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Sale Haul! - Sephora, OCC, Forever 21, and More!

Hello! I love long weekends and I'm glad that the sun is starting to come out! My husband really wants us to go to the Fair (pro tip: the Minnesota State Fair is the best state fair) today, though there was talk of possible rain/storms later in the day. We're just going to play it by ear.

I have a haul post for you guys! My hauls have been a bit sporadic since a lot of the things I've been purchasing lately have been online from companies that take a little bit longer to ship things out (they explicitly state that, so it's not unexpected or anything), but good things come to those who wait! I did get a few orders this week and then I went out to take advantage of some Labor Day sales, so I have a semi-big sale-themed haul for you guys.
Double boxes all the way! ...I may or may not have placed two Sephora orders on the same day.
Right now (at least, as I am writing this; I can't promise these deals will be around while you're reading this), Sephora has a ton of stuff in the sale section on their website! They're calling it the "End of Summer" sale, which is depressing, but, yay, sales! There were a few things I wanted that I missed out on (sometimes, I think depending on when I last cleared my cache or cookies or something, there will be things in the sale section that are actually completely out of stock. I always hold my breath a little when I click on something I really want and wait for the page to load), but I was able to snag some Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics stuff. I really like OCC as a brand, though, up until this point, I had only tried their Lip Tars.

The first order I placed was kind of on impulse. I mostly just wanted to make sure I hit $25 worth of stuff so I could get a bonus deluxe-sized sample.
Sephora included some interesting advertisements for their make application services (since I got two, I can take a picture of the front and back at the same time!). They offer a few different types of consultations, ranging from free "lessons" to full on makeovers. Since I'm a Rouge, I can get makeovers whenever I want without having to make the minimum $50 purchase. I've never actually taken advantage of that perk, though.
These are the three normal samples I picked (...actually, I can't remember which order these came with, the first or the second, but it works out in the end. The more I think about it, the more I'm pretty sure these were the samples from the second order, but, really, it's a moot point). I got some blemish cream because I have Adult Acne and it sucks, I got a two-pack of the Kat Von D makeup remover wipes because I am curious about them, and I got a sample of a Nest fragrance because nothing else really appealed to me. This will likely be going to my mom.
The bonus deluxe-sized sample I got, however, is really awesome! I was curious to try some of the Perricone MD "No Makeup Makeup" line and was excited to see they were offering a sample of the foundation! The only color choice available was light-medium though I'm not sure if that's just the color option for the sample size or if that's the only color this product comes in; the label says it's "02 Light-Medium" which leads me to think that there are other shades available in the full size.

The main item I wanted to get in this order was an OCC Lip Tar and nail polish duo; they had six different sets of matching colors of lip tar and nail polish for $15 each. I wanted to try an OCC nail polish and, since they retail for $10 each normally, it was like getting a full size lip tar for $5! I debated for a bit over which set to get, and I eventually decided on the Anime set.
 To be honest, I picked this set kind of arbitrarily; I liked the picture they used for the "collectable trading card". I thought about getting the Grandma set, but I didn't think I really needed another coral. Unfortunately, I forgot that I already owned the Anime lip tar in a mini form (and since you need barely any product, it was in no way, shape, or form close to being used up), though, since it was from a set I got over the holidays last year, I was able to convince myself I would have needed to replace it soon(ish) anyways.
 One of the big selling points of OCC Lip Tars, besides the colors, pigmentation, and ability to customize, is that they are 100% vegan! Not too sure if you'll be able to read (or even see) the ingredients, but that's pretty awesome.
This is one tiny drop blended out on the back of hand; it's crazy bright.
Unfortunately, I was a little disappointing in the nail polish. It's 100% vegan and cruelty free as well (as far as I know, all of OCC's products are) but formula-wise, it's just not that impressive.
It's a super bright neon pink and, since it's neon, it has a semi-matte finish (which can be changed to a glossy finish with a top coat). It's close to the same color of the lip tar, but it's not an exact match. Not sure if I would have liked this polish more if I had gotten a different color (neons and me don't get long well sometimes), but as it stands, I wouldn't recommend picking this up for full price. A few of the color sets have sold out, including this one, but if there's a color that interests you, I don't think $15 is a bad price for both a polish and a lip tar.

And then I threw in a few other things to get my total up to $25.

I got another Sephora eyeshadow because I need more. Obviously. I actually had one pan open in the palettes I have, and since I wanted this color before but couldn't get it since it went out of stock, I snagged it while I could.
It's a pretty standard glittery gunmetal grey, but I am pretty impressed with the formula. In the pan it feels kind of gritty and like there would be a ton of fall-out, but it applies and blends out smoothly with no fall-out. Nice.
And...then I got this white leopard faux leather pony tail wrap. I like leopard print and it was $5. Not much more to say about it. It's pretty neat, but I'm not sure if it's worth the $5, much less what the full price was (I think it was like $10-$12).
With this purchase I also qualified for another year of VIB Rouge! a lot sooner than last year (it was in November...). I'm not surprised per se, but I really didn't expect to qualify again. This time around, I got a full-size Formula X polish in an exclusive, VIB Rouge only color.
 I'm not normally a fan of red polish (weird, I know), but I do really like the candy apple/cherry red color of this polish. The formula applies really well and the color is rich and opaque. I might actually bust this one out for Fall.

For my second order, I got some more samples (though, again, I think these might have been the samples from my first order):
Pretty similar; a lot of the samples were fragrances and I really don't need any more little tester vials laying around. I'm curious about the new YSL Fusion Ink Foundation, but I would have preferred a deluxe sample over one of these cardboard ones.
This was another $25+ order, so I got a deluxe-sized sample of the new Clinique Smart Custom-Repair serum. It's supposed to "know" what your skin needs so you don't have to worry about using a bunch of different products to address different things. I don't have a good track record with Clinique products, but it was good reviews and I needed a new serum, so we'll see.
I also got another deluxe-sized sample of the Hourglass Mineral Veil primer with my Beauty Insider points. This is the best primer I have ever used and one of the only ones I've found that doesn't irritate my skin (like all silicone-based primers do).
 This time I only got one item (though it's a kit, so technically I got three): the OCC In Your Face kit in Vicious Violets. There is also a more neutral-toned kit, but I went with this one because a. it looked more interesting and b. I really like the name Lydia, which is the name of the Lip Tar and Cosmetic Colour pencil. There are three full-size OCC products in this kit and it was on sale for $29. As of writing this, both sets are still in stock and I'm seriously considering getting the neutral one as well. Initially, I wasn't very interested in this kit since I didn't feel like I needed anymore lip and cheek products, but I found a video on Youtube that OCC had made showing you how to use the items in this kit that I thought was really cool. It featured a makeup artist who created a whole look using just these products! The Cosmetic Colour pencil can be used anywhere on the face, so it can be a lip or eyeliner (some aren't safe for use around the eyes, but OCC clearly labels which pencils are eye-safe and which are not), the Creme Colour Concentrate can be used as a highlight or a cream eyeshadow, and you can use the lip tar as a lip product and a blush! I don't know it never occurred to me to use lip tars as blushes and I was pretty impressed with the ingenuity and versatility of this set.
 This is the lip tar, Lydia. It's described as a "dark room plum", though it has a little bit more red in it than what I would call a plum. It's more of a mauve, but it's still pretty. I think it's an especially interesting cheek color.
This is the Cosmetic Colour Pencil, also in Lydia. It matches the lip tar pretty well, though I'm more interested in it as an eyeliner.
 And this is the Creme Colour Concentrate in Pleasure Model. It's a "pearlescent pink" and it's very, very sheer; a lot more sheer than I was expecting. It has an interesting texture, too. It's a lot lighter than I expected. I thought it would be closer to, say, a MAC Paint Pot, but it's almost kind of oily feeling.
 I think this functions best as a sheer highlight, though I can see how it can quite brightening since it's shimmery and pale pink.
And here they are swatched! Top to bottom is the Lydia lip tar, Pleasure Model Creme Colour Concentrate, and Lydia Cosmetic Color pencil. I think the stand out product in this set is the pencil, but overall I think this kit is pretty neat!

Because I'm a makeup addict, I also got some stuff from my actual Sephora! I went to our mall in order to see what kinds of Labor Day deals were going on.
I didn't put any makeup on before this trip because I was being lazy and, since I was walking to the mall, I figured what was the point. Whenever I got to Sephora without any makeup, I seem to come home with a lot of skincare samples. I never know whether to be offended or not, but I got a lot of neat samples so...I guess that's cool.

 This wasn't on sale, but it was in the travel/impulse section and it was too cute/quirky to not get!
 It's a honey-scented lip balm by the brand TonyMoly, which is Korean! I was kind of surprised to find this product at Sephora and, with the influx of other Korean/Asian skincare brands, I'm curious if Sephora is going to start carrying other TonyMoly products. It would be pretty cool if they did since the only other place I can think of to get it in an actual store in the U.S. is at Urban Outfitters.
I also got an eyeshadow palette! I know I really don't need another one, and I debated whether or not I wanted this one, but it's actually really interesting and unique and I'm super happy I was able to get it! This is the Sephora + Pantone Universe Full Spectra Eye Shadow Palette in Day Break! There was also a Night Fall palette released that is similar to this one, but they only had a couple of the Day Break ones out. I get the feeling that they just found these sitting in their stock room since this is an older palette (it's over a year old) and the box was in pristine condition; it was still sealed and everything. This palette originally retail for something like $35, then went on sale for $19ish, and I was able to get mine for $15. Not sure if other Sephoras will still have these sitting around, but if you do find it, it's worth a peek!
The back of the box shows the shadows, though the Pantone swatches do not do the colors justice.
I love the magnetic cover! It don't have any palettes like that and it's very reminiscent of the Inglot system. Which is probably what they're going for.
The back of the palette also has the color names, which is nice since I hate when palettes don't have the colors printed on and only list them on the box or on a plastic overlay. I'm also pretty sure everyone ever hates that, too, so I have no idea why companies keep doing it. Also, "Shrimp" is such a weird name for a color.
Here are the first four colors swatched on my bare, un-primed arm. Left to right is Navajo, Shrimp, Dew, and Atmosphere. Pictures do not do these colors justice! They all (except the two mattes, Jet Stream and Peach Melba) have a very unique duochrome and they change colors based on blending and layering. This is such a great palette to add to any collection since you can mix and match it with your other palettes to create all new colors and looks.
These are the other four: same as before, these are swatch on bare, un-primed skin and left to right is Jet Stream, Cloud Pink, Fairest Jade, and Peach Melba. Fairest Jade is my favorite color in this palette because I like the mint/sage green, but also because it has so much depth to it. The most disappointing color is Jet Stream since it's just an ivory matte, but I also really don't like matte shadows to begin with. I don't think it's actually a bad color, just not one for me. Again, I have no idea if you'll be able to find this, but it's really an awesome palette and I'm so happy I bought it!

While at the mall, I also stopped by Forever 21! I love when they have "half off of half off" sales and, while they didn't have that deal going on, they did have a "buy one get one free" deal on all sale products. If you bought two things that were close in price, you're basically getting the "half off of half off" deal so I checked it out. They had a lot of the same stuff they had last time, but then I found this:
A mint green denim jacket! I was immediately attached to it so I spent a good 45 minutes trying to find something similar in price (it was $21 on sale) so I could justify buying it.
And then I found this gold star sweater! I love these big, oversized sweaters for fall and winter and I was really surprised by the huge selection of jackets and sweaters that Forever 21 had on sale. My Forever 21 is two floors and all the sale stuff in normally on the bottom floor. Pretty much everything there were spring/summer left overs, and I was having a hard time finding something to get with my jacket, and I had given up hope when I went upstairs to look at the jewelry and found a whole section of sale coats, jackets, and sweaters. It was very weird, but I feel like the mint denim jacket and I were meant to be.
These were an impulse purchase! You know how it is; you're waiting in a long time and they have all the little, cheap things on display around the cashwrap and the longer you're waiting, the more random crap you justify buying. There are two other types of these wipes, Q-10 and Argan oil, and you get 30 wipes for less than $3, which is actually cheaper than the e.l.f. ones! Not only that, but these are imported from Korea and, again, we all know how addicted I am to Korean/Asian beauty products (secret spoiler: I bought a meme box!). Not sure if I'm going to actually use these on my face, but I thought they'd be great for swatches and to get residual makeup off my hands (I use the back of my hands as palettes sometimes; I really should invest in an actual metal one at some point). And for less than $3, if they're terrible, it's not that big of a waste.

On a different trip, I got some more candles! I really do think Bath and Body Works candles are the best large candles that are readily available and, when they have their 2 for $22.50 sale I have to stop in and see if there are any new scents. Since I also had another $10 off a $30+ purchase, I basically got three candles for the price of one. And I can't pass that up. I got some interesting scents this time:
 This is Blackberry Bramble Tea! I'm not a big fan of fruity scents, but for some reason I really like blackberries; the Blackberry and Black Tea Jack Black (so much black!) lip balm is my favorite! It's fruity, but not like a citrus or too cloying sugary.
Also, the scent description kind of reads like a poem, which I thought was cute.
When I got my first round of Fall candles, I considered the Heirloom Pumpkin, but passed on it because it had a bit of a "green" note to it that I didn't really like. I ended up getting it this time because I didn't want to get another sugary, bakery scent (because...we have them all) but I still wanted something with pumpkin. This is a very interesting "fresh" kind of pumpkin.
There is some sweetness from the brown sugar, but it's very light and it's the nutmeg and pumpkin that really come through. This is a nice "palate refresher" after a bunch of heavy, cinammony, bakery scents.
This is definitely a scent that I wouldn't normally pick up. I'm not a big fan of woodsy/manly scents, especially ones with smokey notes, but I my husband does like those kinds of scents (he used to have a Lakeside Birch Yankee candle that he would burn every time I came to visit when we were still dating and now that scent always makes me think of him) so this one is more for him than me.
There is a smokiness to it, but the sweet marshmallow and vanilla are also very prominent and help this candle not be too manly.

And then now for the random left overs!
I got this set of Lip Smackers lip balms because one of them is supposedly flavored like an ice cream sandwich. pretty much the only reason why I bought this set. Lip Smackers make some pretty awesomely flavored lip balms.
I also got some spring-themed cross-stitch kits! I much prefer the Dimensions brand, but these were cute and only $1.50 each. I like to do these little ones when I'm feeling stressed out since they're quick and easy and you don't have to worry about miscounting or anything.

And then from Target I got a Rimmel mascara on sale:
I don't think I've ever used any Rimmel products and this was on sale for $1.61. I don't even know if this is any good, but for less than $2, I'm not really going to care. Packaging wise, it does leave a lot to be desired and it looks kind of...90's-ish. In a bad way.
Apparently, I am easy to sell to since I bought this Sonia Kashuk Dramatically Brightening Kajal pencil based on a review I read on it in the 20th Anniversary Marie Claire magazine. I'm always open to products for brightening my eye area and, since it was only $9 and I've never actually tried a Sonia Kashuk product before, I figured why not.

It's pretty light, so I'm hoping it won't look too unnatural (but my eye area is so shadow that, sometimes, unnatural looking is a good thing). I also thought it was interesting that it says not to use it in your lip area. It's not as useful as my NYX Wonder Pencil (which can be used for highlighting/brightening everywhere on your face) in that case, but we'll see how well it performs as an eye brightener.

And that's it for this mostly sale haul! I hope it wasn't too long and that, if you're interested in anything I bought, that you're able to find a good deal on it, too!

Thanks for reading! <3

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