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My Very First Glamour Doll Eyes Order! - Paper Runway and Art Deco Collections!

Hello! I think it's been a while since I last posted anything... I've been buying a lot more online recently, which means I have to wait for my orders to come! I've also had some issues with shipping (notice how I haven't shown you guys my Fall Soap Box yet? There was a shipping issue and Fortune Cookie Soap was kind enough to send me a new one and so I'll be posting about it soon!) so it's been a little quiet around here.

But now it's a long holiday weekend and I got some neat stuff so hopefully this will be a big posting/filming weekend! To get things rolling, I'll start with a post I've been putting off for no good reason: my very first Glamour Doll Eyes order! I was so impressed with my August 2014 OTM (the Glamour Doll Eyes subscription service) that I placed an order for the whole Art Deco and Paper Runway collections in the sample jar size! I got free shipping since I was purchasing samples and it shipped out wicked quick!

Inconspicuous vanilla bubble mailer full of magic! My camera could not figure out how to color balance's been grouchy about oranges lately.
I'll start with how my order came.
Everything was packaged nicely in a plastic baggie (the two extras didn't fit and were loose); I thought it was cute that she drew a heart next to my order number! One thing I really dig about indie companies are the extra, personal touches you get. Like a sharpie heart!
Here's everything all laid out, including the two sample baggies I got; you're not guaranteed to get samples (if she gets backed up with orders, she says that some might ship without the baggies), but I get the feeling Glamour Doll Eyes ("GDE" from now on) tries very hard to give everyone samples since samples are awesome and getting extra freebies is the best. ...I actually make purchasing decisions based on whether or not I get freebies with my order.
Same business cards as in the OTM!
For my sample baggies, I got Arrogant, a "matte dark greenish teal with blue sheen" (I'm going to quote color descriptions from the website) and Super Nova, a "matte black with multi-colored shimmers" and also a best seller! I did not swatch these colors since I...don't really have much experience with working with pigments and would probably make a huge mess.

You also get a special color of the month for free with your order! For August, it was Golden Halo, which is an awesome gold and, again, one of the reasons I placed this order. I'm actually waiting to see what September's color will be and...will probably make another purchase.
So pretty! And free! I've been really into gold lately so that was perfect!
I like how each jar is labeled with the name, ingredients, whether or not it's lip safe (I was sad this one isn't; I wanted to gild my lips), and if it is or isn't vegan. I also swatched all the colors I got, but it's over bare skin and dry so they aren't the best swatches. These pigments really shine when you foil them (apply them wet using a mixing medium), though they are perfectly serviceable on their own!

I'll start with the Paper Runway collection! I purchased this whole collection because a. it was cheaper to buy them all at once and b. I really like all the colors! They feel more muted and soft; not quite pastel but still very feminine.
 This collection is also a collaberation between GDE, Darling Girl Cosmetics (...which I also placed an order with. They have a much longer turn around time, though, so it won't be shipping for a bit), and Chinovi Cosmetics.
How cute is this?! The other side of the card is a paper doll of Vee with a selection of clothing you can dress her up in! If you order the collection from the other companies, you get paper dolls of them! I almost want to just so I can collect them all. Tangent: when I was little, my grandmother used to take care of me and my cousins during the day while my parents were at work, At some point, she bought a ton of these gorgeous books full of paper dolls and their clothing and it was so awesome.
I'm going to go in the order they are listed on the site (which is alphabetical), so I'll start with Avant-Garde.
This is described as a "matte magenta base with an orange sheen and a bright blue sparkle". It swatched kind of sheer in my video, but when I packed it on my lid it had a lot of color and shimmer.
Next is Buyer's Remorse. This is one of my favorites from this collection. Because mint.
GDE describes this as a "light teal with a subtle gold sheen and a pinkish purple sparkle". And it is stunning. This is another one I'm sad isn't lip safe; how awesome would this be over a purple lipstick? I'm using the word "awesome" a lot in this post.
This is Grandiloquent! This looks kind of boring in the jar, but another thing that really intrigues me about pigments is how different they look when applied to the skin. Also, is this actually a word? I feel like it is. I suppose I could Google it, but sometimes I like to pretend I'm still a human being and ask someone.
This is a "light matte grey base with a subtle orange sheen and gold & turquoise sparkle"; a very interesting color.
Next up is lovelock, which is spelt and capitalized that way on purpose. I apparently forgot to get a shot of the pigment in the jar, but it's a soft, peach-toned ivory with a ton of sparkle. It's described as a "sheer ivory base that rubs down into a pinkish purple sheen with green and pink sparkle". I think this is a really great "transforming" shade for layering over other shadows.
This is Nick Kicks, my other favorite from this collection! This kind of dusty sage green kind of feels like "mint for Fall" to me. ...I really don't want it to be Fall yet. I hate the colors of Fall. But the candy and food is great, so I suppose it evens out.
On the site this is described as a "muted green with a strong copper and gold sparkle and a slight brown sparkle" and I am so happy this is lip safe since I bet it would be really cool looking over my pistachio green NYX lipstick. I apparently have traveled back to the 90's for my descriptive words.
The final color in this collection is Spikes & Pearls. I think it looks kind of weird and crumbly in the jar, but it has some good pigmentation.
This is a "dark brownish purple matte base with a green and red/pink sparkle" and while it's probably my least favorite, I think it complements the other colors very well. Overall, I think this collection is very well thought out and edited and that all the colors make sense together.
And here they are all swatch on my arm! Again, I have no idea what I am doing with pigments so my swatches leave a lot to be desired. These are completely dry swatches over un-primed, bare skin. Left to right is Grandiloquent, Nice Kicks, Buyer's Remorse, lovelock, Avant-Garde, and Spikes & Pearls.

Along with the Paper Runway collection, I also got the Art Deco collection! I loved the bright, funky colors and, since a lot of the colors are GDE best sellers, I thought it would make a good "starter" order. Again, I'm going to go in the same order the colors are listed in the collection on the site, which is alphabetical.
This is Island Chic! Look at how teal that is! There is a very good reason why this is a best selling pigment.
GDE describes it as a "blend of green, blue and a touch of gold" and that it "reminds [her] of mermaids". And it does, which is awesome. I tried to think of a better/different word, and I couldn't.
Next us Juicy Mango! I love this color; it's my favorite out of this collection (and it is a contender for favorite color in this whole order).
ALSO IT IS LIP SAFE AND NOW I AM TOTALLY GOING TO LAYER THIS OVER A RED LIPSTICK. Pretty pumped about that. Anyways! This is described as a "medium shimmer orange with pink afterglow when rubbed down". It's a very unique color!
This is Phrrya, and it looks a little more purple here than it does in real life. This is another best selling pigment!
On the site, this is described as a "hot pink with aqua sparkles". This one gets intense when you foil it!
This is another best seller: Oddity! This pigment is also part of the Circus collection, so it has a circus tent on it's lid. I don't know why I didn't get close up pics, but you can kind of see in the overview pictures that the jar lids have different images on them based on what (if any) collection the pigment is a part of.
This is a "unique blend of shimmer and matte. This is a lime green but almost looks duochrome" and it's definitely an intriguing color. I really want to use this in combo with some of the colors in my Urban Decay Ammo palette.
Next is Tattooed, again a best seller! This is such an intense purple; the picture makes it look more blue-toned than it is in real life.
This pigment is similar to Oddity: it's a "unique blend of matte and shimmer. This color includes a bright blue mixed with a gorgeous shimmery purple". It is very shimmery and gorgeous. When I first read the descriptions as being a mix of matte and shimmer, I was confused; I thought a shadow was one or the other. After playing with these pigments, it makes a lot more sense. It's possible to have a matte pigment with glitter in it and it's a really interesting play on textures.
Finally, this is Pistol Pistol. And, you guessed it, this is another best seller! Actually, I think the only pigment in this collection that's not a best seller is Juicy Mango, which is a shame because I think that's the best one...
This is a "blackened silver (almost gunmetal) with multi colored shimmer, but mainly red shimmer" and it really reminds me of Blackheart from Urban Decay.
Here's my poor excuse for swatches! As you can see, one pass, dry, over bare and un-primed skin will give you a pretty sheer application, but if you foil these, you'll get some crazy intense color and sparkle. Left to right is Phyrra, Oddity, Island Chic, Tattooed, Juicy Mango, and Pistol Pistol.

Overall I am just over the moon by how awesome these pigments are! I know my swatches are sad, but seriously, I've played with these pigments and have made some really interesting looks; I love the versatility of these pigments as well. I can apply a more sheer wash of color if I use them dry or I can make them "in-your-face" intense; whatever I want! I also like knowing which ones I can use on my lips since I think it will be a ton of fun layering these. If you're interested in getting into indie cosmetics, or if you're looking for something unique, definitely check out Glamour Doll Eyes!

Thanks for reading! <3

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