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August 2014 Glamour Doll Eyes "Of The Month" - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! I've had a very eventful Saturday morning! Our refrigerator decided to break suddenly so I've been kind of freaking out about our food. One of the perks of living in an apartment is that when something like this happens, you don't really have to deal with it! I was able to get in contact with emergency maintenance and they just brought us a different, working fridge from an unoccupied apartment. I did have to throw out all the stuff that was in our freezer and some stuff in the fridge (pretty much just the deli meat and milk; everything else in there was whole fruit like apples and cans of soda) but it could have been much worse!

I have a really exciting unboxing and review for you guys! I was finally able to sign up for a three month subscription to the Glamour Doll Eyes "Of The Month" (from here on out called "OTM")! Subscriptions only go on sale one day a month, and there is a set number of subscriptions available at any given time. It kind of feels like a secret club! The subscription was $15 for three months, plus $6 for shipping, making it average out to $7 a month. Considering how a single Glamour Doll Eyes shadow sells for $6 not including shipping, and you get some extras like candy and other samples, it's a pretty good deal!
White bubble mailer of excitement and mystery!
From what I've seen, the OTM products come in a different drawstring pouch every month; this month it's silver organza!
You also get candy every month! This month there were three Sour Punch Straws in two different flavors.
I love these; when I was in college and slightly inebriated, my friends and I would go to the Holiday gas station (our apartment was across the street from a Holiday and attached to a pizza joint. It was the best thing ever. OH! There was a co-op down the street, too) and I'd get a big pack of these and the rainbow sour Airhead fruit strip things. I also got a lot of gas station sandwiches. Don't judge.
Also included are two GDE business cards, a Sedona Lace business card because they're basically besties, and a Darling Girl business card since one of the extras this month was an eyeshadow sample from them!
 ...not sure if you're going to be able to read this, but this is the info card for the August 2014! I like that it gives a color description, an ingredient list, what part of your body it's safe/not safe to use on (technically, these are more like loose pigments than eyeshadows), and if it's vegan.
This month's shadow is called "Cement Heart" and it's described as a "dark grey base with a green and purple light sheen with multicolored sparkle". Complicated!
It doesn't look like much in the pot, but when you apply it you can really see the sparkle and shimmer! I think this type of product demos much better in a video than in a photo since it needs movement to really shine.

Continuing on in the order the products are on the card, the first extra this month is the "Teal Me Lies" eyeshadow sample from Darling Girl!
This is described as a "medium teal with blue iridescence and a light sprinkling of lavender sparkles".
I love these kind of teal shadows, but I'm not brave enough yet to wear them at full strength! You can sheer this color out for a nice wash and shimmer, or you can use it wet and pack it on. I'm definitely going to check out and see what else Darling Girl has to offer and they even included a discount code you can use: DGHEARTSU for 5% off your next order.
The next extra is a sample of a HydraGlaze lip gloss in the color Homicide.
These are apparently made by hand by the sponsorship manager, Piper!  Homicide is described as a "matte, true red gloss with a buttercream scent", and that definitely describes it to a tee. I don't have a swatch picture (...because I forgot and now it's too dark to take one), but I do swatch it in my video. It's a very thick gloss and with the deep red color it almost looks like blood! A little goes a long way and it would be gorgeous over a true red lipstick. And yes, it does smell like buttercream!
And then the last extra in this month's bag is a sample of a blush! You could have gotten one of two colors: Hollywood Affair which is a "darken rose/mauve with a golden pink shimmer" or Ms. Monroe (which is what I got!), a "soft, creamy peach with a red and pink shift".
Ms. Monroe came with a sifter and I kind of wish it didn't, like the eyeshadow. It's difficult to get the product out and since I'd likely be using this with a big fluffy brush, I want full access. On my skin tone, Ms. Monroe is more like a highlighter than a blush, but it is very pretty!
And here's everything (sans HydraGlaze) swatched! Left to right is Cement Heart (you can kind of see the depth of shimmer here), Ms. Monroe (it blends into my skin but it's leaves such a warm, youthful glow), and Teal Me Lies (which is teal and that's all that matters).

Overall I'm super pleased with my very first Glamour Doll Eyes OTM! I'm looking forward to the September and October OTMs, though I'm going to be sad when my subscription comes to an end (and I'm going to have fight to get another one).

Thanks for reading! <3

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