Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kind-of-Late Fortune Cookie Soap Fall 2014 Soap Box - Unboxing and First Sniffs

Hello! Hope you're having a good, relaxing weekend! I know a lot of you have a long weekend due to the holiday, but I also know that a lot of you do not. I'm glad I have the extra time, but I do miss when I worked a more flexible schedule and had my days off in the middle of week; things are less busy then and I feel much more relaxed when I'm out shopping or at an event. My husband and I did end going to the State Fair today and it was nuts. I almost wish I had stopped to take a picture of the sea of people, but I didn't want to be rude and block traffic (like the other people who stopped to take pictures...)

For this post, I'm going to show you guys what I got in my Fall 2o14 Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box! I'm...pretty sure anyone who's interested has already seen all they wanted to see about the Fall Soap Box since mine came late. There was an issue with the shipping of my box and I have no idea where my original box ended up, but Fortune Cookie Soap was kind enough to not only ship me out a new box, but they also gave me a $5 discount code for my trouble! Fortune Cookie Soap has great customer service and I really appreciate the time they took to help me out.

Sale Haul! - Sephora, OCC, Forever 21, and More!

Hello! I love long weekends and I'm glad that the sun is starting to come out! My husband really wants us to go to the Fair (pro tip: the Minnesota State Fair is the best state fair) today, though there was talk of possible rain/storms later in the day. We're just going to play it by ear.

I have a haul post for you guys! My hauls have been a bit sporadic since a lot of the things I've been purchasing lately have been online from companies that take a little bit longer to ship things out (they explicitly state that, so it's not unexpected or anything), but good things come to those who wait! I did get a few orders this week and then I went out to take advantage of some Labor Day sales, so I have a semi-big sale-themed haul for you guys.
Double boxes all the way! ...I may or may not have placed two Sephora orders on the same day.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Very First Glamour Doll Eyes Order! - Paper Runway and Art Deco Collections!

Hello! I think it's been a while since I last posted anything... I've been buying a lot more online recently, which means I have to wait for my orders to come! I've also had some issues with shipping (notice how I haven't shown you guys my Fall Soap Box yet? There was a shipping issue and Fortune Cookie Soap was kind enough to send me a new one and so I'll be posting about it soon!) so it's been a little quiet around here.

But now it's a long holiday weekend and I got some neat stuff so hopefully this will be a big posting/filming weekend! To get things rolling, I'll start with a post I've been putting off for no good reason: my very first Glamour Doll Eyes order! I was so impressed with my August 2014 OTM (the Glamour Doll Eyes subscription service) that I placed an order for the whole Art Deco and Paper Runway collections in the sample jar size! I got free shipping since I was purchasing samples and it shipped out wicked quick!

Inconspicuous vanilla bubble mailer full of magic! My camera could not figure out how to color balance's been grouchy about oranges lately.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Haul! - LORAC, Bath & Body Works, and Sally Beauty Supply!

Hello! Hope you're all doing well; I actually stayed home rather ill today. Not fun. I really don't like staying home from's nice to be able to rest and recover and not have to do anything, but I can't shake the feeling I'm doing something I'm not supposed to and it just feels "wrong" and then I have to go back to work the next day so what is even the point?

The point is is that I worry way, way too much. But I'm an anxious person by nature. One of the reasons why I hate traveling is that all I do while I'm away is think about everything I'm going to have to do when I get home...

In this post, I'm going to show you guys some neat (is it ever not neat? If I didn't like the things I bought...I probably wouldn't be buying them. Hmm. I seem to be going in odd directions tonight) stuff I got! I got two online orders, than I picked up a couple things on a quick trip to Sally Beauty Supply (and Marshalls).
 How cute is this shipping box? 'Cause...I think it's pretty cute!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Julep - 100 Degrees of Mystery Box - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you guys had a great weekend! I'm actually not feeling well, which is unfortunate since I have work bright and early tomorrow...we'll see how this turns out.

For this post I want to show you guys what I got in my Julep 100 Degrees of Mystery box! I have...mixed feelings about Julep mystery boxes, but since I skipped my August box and some kind soul used my Julep referral link so I had $15 to spend, I decided to go for it.

How did it turn out?
Back to the old cardboard boxes; I liked the special, fancy ones from the last box!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 2014 Ipsy Bag! - Beauty Schooled - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you're doing well. I'm sad to see Saturday already come to a close; I wish I had another long weekend like I did last week. It's getting harder and harder to wake up every day and go to work, but hopefully things will improve soon since my husband and I are both in the market for new jobs! We might look into working part-time and then using the rest of our time to pursue our passions (me crafts, he streaming videogame playing).

This is going to be the unboxing and review of my August 2014 Ipsy subscription! I love Ipsy; it's only $10 a month, shipping included, and I feel like I always get my money worth! $10 for a beauty surprise every month? Yes, please!

This month, Ipsy really wanted me to ruin the surprise; they kept sending me e-mails saying I can "sneak peek" at what I was getting in my Glam Room. Isn't part of the fun of these subscription boxes the surprise? It's bad enough I have to be careful when I'm on social media so I don't get spoilers! Unfortunately, through my Instagram browsing, I did catch a glimpse of the bag and a few products. At least I didn't know that I was getting those items for sure.
Pink mailer of mystery and intrigue!

August 2014 Glamour Doll Eyes "Of The Month" - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! I've had a very eventful Saturday morning! Our refrigerator decided to break suddenly so I've been kind of freaking out about our food. One of the perks of living in an apartment is that when something like this happens, you don't really have to deal with it! I was able to get in contact with emergency maintenance and they just brought us a different, working fridge from an unoccupied apartment. I did have to throw out all the stuff that was in our freezer and some stuff in the fridge (pretty much just the deli meat and milk; everything else in there was whole fruit like apples and cans of soda) but it could have been much worse!

I have a really exciting unboxing and review for you guys! I was finally able to sign up for a three month subscription to the Glamour Doll Eyes "Of The Month" (from here on out called "OTM")! Subscriptions only go on sale one day a month, and there is a set number of subscriptions available at any given time. It kind of feels like a secret club! The subscription was $15 for three months, plus $6 for shipping, making it average out to $7 a month. Considering how a single Glamour Doll Eyes shadow sells for $6 not including shipping, and you get some extras like candy and other samples, it's a pretty good deal!
White bubble mailer of excitement and mystery!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sephora VIB Rouge Party Haul! - Plus Ulta, Target, Sally Beauty Supply, and More!

Hello! I love parties; well, that's not entirely true, I don't like parties that have me as the center of attention because, well, I really hate being the center of attention. Weird, I know. I felt so awkward at my wedding; the photographer kept asking me to pose and was taking pictures and I was like, don't you have other things to be taking pictures of? Two years and a couple months later my husband and I still haven't looked at our wedding photos (we both think we look awkward in pictures) so...there you go.

But! Parties! For VIB Rouges! Because we spend so much money. It feels good to be recognized, even if it's for a sad, shallow reason. This is the second Sephora party I've been to and it was just as fun as the first one! This time they had reps from Tarte and Dior (and one other brand which I think was Benefit but I can't remember) and while there wasn't a discount (last time it was during "Chic Week" and we had 20% off ALL THE THINGS) there was 4x bonus points for Rouges. Nice. I hung out, ate some free snacks, played with some makeup, and bought some things. Which I'll show you! I also bought some things from other stores, so I'll show those to you, too!
We got a neat tote! I like this tote; the plain black and white striped ones are nice, but I like how this one announces to world that "I SPEND MY MONEY FOOLISHLY".

August 2014 Mystery Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you're having a good week! It's the end of Wednesday so we're half way through! Yay! Well, halfway through if you work a "normal" work week which, honestly, I'm not that fond of. I actually miss working a somewhat skewed work week where my days off fall on weekdays. It's just less busy everywhere and doing laundry is so much easier when you don't have to fight over machines...

As the title says, this post is going to be all about my August 2014 Mystery Beauty Box! I really do like this box, but I have been tempted towards trying out BoxyCharm or the new and improved Sample Society box... But that's in the future!

The Mystery Beauty Box is a $24.95 a month (I pay closer to $27 due to taxes), shipping included, bag of mystery beauty products! You get a mixture of samples and full sizes and I've only gotten one "foil packet" once and I'm still kind of bitter about it. What I like most about this box is that you're guaranteed a value of at least $100 in products (most often more), which is the most value I've found for boxes in the $20-$25 a month price range (Glossybox is around $60-$70 and BoxyCharm seems to hoover around a similar value).
It always amuses me that this Mystery Box is a bag, inside of a box. I don't know why, it just does.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Urband Decay Ammo Palette - First Impressions and Swatches!

Hello! Again, as I promised in my last haul, I have another product I wanted to do a more in-depth review/first impressions/swatch post on! This time it is, as the title suggests, the Urban Decay Ammo palette!
Reusing pictures!

Summer 2014 Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip Kit - First Impressions and Swatches!

Hello! As promised in my recent haul, I'm going to go more in-depth about the Give Me Some Lip kit Sephora recently released for summer 2014. It seems kind of weird to me for them to release a summer kit so late in the game; most companies are coming out with their Fall lines right now. Not that I'm complaining; I don't like Fall/Winter so I'm more than happy pretending they're still a long way off.

I purchased this kit online when it was only available to VIBs, but I believe it's now available to everyone (on the site, at least. Not sure if these are in stores yet). I wasn't going to since I have more than enough lip products, but I love these Sephora Favorites kits since I love trying new things and they're a great way to explore different brands/products/colors.
Deja Vu box shot!

An Eclectic Haul! - Fashion, Beauty, and More!

Hello! Man, I'm sorry, again I am falling behind on these blog posts and I don't even know why! What's worse, I have things piling up all around me again and...I'm getting confused as to what goes where...

So I'm going to try my best to put the rights things in the right posts! I'm also going to make a few posts that look at a couple of these items more in-depth (I also filmed separate videos for these items as well), and since I'm going out of state for the weekend, I'd better get them done fast!

This post is going to be a haul/overview of the things I purchased over the last week or so (technically, two weeks agoish now) and instead of the normal beauty items, I got some clothes, too! I'm such a sucker for half off of half off sales...
 Let's do this! Ooooo, Fortune Cookie Soap box shot!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Barely-A-Haul! Becca, Kat Von D, Maybelline, and More!

Hello! Again, I was super duper uncreative and just copied the name of my Youtube video. ...but, if I'm copying myself, doesn't that still imply that I came up with it in the first place and am, thus, actually creative? Probably not. I just keep telling myself that so I feel better.

Anyways! Happy Saturday! This post is soooo late and for that I am sorry. I don't know why I've been avoiding it. I'd still be avoiding it if I didn't have another haul building behind me and I'm concerned I'm going to get them confused as to when I got what. This was a pretty small haul, which is where I get fuzzy on the definition on the word "haul". I'm also fuzzy on the word "unboxing" and when precisely you can transition from a "first impressions" to a true "review". The blogosphere is confusing.

For this haul, I ended up only getting stuff from Sephora and Target, so I can actually list the brand names of the things I got in the title! I feel like that's much more descriptive than saying I got stuff from Ulta and Sephora, but it would make my titles unwieldy and long.
Let's start with Sephora!