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Too Faced Cat Eyes Eye Shadow Palette - First Impressions and Swatches!

Hello! It's been a while!About ten days now, actually...weird, it feels like it's been longer. I've been busy with the Fourth and work (which I am slowly phasing out of, hopefully phasing soon into something new...) and I've been spending much of my free time sleeping (or eating. Or shopping. That's about it, really. Well, also obsessively leveling up my team in Bravely Default. I just like being OP in RPGs...) so I've been sadly neglecting my blogging duties. I did make videos, though! I have a bunch more I have to make, but at least I got a few done...

If the title wasn't a big hint, this post is going to be all about the new Too Faced Cat Eyes palette they released for Fall! When I purchased this, it was only available directly from Too Faced, but now it's up on I haven't seen it in stores, so I think you can only get it online for now.
Cute box shot this time!
As I said, I ordered my palette direct from Too Faced, since I couldn't find it available anywhere else. I wanted to wait until it was at Sephora in order to get free shipping, but I was worried it would end up being a site-exclusive like the Country and Rock and Roll palettes (which are exclusive to Ulta and the Too Faced website). Luckily, it seems like Too Faced has a lot of online coupon codes available and I was able to find one for 20%, which means I basically got free shipping and a couple dollars off the palette (the palette is the standard $36 and shipping is $5; after the code I paid about $34 including shipping, so not too bad). You can also pick two free samples with any order from Too Faced, so I got some nice extras as well!
First off, the packaging was super cute! The box was a lot bigger than I expected, but I assume that Too Faced only has a handful of sizes and has to pick the one that fits best. Better too big than too small.
Every order (for now, at least) comes with this little sampler card of bronzers. I can't imagine there's anyone who's into makeup who hasn't tried the Chocolate Soleil bronzer, but I rarely hear anyone talk about the Endless Summer 16-hour long wear one. Unfortunately, these card samples are pretty much useless for any real sampling; they're mostly just for testing colors (as opposed to textures and wearability).
There was a pretty good selection of samples you could pick from, though I thought it was weird that they offered deluxe-sized and foil packet samples of the same things... For my first sample, I went with a mini Glamour Gloss in the color Sex Pot (is that one word or two? I don't actually know). I've used Glamour Glosses in the past, and since this is the color it's usually sampled in, this isn't anything new. But it's pretty good, especially for a plumping gloss.
It's a pretty flattering dusty pink-rose color, which is why I think it's Too Faced's go-to for sampling.
The other sample I went with is the Primed and Poreless poweder! I was really excited to be able to give this a try; I considered purchasing the mini of this from Sephora to test it out, but I held back since powders can sometimes make my skin look worse (I get peach fuzz on my face and powders can emphasis it). Now, I get to try it out for free!
And here's the whole point of this order! I've had a lot of Too Faced's eye shadow palettes in the past, but this is the first one I've gotten in the new metal packaging. I was a little surprised by how small it looked; the old cardboard packaging is much bulkier and substantial. But the smaller size of this packaging makes it sooooo much better for travel! And storage!
So, not going to lie, the main reason why I wanted this was that it is cat-themed. Seriously. I mean, the colors are great and I really like Too Faced's eyeshadows, but yeah. Cats.
Cats! The leopard-print box is super cute, too!
And here it is opened! At first I was worried that I didn't get a Glamour Guide (they're included in all eye shadow palettes and are one of the things Too Faced is known for), but it's conveniently tucked up where the mirror is! Very, very travel friendly!
Like many people, I really like these Glamour Guides! They're very encouraging and they give a good starting point for using your specific palette. Some people can look at a palette and come up with a bunch of different looks, others like being given more direction. I'm more of the latter category, at least for now. I haven't been using makeup for very long, so I might get better at it, but right now it's nice to have a little help.
 Like the other Guides, this one includes three different looks. One side of the guide shows what it would look like on an actual eye (thought I'm pretty sure these are photoshopped) and the other lays out which colors to use where. Since this is a cat-eye themed palette (there's a reason why it's cat-themed...), all three looks have some crazy-intense cat-eye liner. I love how winged/cat-eye liner looks, but I can never seem to get it to look right, so I'm hoping I'll figure it out with this palette.
Here's a close up of the shadows! Like every other Too Faced eye shadow palette ever, you get nine shadows, arranged in "Day", "Classic", and "Fashion" trios. What's special about this palette is that the last color in each trio, with the gold border, is a wet/dry shadow so you can also use them as liners! I much prefer to use eyeshadow as liner since I feel like I have more control. Also it's easier to smudge out if you make a mistake...
Unfortunately, my swatch photos turned out pretty awful. If you're interested in really seeing these shadows swatched, I'd suggest watching my video. These are the "Day" shadows; left to right is Purr, a shimmery cream/beige color, Tiger's Eye, a gorgeous shimmery bronze, and Leopard, a dark, glitter-filled brown. These are my favorite shadows in this palette, Tiger's Eye being my ultra-favorite.
These are the "Classic" shadows; left to right is Meow, a matte cream, Pussy Cat, a shimmery pinky lilac, and Jungle Love, a plum with purple glitter. I don't like matte shadows in general since I always find them to be powdery so Meow is one of my least favorite color in this palette. However, I'm glad that Too Faced included a matte color like Meow since it will be a great blending/brow bone color for people who don't like to use shimmer on their brow bone. Pussy Cat is my second favorite color in this palette; it has a texture similar to Tiger's Eye, which is soft and buttery, and I'm still super into purple.
And these are the "Fashion" shadows; again, left to right is Kitten, a satin baby pink, Kitty Glitter, a bright white silver, which also has the best name in the whole palette, and Panther, a matte black. I do like the satin texture of Kitten; it's a great all over color. Again, I'm not a big fan of matte, but it's nice to have a plain matte black, especially since it's a wet/dry shadow/liner.

Overall, I do like this palette, though I don't think it's a "need to get" palette. If you like the colors or, like me, like the idea of a cat-themed palette, I'd say go for it, but otherwise, you might be better off checking out the other palettes Too Faced has (and they have a ton). For $36, I do think it's a little expensive, especially since you can get a palette like the Lorac Pro for $42, and I think part of the feeling of not getting my money's worth stems from the fact that I'm used to the big, bulky cardboard palettes and I feel like I'm getting less with the sexy, sleek new metal packaging. Shadow-wise, I think the shimmers have the best texture in this palette; they're smooth and buttery and they blend beautifully. The two mattes are a little powdery and stiff and not really my bag. I also wanted to note that the wet/dry shadows feel stiffer in the pan than the other shadows and the two non-matte shades are packed with glitter. I didn't try them wet, but I'd imagine that they will apply much more intensely and will work well as liners.

And those are my first impressions of the new Too Faced Cat Eyes palette! I think this will be a versatile fall palette and I look forward to working on making the perfect cat-eye!

Thanks for reading! <3

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