking makeup bag for your purse or something. Also you can sort of see my reflection in the silver. I'm wearing blue and pink plaid pajama pants.
The palette and lip gloss come wrapped up in mint tissue paper inside the little pouch!
The gloss you get is a LORAC Lips With Benefits in the color Christian. This is the first LORAC lip product I've ever tried. I was kind of afraid that, since this is an older palette (I believe it came out LAST spring, so it's over a year old now), the lip gloss might have gone off, but it smells great and feels great so I'm pretty sure it's still good. I think the design in the tube is pretty neat!
 Ugh, why are macro shots of skin so gross looking? I don't even know if you can buy other shades of Lips With Benefits glosses; I really don't know much about LORAC beyond the Pro palettes since everyone loves them (I thought about getting one, but I have a lot of neutrals the way it is and really don't need anymore). Regardless, this one is a pretty pinky coral (kind of?) shade!
And this is the palette! Like I said, the Sephora on is way fancier looking; the design is the same with the mint and silver envelope kind of thing, but the Sephora one is puffy and textured and more interesting. The Ulta one is kind of cheap-looking in comparison, but it's the eyes hadows inside that really matter.
Here's the back for no reason really. Not much info there.
Here's the palette! I like the textured silver paper on the inside; it shows that, even though the palette is "cheaper", they still care! It also has a magnetic closure, though it's not very strong. As I said before, this palette only has six eyeshadows and a blush where the Sephora palette has eight shadows, a blush, and a highlighter. I don't really need another highlighter and the blush is the same in both, so it really came down to the shadows.
Here's a little bit of a close-up of the shadows. The mint color is also the same between the Sephora and Ulta palettes, and the lightest color (the top left) is also the same. Otherwise, to the best of my knowledge, the colors differ between palettes. The top three here are mattes and the bottom three are shimmers; though the middle brown one does have some glitter to it. Surprisingly, my favorite colors in this palette are the bottom left and the bottom right. They both have great pigmentation and blend really well. They're also pretty colors!
Here they are swatched on my arm sans-primer; the blush is on the very left, then it goes left-right, top-bottom. I'm not a big fan of the three matte shades (which is sad because I bought this palette mostly for the mint color and I don't even like it all that much), but I don't like matte shadows in general. The shimmers performed really well and I absolutely love the blush! I'm glad I didn't pay the full $36 for this set, but for $15 it's totally worth it!

And then I got some random stuff from Sally Beauty Supply and a single nail polish from Marshalls.
I'll just start with the polish. Recognize the bottle shape? It's a SpaRitual polish! I've only tried one other SpaRitual and that was from a Glossybox (I think I only tried one other...I have so many polishes I kind of lose track...) but I loved the formula and I like the natural, mystical almost feel behind this polish line.
Normally, I avoid buying unsealed items from discount stores like Marshalls since they're usually old and very well tested, but when I checked the lip of the bottle, there wasn't any polish residue so I was pretty confidant that this was minimally touched. While I balk at any other used makeup, nail polish doesn't bother me quite so much since there are so many chemicals and solvents in polish that it's unlikely that anything organic can survive. The color was so intriguing, I had to buy it.
This isn't a very good swatch, but it's like a dark, eggplant purple with blue shimmer in and it's stunning. And it was $4. Yay!

And then I stopped by Sally Beauty Supply since I wanted to get a purple shampoo because I'm getting sick of having brassy hair.
I just went with the standard Shimmer Lights shampoo. It's super purple and kind of scary looking, but the day after I used it my husband commented that he thought my hair looked really nice and shiny so...I think it works!
And then I bought a full sized Wet Brush kind of on impulse. I love my little Wet Brush, but sometimes I wish it was a bit bigger so...why not just get the bigger one? Sally's is the cheapest I could find at $8 for the brush with my discount card (I'm sure you can find it cheaper online, I just wanted instant gratification) and they had a purple one in stock (...because color is important like that to me. I even buy toothbrushes based on color. Do other people do that? I assume they must, otherwise why would companies even go through the trouble of making things in different colors?). I like this brush a lot; I use it on my dry hair since it's super gentle and my hair can be delicate and, well, grumpy, and it's the best hair brush I've ever used (normally I just use a wide-toothed comb because of my curly hair).

And that's all folks! It's not as much as usual, but I had a lot to say about the things I got so I suppose it evens out in the end.

Thanks for reading! <3

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