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Summer 2014 Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip Kit - First Impressions and Swatches!

Hello! As promised in my recent haul, I'm going to go more in-depth about the Give Me Some Lip kit Sephora recently released for summer 2014. It seems kind of weird to me for them to release a summer kit so late in the game; most companies are coming out with their Fall lines right now. Not that I'm complaining; I don't like Fall/Winter so I'm more than happy pretending they're still a long way off.

I purchased this kit online when it was only available to VIBs, but I believe it's now available to everyone (on the site, at least. Not sure if these are in stores yet). I wasn't going to since I have more than enough lip products, but I love these Sephora Favorites kits since I love trying new things and they're a great way to explore different brands/products/colors.
Deja Vu box shot!
So this kit, similar to the Draw The Line and Lash Stash kits, is $25. In it there are five deluxe sample sized products and one full size product. It also apparently has a value of $90, but I didn't bother to calculate whether that was true or not.
I love the packaging of this set; it's very bold and gold and it feels summery. It also opens cool! It flips open on top where the seam is. Kind of wish I took a picture of that, but it's not that important; what's important is what's on the inside!

I'll start with the full sized, and most disappointing, product.
 This is the Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss in the color Pout.
Pout! Why was this product so disappointing? Online, Pout is described as a "pale blue pink" and it shows a pretty pale, cool-toned pink. When I first opened this kit, I thought there was something wrong with my gloss. It looked white and sickly and not at all what I expected. I even went online to look at swatches to see if there was something up with it. After checking out some blogs and reading the reviews of the Give Me Some Lip kit, it does seem like this milky white pink is what other people got and what Pout is supposed to look like. I didn't expect it to look the same as it did on the box, but I thought it would at least come close. Beyond the color, I do like this gloss; it feels great on my lips and I can see me wearing it, but only if it was in a different color. For being the full size product, I feel like this is kind of...wasted value. Instead of including this gloss, I wish Sephora would have included a voucher for a full sized gloss similar to what they did with the Lash Stash kit.

The inside of the kit is ordered based on size (it's super shiny gold on the inside so my camera didn't want to take a picture of it ), so that's the order I'll go in for this post. So next is the Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Meritage!
 Meritage is a weird word and every time I read the name my brain defaults to "Heritage". On the site, Meritage is described as a "brick red" and I would say that's very accurate (I have one big swatch at the end). It seems like an odd color to include in a summer kit, especially one that is described as having pinks and neutrals. I do really like Bite Beauty's products, especially since they only use food-grade ingredients, so you could eat these if you wanted. But, you know, don't.

Next is one of the things that pulled me to purchase this kit: the Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer in Kissability (302).
One complaint people had about this sample is that it's very, very small. And it is. Which is sad, especially since this was something I was so excited for! Ever since I got my Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palette, I've been very interested in trying other products from his line. Since they are designer, they're a little pricey, so I'm happy they included this mini in a kit. It's described as a "shimmering lilac pink", though it looks a little more mauvey to me.
Here's an oldie but a goodie! This is a Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in White Russian!
Why is this so big; I swear I resize these...? You can see my fingerprints! This was another product people had a little bit of an issue with, but mostly because this gloss is everywhere. This is like the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil of the lipgloss world. I, oddly enough, have never tried this color before! I've tried the Buxom glosses (and enjoyed them), but I somehow managed to never try White Russian (described as a "nude pink"). This is another milky pink, but I think it's way more wearable than the Smashbox gloss.

I think this next gloss is in my favorite color out of this kit:
NARS lipgloss in Orgasm!
Big and blurry. I am good at taking pictures. If you don't know about NARS and the color Orgasm, where have you been? But seriously, it's a gorgeous peachy pink with gold shimmer and this is the most summery-feeling color out of the bunch.
 We come to the final product in this kit: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked, also described as a nude pink. I feel like this is a very wearable pink and I love the cute little lipstick tube! I love tiny things...I don't know why. I have a co-worker who likes little things, too, so now she brings me little things she finds, like little pots of jam and honey. Which sounds weird but it's actually kind of awesome.
And here is everything swatched! Left to right it follows the same order as above; Smashbox in Pout, Bite in Meritage, Marc Jacobs in Kissability, Buxom in White Russian, NARS in Orgasm, and Urban Decay in Naked. As you can see, the Smashbox gloss is just...pretty much unwearable for everyone. Which again is sad because the gloss itself is really nice! The Bite pencil, too, is a little weird color-wise and it feels a little too Fall-ish for a summer collection. Everything else is awesome and I think the colors work well in what is advertised as a nude, pink summer set.

Is this kit worth $25? Depends. Do you have a lot of lip products that you already love and aren't interested in trying others? Are you not a a fan of lipgloss? If you answered yes to these questions, then this is not for you! If you would like to try some different colors/brands or if you don't have a lot of lip products and would like to expand your collection with some minis, then yes! This kit would be right for you! I do really wish that, instead of including the full-sized Smashbox gloss in a not so great color that Sephora would have just had the five other samples and then a voucher to get a full size of one for free. Overall, I'm pretty neutral about this kit; it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't awesome either.

Thanks for reading! <3

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