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An Eclectic Haul! - Fashion, Beauty, and More!

Hello! Man, I'm sorry, again I am falling behind on these blog posts and I don't even know why! What's worse, I have things piling up all around me again and...I'm getting confused as to what goes where...

So I'm going to try my best to put the rights things in the right posts! I'm also going to make a few posts that look at a couple of these items more in-depth (I also filmed separate videos for these items as well), and since I'm going out of state for the weekend, I'd better get them done fast!

This post is going to be a haul/overview of the things I purchased over the last week or so (technically, two weeks agoish now) and instead of the normal beauty items, I got some clothes, too! I'm such a sucker for half off of half off sales...
 Let's do this! Ooooo, Fortune Cookie Soap box shot!
For the last two years, at least, Fortune Cookie Soap has had a special "Christmas In July" sale. They release a bunch of new holiday/Christmas scents and they offer a lot of "2 for 1" deals; it's a wonderful sale! They also offered free shipping to the first 50 people who used the code XMASFREESHIP. Since you all know how I feel about shipping, I knew I had to try for it. Fortune Cookie Soap's Whipped Cream body butter is pretty much my favorite body lotion ever, so I was hoping I'd be able to get the 2 for 1 deal along with free shipping. Which means three full size body butters for $22ish. Which is amazing. And I got it! It was intense, but I was able to get my order in the first 50 and got to use the free shipping code! It's still a really great sale if you don't get free shipping, but it's the principle of the thing.
I also got a free sample! This is a smooshed bath bomb sample in the "Lollipop Your Cherry" scent from the summer collection. I love the smell of cherries, so super pumped to get this.
I caved and got a whipped cream in Polyjuice Potion! I have a cuticle butter in this scent and it smells super fruity and delicious; it smells exactly like fruit snacks (the chewy, opaque kind; not the gummy translucent kind). I am worried that the scent is going to be a little overwhelming all over my body (as opposed to just my fingers), but since I got a great deal, I'm willing to risk it.
And then I got Butterbeer! I've been curious about this scent, but again, I'm worried it will be a little too sugary-sweet. It smells exactly like butterscotch sauce (which makes sense since it's buttered rum scented), but it's not too sweet at first sniff, so I'm hoping it will be a bit more on the buttery and rum side (great for fall!).
For my free whipped cream, I went with the classic Cupcake! This is my favorite out of the bunch and it's just a delicious, vanilla cake scent that smells exactly like yellow cake batter. And I like smelling like cake!

With these big sales, it can take a bit longer for FCS to get your order shipped out, but this came super quick, which I think is due to their new shipping structure (I think they switched with the last Soap Box). Which is awesome.

I also bought some stuff from Like usual. I got one item (yay, free shipping!) because Sephora did a really good job at encouraging me to buy it.
Once again, I got a fourth sample for free! ...with all these orders I've been placing, I'm at the point where I've gotten samples of everything I want and now I'm just grabbing random ones just because they're there... These are four products I am interested in trying, so glad to get all of these!
I also got an extra deluxe sized sample since the thing I bought was exactly $25. I'm...a little disappointed with this duo. I was really excited to give these a try since I like the Supergoop brand and I'm always looking for eye products with SPF. These samples are tiny, way smaller than I expected! Granted, they're free and I got two, but I expected something a little bigger... It's hard to tell how small these in the picture since there's nothing else to compare them to, but if you watch the video, you can see just how itty bitty these are!
And...this is what I bought. Yeah. I don't need any more lip products. At all. But I can't resist a Sephora Favorites kit (well, I actually can since I'm not buying the new Draw The Line kit nor am I am getting the special Back To School kit at the Sephora in JCP), especially when they make it exclusively available for VIBs for a short period of time. ...I like pretending I'm special. In this set you get five deluxe sized samples and one full size product of various lip products! Like the Lash Stash and Draw The Line kits, this set is $25. I'm going to do more in-depth first impressions post on this set, so I won't take up anymore time here.

I think I'm going to go somewhat out of order of my purchasing timeline and continue on with cosmetics. Which means my next stop is what I got at Ulta! I had a 20% off coupon that I could use on almost anything and since it's so rare to get a coupon you can use on "prestige" cosmetics at Ulta, I wanted to take advantage of it.
 Since I've been so obsessed with this kind of neon bleached kiwi lime color, I knew I was going to get OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape.
I don't know why exactly, but I've been all over this color of nail polish lately. It's not mint and it's not an in-your-face neon lime; it's like a nice inbetween. The polish that actually got me started on this color is Rainbow Honey's Stolen Dance. Which I should probably just buy but I can't seem to bring myself to.

I also wanted to pick up an eyeshadow palette, but I didn't know which one! At first, I wanted to get the new Country palette from Too Faced, but my Ulta was all sold out. Which is probably for the best since, while the colors are quite pretty, I've heard it's kind of so-so quality-wise. I was also contemplating getting the original Naked palette from Urban Decay, but I really didn't need another neutrals palette, especially since I already have Naked2, Naked3, and the Chocolate Bar palette.
So I got the Ammo palette from Urban Decay! This has ten of Urban Decay's top selling shadows, a sample of the eyeshadow primer, and a little eyeshadow brush! While this palette has been around for basically ever, this is the new version and it has the reformulated eyeshadows. This is another product I'm going to talk more in-depth about in a separate post, so stay tuned if you're interested in hearing my thoughts and seeing some swatches!
Randomly, from Merle Norman, I got a Designer Series OPI polish in DS Reserve! The Designer Series line is a little fancier than regular OPI polish; they have better ingredients and are a little bit better in quality. They also cost more, but not by much. You can visually tell the difference between a regular OPI polish and a DS polish since the latter have silver caps. This is an older color in the line and you can find it a little cheaper online, but $10.50 is still a good price (Ulta sells these for $12.50).
This is a terrible swatch and you don't get to see the depth this color has due to the holographic shimmer, but it's a good representation of the color. It's stunning. I thought this formula was much smoother, applied easier, and dried glossier than any of my regular OPI polishes. Definitely worth the couple extra bucks; I'm inclined to try some more from the Designer Series line.
And then I got this Jergens Natural Glow +Firming Daily Moisturizer Tanning lotion in Medium/Tan because everyone else got it and I wanted to fit in. I actually like this lotion! I'm not a big self-tanner since it scares me and I'm convinced I am going to mess it up and look ridiculous and everyone will know my shame. Since this builds up gradually and is still kind of just a body lotion, all you have to do is rub it in, make sure you go light on your knees, elbows, and ankles, and wash your hands afterwards! I think the tan looks very natural and I can see why people suggest getting the darker version since it is very subtle. Also it smells nice!

Now for not-makeup! I wanted to go to Forever 21 to a specific pajama set for a specific tank top and...they were having a half off of their sale sale. So I bought some things.
I'll start with what I went in to Forever 21 to buy! This is a pajama set, but I bought it for the tank to wear it as a regular shirt. I saw this set hauled on Youtube and I thought the tank was hilarious and that I needed it in my life. This was the last set they had in stock at my Forever 21; it was in my size so I decided that fate wanted me to have this set.
The only other full priced item I bought was this pair of taupe/nude leggings. I like wearing leggings, but I only have a black pair and a grey pair so I wanted to expand my color choices.

I got a pair of black floral print leggings...
A black and grey striped crop top. This is in a size large to fit my chest.
I got this rad pair of blue skinny jeans with a grey rose print...
An everyday coral and white striped tee...
A pair of dusty rose skinny jeans; these are super stretchy and comfy!
This black tunic with a Japanese movie poster print for the James Bond Moonraker movie. This was also in a large, but it was $5 and I figure I can either take it in or wear it with a belt.
And my favorite item: this Pom des Garcons tank! It made me laugh and nobody else I show it to gets the joke. I managed to get everything, including the full priced items, for under $50! Sales are magical.

And then I had a few random things that didn't really belong anywhere else:
 There's a Goodwill in walking distance from where I work, so I went to check it out one day. It's really clean and huge and I was surprised that it took me so long to go there! Unfortunately, I don't have much time on my break so I didn't get to look too long, but I got the book Summer Sisters by Judy Blume since I have a lot of memories attached to it and a neat minty blue tank with pink, silver, and purple stars. Both were only $2 each so neat.
 Finally, I got a couple candles! While I don't like the body products at Bath and Body Works, I think they make the best candles and I always like to check them out when I'm in the mall to see what's new and if they're having any sales (spoiler: they usually are). Last time I went, they had a bunch of candles for 50% off and I snagged this one-wick sized Espresso Bar...
and this three-wick Summer Boardwalk! My husband and I love how coffee smells, but we're way too lazy to make it and I'm the only one who actually drinks it, so having a candle is the easiest way for us to make our house smell like a coffee shop! I debating getting this candle from the online store since I've never seen it in our brick-and-mortar store (though I think it was part of a collection that was in stores) but I hate paying for shipping and I didn't really want to spend the money to get free shipping. So I was super pumped to find it in store! For half off! Unfortunately, I don't like one-wick candles since they don't have as strong of a throw as the bigger three-wick candles but I'll take what I can get. Summer Boardwalk was more for my husband than for me; it has apple in it which I'm not a big fan of, but my husband loves how this candle smells. Without the apple this would be perfect, but I can deal and it does make the house smell really nice.

And that's everything! Now I just have to sort it all and put it away...

Thanks for reading! <3

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