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Barely-A-Haul! Becca, Kat Von D, Maybelline, and More!

Hello! Again, I was super duper uncreative and just copied the name of my Youtube video. ...but, if I'm copying myself, doesn't that still imply that I came up with it in the first place and am, thus, actually creative? Probably not. I just keep telling myself that so I feel better.

Anyways! Happy Saturday! This post is soooo late and for that I am sorry. I don't know why I've been avoiding it. I'd still be avoiding it if I didn't have another haul building behind me and I'm concerned I'm going to get them confused as to when I got what. This was a pretty small haul, which is where I get fuzzy on the definition on the word "haul". I'm also fuzzy on the word "unboxing" and when precisely you can transition from a "first impressions" to a true "review". The blogosphere is confusing.

For this haul, I ended up only getting stuff from Sephora and Target, so I can actually list the brand names of the things I got in the title! I feel like that's much more descriptive than saying I got stuff from Ulta and Sephora, but it would make my titles unwieldy and long.
Let's start with Sephora!
I ended up placing an order from (as evident by the box shot opening) and I also picked up some things from the actual brick-and-mortar store. Both stores, actually! I like going to the big Sephora since they have a huge selection, but I like going to the one in JCPenney since they have a lot of cool stuff on super-sale and they get their own versions of the Sephora Favorites kits (I even found a fragrance one that was on sale and a brand-new "Back To School" set!). There was a deluxe sample that I really wanted to get, so I placed an exactly $25 order (well, sans taxes)
 The scent Sephora is pimping this time is the Chole Eau de Parfum. I was interested in giving this a sniff, but it says it's rose-based and, well, I really dislike the smell of roses. To the point where I don't even want the actual flower near me.
And again I got a fourth sample for free! I really wanted to try the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream since I really like his line of fragrances. Unfortunately, it's a little too fresh for me and I think it suffers from fancy perfume syndrome. The Clean Rain perfume was the extra sample; I'm not a big fan of fresh scents but my mom loves this line so I'm going to pass this off to her.
 And this is the deluxe sample I wanted! I've heard a lot of mixed reviews of Too Faced's new Melted lipstick-things and I wanted to try one for myself. This is in the color Melted Peony and it's a very pretty bright pink! Since I've been dealing with some issues with the corners of my mouth cracking (and am on antibiotics for it), I've been waiting to try this out. If I like it, I might just pick up the coral one.

I've been watching a lot of videos on Youtube about eyeshadow palettes because I've recently become some what obsessed with eyeshadow. I don't know why, I think it's just one of those "things". I saw some videos on Kat Von D's eyeshadow palettes which sparked my interest in giving her brand a try. I've kind of written her brand off as one of those celebrity lines where you're in it more for the name than the product, but after watching swatch videos and reviews, my curiosity was piqued. Kat Von D's line is a Sephora brand and it is manufactured by Sephora, so at the very least, it had that going for it. Lucky for me, Sephora had a special where you could get two of the Shade-Shifter eyeshadow singles for just $15! Since the singles sell for $16 on their own, it's basically buy one, get one free.
I believe there are four of these Shade-Shifter shadows (they're duochromes) and in the sepcial $15 set you get two; Love Letter and On The Road.
There's a nice little sticker on the back that prevents you from scamming Sephora!
The packaging of these shadows is gothically cute; I like the white floral outlines and the silvered Kat Von D logo. One of the things that drew me to this line was the artwork on the packaging and the fact that Kat Von D creates it herself! She is a great artist and I appreciate that she has a direct association with her products besides just her name.
This is Love Letter! As far as duochromes go, this is the most "disappointing" one in the collection. There's little to no actual duchrom, though it's supposed to shift between a maroon and a burgundy. Even if it doesn't "shift", I do think it's a nice, deep, eggplanty purple.
And this beauty is On The Road! I was really excited to get this shadow; it's absolutely gorgeous! It's hard to see in the photo, but it's a brown/green/purple kind of shift and it's apparently close to MAC's Club. I love the depth of this shadow.
This swatch photo gives a better idea of the complexity of On The Road (which is on the bottom; Love Letter is on the top). Both shadows are soft and swatch well, though I don't know how they perform on the lid since I haven't actually used them yet...
And then I got these boscia Clear Complexion Blotting Linens since they were $10 and I needed a $25 order! I don't have any blotting linens, and, lately, I've been getting more oily more often. Not sure if it's the weather or maybe a change in my skin, but I've found myself in need of these! I was going to get just the Sephora brand ones, but most of the reviews said the boscia ones were way better and since they were the same exact wasn't really a question of which to get! These have bamboo and willow bark extract to help with blemishes, which is something I'm struggling with right now. You get 100 sheets for $10, which is a dime a sheet which...kind of seems pretty expensive. I was kind of surprised by how small this box was. Hopefully these work for me and last long enough to make the $10 worth it.

In my actual Sephora store, I picked up a new face powder!
I've been almost out for a long time now of my Make Up For Ever powder foundation, but I couldn't decide if I wanted to pick the same thing up or try something new. I've used a few Becca products in the past and really liked the line, so I thought I'd give their Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation a try! I would have rather purchased it online and gotten a deluxe sample, but with foundations and concealers and other products of the like, I prefer going in store and getting color matched. I was between two colors (one was more yellow, one was more neutral) and went with the neutral one, Buttercup! Plus it had a cuter name, and we all know that's an accurate way to chose foundation color...
I was surprised to find that it comes in its own little pouch! I've never purchased a full-sized Becca product since they are on the pricey side, so I'm not sure if this kind of extra packaging is common in the line, but I like it! The only thing I don't like is that this is where the sponge applicator is stored since there's no room in the compact and I feel like that's kind of...gross.
The compact looks like a UFO! ...that's not my own idea, Bunny from Youtube said is, but it really does! And it's super cute! I do really like how unique this compact looks.
The back is kind of boring, but again, you can see the color I got: Buttercup!
And here it is in all it's glory! It's a really soft powder, so it gets disturbed easily so there's a lot of dust inside the compact. I was initially worried that it was used, but the powder itself looks untouched; I think the dust comes from the edges since the plastic insert doesn't like to stay put and it moves around a lot. I'm still working on the last bits of my Make Up Forever (...and Too Faced powder that's too light for me...) so I haven't used this yet (...this is a theme, isn't it?) but I look forward to giving it a try!
I also worked up the courage to ask if they had any free samples (which you have every right to do; they even say that their samples are available with online OR in-store purchases) and I ended up with these two. I love the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black perfume, but I have a ton of it so this will go to my mom and I'm pretty neutral about Sephora skin care products.
 ...I don't know why I keep buying Nails Inc polishes. I hate them (though I have heard the Gel Effect line is good and I do really like my Gel Effect top coat so I might have to give it a try) but I can't resist getting nail polish for $2 a bottle on sale. I picked these up in the JCPenney Sephora on super sale and, as far as Nails Inc polishes go, they're okay.
They're from the Garden Party line and the blue is Portobello Gardens and the green is Princes Gardens. The colors are actually weirdly similar if you look at them swatched, but they look very different in the bottles. They basically have different concentrations of the same glitters.
Weird, huh? I mean, they are obviously different, but they also use the same colors. This is two coats of each, but if you're using them as a topper, I'd recommend one coat. Otherwise, they get too thick.

And that's all for Sephora! Small, but exciting! Now for the stuff I got from Target!
 I started stalking the sample page on Target's website (you can just go to their site and search for "sample" in the search bar. Every now and then they'll post a sample you can request and, if you match the criteria, they'll mail you a sample! So far all I've gotten are foil packets...
But you also get high value coupons! It's not the best samples, but it's kind of fun and exciting to try and snag them.
 Did you know that Pixi has nail polish? I didn't! I was just looking through the beauty section for things on clearance and I spotted these polishes! They're $8 originally and the bottles are quite small, but some were on sale for $4. I've been super into this neon/pastel kiwi lime green color and was really excited to find Lime Luster! It's really pretty and it has a ton of shimmer in it!
Pretty! Unfortunately, the formula isn't that great, though that might be because this is an older polish and it looked like it had been opened before. I don't think this polish is worth $8 (actually, I think all Pixi makeup is over-priced for what it is); I'm not sure it it's even worth $4. But the color was exactly what I was looking for, so I'm happy!
 Continuing with the theme of "nail polish on sale", there was also a ton of Sally Hansen nail polish on sale! I've been interested in picking up these stripers since I think it's easier for polishes to come with a striping brush instead of me having to use a separate one (that's just me; I'm not very good at nail art yet). These were less than $2 each, so of course I bought them!
I like colors, though I wish there were some metallics and/or a white. I am happy to have a black striping polish, though. Very useful.

And then there were some Maybelline Color Tattoos on sale! I've been looking for the Gold Rush one since I heard it was being discontinued and was going on clearance, and I was pleased to find two more!
This is Gold Rush, the one I knew was going on clearance. It's pretty, but it's more sparkle than color.
This is Fierce & Tangy! I love how orange this one is! I'm assume these other clearance Color Tattoos are being discontinued, too, which is sad, but I suppose this is a summery color. It doesn't have any shimmer in it, at least from what I can see.
And this is Pomegranate Punk! It's a red-purple with shimmer. There was a forth Color Tattoo on sale, but I already got it from Walgreens (Electric Blue). I wouldn't pay full price for these, but for less than $4 each, they are more than worth it.
Fierce & Tangy is on the top, followed by Gold Rush, followed by Pomegranate Punk. This swatch doesn't do Pomegranate Punk justice; it's a much more interesting and wearable color in person.

And...then I got some random stuff!
I got some more face poofs from Sally Beauty Supply and a big Sock Bun styler thingie since I'm finally learning how to do a sock bun and realized the one I had was too small for me now. You can get these things pretty much anywhere hair accessories are sold, but they differ in price so just be aware of that (I got mine for $3.50ish from Sally's; I think I've seen them less and I know I've seen them for much more).
And then I got these two plushie blind boxes from Barnes & Noble because they were 75% off. One was opened but retaped shut, but I wanted both since I love blind boxes and Tokidoki (the designer of these little creatures).
...unfortunately, they were the same. I still got both for $5, so I wasn't too upset. I'll give one to my friend.

That's everything! Hope you enjoyed seeing what I got and hopefully it won't take me quite as long to post the next one!

Thanks for reading! <3

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