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Miss A Haul and Review! - $1 Accessories and Cosmetics!

Hello! Are you getting ready for the 4th of July? Do you have a short work week, or do you have to work on the holiday (this is only the second 4th I haven't had to work so I'm pretty pumped for a three-day weekend)? The weather's been so goofy here lately; it was so chilly this morning I had to wear a jacket, but then it got sunny and warm by the end of the day. I always feel so awkward when I go shopping and have to carry my jacket around when it's so nice out....when I used to work in retail, one of the clues that someone was up to no good was that they were dressed inappropriately for the weather. I always get so paranoid that employees think I might try and steal that I try and carry everything in plain view and try not to look shady. It usually works against me...

But I don't have to worry about things like that (or any other kind of social interaction for that matter...) when I shop online! Which is what I did (and do...all the time)! For this post, I want to show you guys what I got from a really cool website called Miss A; it's an accessory and cosmetic website where every single thing is $1 and shipping is always $3.99.

A bag full of excitement! And inexpensive jewelry! There are a lot of exclamation points in this post already...
I wanted to start with a review of the Miss A site in general; I am very impressed! It's very professional-looking, easy to navigate, easy to add and remove items from your cart, and easy to check out. I was a little worried since I'm used to places that are so inexpensive cutting corners to help keep costs down, but overall it's an excellent website! I especially appreciate the fact that, for the accessories, they have pictures of real people wearing the items so you get a good idea of scale and size (as opposed to when the stock photos are just pictures of the items on cards or velvet busts and whatnot). As far as the quality of the items go, it can be a little hit or miss, but since everything is a dollar, even if one or two items are not as good as you were expecting, you're still getting your money's worth. I would compare the quality of most of the items I received to things you can purchase from Forever21 or Claire's or something; not excellent, but a good value and will likely last through the season (at the very least).

I gave myself a budget of $20 plus the $4ish in shipping, so I purchased 20 different items. I got some jewelry, some hair stuff, nail polish, and one unfortunate eyeshadow that got demolished in shipping. My order shipped very quickly, and since it came from Texas, it didn't take long to get to me. I did have to sign to get my package, which was kind of irritating since I'm not home during the day except on weekends and with my husband's job and my inability to drive it can be difficult to get to the post office during business hours to pick it up there. Luckily, it came on a Friday so I was able to schedule a redeliver for Saturday, when I would be home. As you can see from the opening picture, everything came in a bag. I was a little worried that my items weren't as protected as they would have been in a box, but again, I was surprised that the only casualty was my eyeshadow, which I didn't have high hopes for anyway.
In the bag, everything came wrapped in some super bubblewrap and inside that...
...everything was wrapped in some plastic padding! It was all packed very well and I feel confidant in ordering from Miss A again.

I'll start with my poor eyeshadow...
...right away, I knew things have gone horribly wrong. There was a bit of eyeshadow dust in the inside of my bag, but since almost everything else came individually wrapped it wasn't a big deal. I got a Utopia eyeshadow in the color Love Me, which was a swirly brown/green.
...very sad. I could contact customer service at Miss A and see what my options were for getting a replacement/refund, but since it was only $1 (and I've spent $1 on stupider things) it's not worth it to me. I might try to repress it, but again, not sure if it's even worth my time.

Continuing with more cosmetic-y items, I'll do my nail polish next. Miss A carries a ton of KleanColor nail polish, all for just $1 each. I've never used KleanColor before, and I was worried it wouldn't be very good, but I was actually impressed! Plus, the color selection is incredible; there are a bunch of different finishes and they even have scented polish.
Which I got one of! This is Vanilla Cupcake and it smells like vanilla. Or at least it's supposed to. I did swatch it and gave it a sniff when it dried and I didn't really smell anything, but there are a bunch of different scents (including a "sweet olive" one which sounds interesting) so maybe the other scents work better. There was a "pudding" scented polish that I really wanted to try, but it was all sold out by the time I picked out (and edited down to...) my 20 items.
This is "glitter matte" finish polish called "Yogurt Raisins". The name amused me, and it's a really interesting grey color with silver and black glitter. I thought this was very unique and a color I didn't already have, so I was happy to it!
The third and final polish I got is Aurora, a pink/silver/holographic glitter topcoat. This polish ended up being so much prettier in person! It's a pale, sheer pinky jelly with pink stars, silver hexes, and holographic glitter. Very, very beautiful and totally worth $1.
Here they are swatched; left to right is Vanilla Cupcake, Aurora, and Yogurt Raisins. I was so impressed by these polishes that I am going to order more when some of the colors I'm interested come back in stock (if they come back in stock...not sure how often Miss A restocks).

Hmm, I'll stuff next! I got a couple headbands because I like headbands but hate paying a lot for them since I have a big, weird-shaped head and can't wear them for very long or very often.
This is a black sequins headband with a big ole' satin bow! A lot of these products come in a whole bunch of different colors, but I went with black since I thought it would be more versatile. I was worried that this wouldn't fit my head, but it stretches a whole bunch.
I also got a purple sequins headband with a big purple flower on it! Again, this came in a bunch of different colors, but I just really like purple. The flower is a little cheap looking, but this is definitely something you'd find in a Claire's for $5+.
This is a pink faux leather bow headband. It was folded in my bag so it has a little kink in it, but I'm hoping it will smooth out after a wear or two. I like the look of leather, but obviously don't want to buy a real leather headband (do they make those? They probably do) so for a $1 I'm more than happy to have this faux one!
This was the most disappointing headband quality-wise. I thought the bows were cute and it looked simple enough to wear casually, but the bows are just hot-glued on so they're kind of crooked and you can see the glue threads in some places (like next to the middle-bow). This is something I'd expect to find in a dollar store, which makes sense, since it was $1.

Now onto the jewlery! I got a mixture of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings!
I'll start with the two most disappointing items. This is a multi-strand pearl necklace. I wasn't expecting it to come with earrings since they weren't shown in the stock images, but they're so cheap I might just throw them away. I wasn't expecting these to be amazing, but they feel super cheap and plasticky and some of the pearls are scuffed and dirty.
These were the other item I was disappointed in, specifically the bird earrings. I was really excited for these because I thought they were so cute, and I basically bought them just for the birds, but one of the earrings has a messed up post. It's super-thick and it had a big blob of metal on the end so I couldn't even get it in. I clipped off the blob and filed off any sharp edges, but it's still a little thick and uncomfortable to wear. This was the only pair of earrings I had this issue with, so I might just get another set of these next time I place an order. If it's in stock, that is. Things sell out really quick, so if you see something you really like, I wouldn't wait too long to get it.
I got a set of three midi rings! This set comes with a heart with wings (which is missing a rhinestone, but it's so tiny that it doesn't even matter), a plain gold band, and a pink heart. You could pick the color of the heart and I went with pink because, well, it's a heart. These aren't adjustable, but they fit pretty well (since they're midi rings, they go on your middle joint).
I thought these blue stone teardrop earrings were pretty classy looking, so I picked them up! These are a really good size; they feel balanced with my face and I love the sapphire blue.
I picked up this gold chain because I don't have a plain gold chain and they are very useful! This does feel a little cheap, but it doesn't look cheap, so it works.
These earrings are ridiculous, but also awesome. I wanted some cat-themed jewelry, but it can be kind of hard to find pieces that don't look derpy, even with higher priced items. These are a little bigger than I expected, but because they're not solid, they're not heavy or gaudy. Love these!
I like snakes, so I got a pair of snake earrings! They look like they're biting your ears and they have crystals hanging from their tails. Awesome.

I also got a set of earrings with some bows and crowns! I...just really like bows. And the color purple.
Normally I'm not into turquoise (which I just realized I can't say right after I watched my video...), but I thought this bracelet was simple and elegant looking. It has a hamsa hand on it (I called it a hanso hand in my video...which is a Neopets character. Embarrassing.), which adds a nice, subtle detail.
I saved my two favorites for last! Look at how cool this ring is! You could get it with a silver spider like mine, or you can get a gunmetal-color spider. I went with the silver since I thought it looked a little more "high fashion". This ring is...well, cool! I have a spider-themed silver bracelet from Tiffany & Co., but it's all tarnished and I unfortunately lost the spider so I never wear it. I thought this would match/be a sort of replacement for it and it's just so much more awesome than I expected. My only complaint is that it isn't adjustable and it only comes in one size so it's a little big for me (it will probably fit most people; I have thin fingers).
And this is the "short angry owl" necklace! This is probably the best quality item in my order; it's very comparable to something I'd pay $4-$5 for at Forever21, maybe even a little more. The owl is cute and grumpy and all the rhinestones are safe and intact. It also came with a surprise pair of earrings, which is a nice plus.

Finally, I got this random pair of nail charm tweezers. These are super useful for putting charms and studs and whatnot on your nails; the curved point makes it easier to maneuver. I thought it was interesting that this was Japanese (at least, that's what the packaging leads me to believe) as I assumed that most everything on Miss A comes from China/Hong Kong (except for the makeup since I think kleanColor and e.l.f. are made in the U.S.). Not too much to say about these except they're worth the $1 I paid.

And that's my order! I can't believe I got all of this for $24, including shipping! I've definitely gone on accessory shopping sprees at Forever21 and have dropped $30-$35 for less. The quality can be a little hit or miss, but since everything is $1, you're not investing much. Miss A also offers refunds on products you don't like, which is a step above Forever21 since all of their accessories are final sale.

I'd highly recommend checking out Miss A! It's a very professional website/company and I am looking forward to placing another order.

Thanks for reading! <3

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